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Slow Down Holiday Event with Rituals

by Arielle J on December 8, 2017

I am SO excited!!!  Join me this Thursday night, 12/14 in New York City for an awesome night of pampering and holiday slow down tips.

Feel your best and end 2017 with positive, calm and zen vibes.

Join us this coming Thursday, December 14th at 7pm for a night filled with tips and tricks to transform everyday routines into delicious and healthy rituals.

Get excited to:

  • leave feeling inspired and rejuvenated to end the year feeling your best
  • receive simple tips to enhance your daily routines
  • get pampered with hand treatments and makeup touchups
  • taste Arielle’s signature Apple Cider Mimosas
  • munch on Arielle’s healthified treats 
  • receive a customized Ayurvedic “dosha” reading to feel your best

Invite and RSVP below:

Date: This Thursday, December 14th
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Rituals Flatiron, 172 Fifth Avenue (corner of 22nd Street)
What: Get excited for Arielle’s tips to transform everyday routines into delicious and healthy rituals, luxurious pampering treatments to help us slow down and spiced apple cider mimosas and healthified holiday treats to sweeten us up.
Price: Free!
RSVP: Email

Can’t wait to see you and your friends – all are welcome. It’s going to be so fun!

Don’t forget to RSVP at:

Can’t wait to see you for a fun, zen night at Rituals in Flatiron, NYC.

Be sweet. Be Present. Be zen.


be well,


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Healthy Pantry Must-Haves on Well+Good

by Arielle J on October 23, 2017

Last week one of my fave healthy and wellness sites, Well+Good, came over to take a sneak peek in my kitchen and ask about my pantry must-haves.

It was a really fun interview and photo shoot and the bonus was that my baby, Gemma slept the entire time so distractions were limited.

My kitchen is pretty spacious (especially according to New York City standards!), but since I cook a lot, it’s packed to the brim with food and cooking equipment. In addition to snacks and cooking ingredients, I have two blenders for recipe testing, tons of pots for bone broth, and loads of pans. Not to mention, I also have a big ice cream machine for my dessert obsession, pumping supplies and even a few baby food makers, too.

Since I have so much stuff, my pantry is rarely this orderly but I do try to keep it as clean and organized as possible. The more zen my home is, the more zen I am within. If my bed is messy, or the snacks are disorganized in my cabinets, I start to feel overwhelmed. So, the more systems I have in place and containers I have to fit everything in, the more calm and focused I feel.

Since I typically work from home, having snacks on hand and easy access is key. I also exclusively breastfeed so I need to keep my body nourished all day in order to keep my baby nourished.
I love keeping raw almonds, pistachios, unsweetened coconut flakes and gluten-free pretzels in easy to access containers. Customizing them with pretty labels adds joy every time I open up my cabinet. My friend, Cin Cin Calligraphy has the best handwriting and designed these containers for my snacks. How cute?

What is not #bewellwithapproved? I try not to keep any products with refined sugar in my cabinets…everything is either made with maple syrup, honey, or coconut palm sugar. And I don’t cook/eat a lot of gluten because I have thyroid issues. 

What is #bewellwitharielleapproved? Protein-packed snacks, like nuts and bars, seaweed snacks made with olive oil, brown rice cakes, organic beef jerky, teas and nutritious cooking/baking ingredients. Hint: The flours I have in my pantry for cooking include almond flour, coconut, and brown rice flours!

When it comes to nut butter, my fave type is unsweetened, raw crunchy almond butter. I love the added crunch when I spread it on an apple or brown rice cake or add a dollop to my smoothies. I try to opt for organic nut butter if it’s not too expensive and I prefer raw or the unsweetened varieties. If I get already sweetened, I only opt for ones sweetened with maple sugar or honey, like this one from MaraNatha.

Check out the rest of my healthy pantry must-haves on Well+Good in partnership with MaraNatha.

Questions? Ask me on instagram @bewellwitharielle!

As always, opinions are 100% my own!

be nutty. be zen. be you.

be well,


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Interview on Mom Shaming

by Arielle J on October 17, 2017


I experienced a crazy outpour of mom shame recently on instagram, and Hey Mama asked if they could interview me on what went down and the reason why I responded like I did.

Read the interview on Hey Mama here.

