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Become a Health Coach at Integrative Nutrition like Arielle Fierman Haspel

I’ve always been in interested in health and wellness since I was a young girl
but in 2008, I graduated from nutrition school.

Since graduation, I have:
– starred in Glamour Magazine’s cooking show, “Treat Yourself”
– been featured on the cover of Newsday
– spoken on TV: The Doctor Oz Show, BET, NBC’s “Today in New York”
– been quoted in ELLE, People, Lucky, Bloomberg Business, Glamour, The Today Show
– started my own healthy living and recipe blog
– hosted events for healthy brands, like Athleta, Flywheel, Flybarre
– spoken at wellness lectures for companies like Goldman Sachs, Macquarie, Sweaty Betty and Athleta
– been featured on the cover of the Integrative Nutrition catalog (that’s me below!)
Arielle Fierman Haspel featured on cover of Integrative Nutrition catalog cover 2014

I get asked ALL of the time:

My answers are:

  • I was able to launch my own business and star on my cooking shows: “Treat Yourself” on and “Clean Eating” on by 1) signing up for this nutrition school. It gave me the education and credibility to help people 2) My mentor, Gabrielle Bernstein helped me focus 3) I believed in myself and acquired the confidence 4) I cooked a lot of healthy food for friends and family 5) I worked hard…and still do! 6) I live a healthy lifestyle
  • Yes! If you want to launch your own business, you can! What you put into it, you get out of it.
  • I’ve gotten help to launch my business, but no, I did not lean on any extra professional business coaching programs to launch my business.
  • My first clients came to me. When you do what you love and feel confident about the information you’re sharing, clients will come to you. I share healthy recipes, cooking tips and healthy lifestyle advice. Check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some inspiration.
  • there are SO many different options of what to do when you go to nutrition and graduate. Some of the people that I’ve referred have started food companies, written books and have launched really successful companies. Nancy Easton incorporated it into Wellness in the Schools organization, Patricia Moreno wrote a book and incorporates nutrition in to her teachings, others do one-on-one coaching, some people work at Doctor’s offices and others are well-known published authors and health experts.
  • I can’t tell you if you should or shouldn’t enroll in the nutrition school I went to because is definitely not for everyone…but, I can help you figure out if it’s right for you.

Interested in learning more about my nutrition school? As an alumni affiliate and Ambassador, it’s my privilege to share about my experience going to the school, working at the office and being on the cover of the catalog. I’ll support you in fine-tuning your business while giving you guidance from my own personal experience as a successful coach. Email me at and I can help you figure out if it’s right for you.

If you reference my name, Arielle Fierman Haspel, when you inquire about signing up, you’ll get a savings off the total tuition, plus a phone session with me! (And, I get a kickback for referring you so it’s a win win!).

For now, check out this free guide about IIN:

Hope this was helpful!

be well, Arielle

be fearless. be helpful. be well.

P.S. Check out my cooking show with Glamour Magazine here.

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