No, I didn’t post a photo of me drinking wine while breastfeeding for attention. And no, it is actually not unsafe to drink wine and breastfeed.

Here is the original article and instagram post that people went up in arms about and here is the interview on Hey Mama.

Let’s focus on spreading love and acceptance, instead of spending energy bashing other moms, right? Who is with me?!

be cool. be chill. be you.

be well,


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Life as a Breastfeeding Mama

by Arielle J on October 16, 2017

A few weeks ago, I spoke to Sam, the founder of Babyation, an innovative, new breast pump that is launching soon. We shared our life as a breastfeeding mama with one another. I mentioned how lately I was feeling quite lonely. For most of my friends, complications or different priorities led them to quickly move to formula or bottle-feeding and most are now back to working day jobs that don’t allow for easy breastfeeding. It’s not that I feel lonely in a “I feel bad for myself” kind of way – it would just be nice to be surrounded by other nursing mamas to vent to about daily nipple challenges and share tips with about how to manage work while needing to empty my breasts every 3-4 hours. 

At the end of our call, Sam asked if I would share my experience – the highs and lows – as an urban breastfeeding mama and the loneliness of it all. I happily said yes. Once I started writing, though, I soon realized that this topic was super personal and sensitive to me. It became a one of the toughest articles to write.

There is so much judgement, mom guilt and shame around breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and formula that I found myself carefully editing every word and every sentence. Some women feel guilt about not being able to breastfeed and I, at times, feel guilty about being able to breastfeed… especially for seven months. I don’t want to offend anyone, of course, and I only want to share my experiences to inspire.

I wanted the article it to be raw and honest, so at some point I just pressed send. My hope is that this article represents my real life behind-the-scenes take and yet also a conversation where I’m able to shine light on breastfeeding positive way. If you are able to breastfeed, may this article inspire you to continue as long as it brings you joy and your baby joy.  And if you’re not, may you feel good about all of the decisions you make, too.

Read the article here, but please, I beg you, be gentle with me….and yourself.

We’re all on our own motherhood journeys.

Lots of love to you and your babies (and soon-to-be babies, too!)

be kind. be nurturing. be you.

be well,

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Pre-Pregnancy Fertility Event in NYC

by Arielle J on September 11, 2017


My hope is to add positivity to conversation of fertility to make the process easier for families who wish to conceive. I’m now a very grateful mama of 6 month old, Gemma, but my fertility journey was quite lengthy and certainly a challenge. Read here about my challenges and what I did to ultimately get pregnant.

I’m so excited to be speaking on the panel at this upcoming fertility and wellness event at Saks Fifth Avenue on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 from 5-8:30pmET.  And you’re invited!

The event is hosted by FertileGirl, a pre-pregnancy company who is on a mission to change the conversation about fertility and empower women to make healthy choices during the pre-pregnancy period.

Join us on Wednesday, September 27th for an evening of pre-pregnancy positivity and pampering on at the amazing Saks Wellery, the new wellness space inside Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s a fab place and I can’t wait to see you! Sign up here.

Details below:

Embrace the F Word Event Details

Date: Thursday, September 27, 2017
Time: 5pm to 8:30pm
Location: Saks Wellery, Saks Fifth Avenue 611 5th Avenue between 49/50th Street, 2nd Floor
What: Join us for fertility yoga, manicures, massages, superfood snacks, art projects and a power panel of self-care pros, including:
Allison Kasirer, founder of FertileGirl
Arielle Haspel, blogger at Be Well With Arielle
Alisa Vitti, best-selling author of WomanCode
Leyla Bilali, founder of Fertility Together


Event is open to all – if you’re currently trying to conceive, thinking about getting pregnant in the next 1-2 years, are pregnant, a new mom, or just want to come for a dose of good vibes, join us! Can’t wait to see you there.

P.S. Here is my fertility story and here all of the things I did to help me get pregnant!

P.P.S. Support during my pregnancy was also game changer. If you’re pregnant and looking for more support to feel and look your best during your pregnancy, check out my mentor’s monthly support group online here.

be hopeful. be sweet. be you.

be well,

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During the summer, it feels like the day literally flies by. Gemma wakes me up around 7:30am and before I know it, it’s time to put her to back to bed! I’m typically on mom duty (other than a few hours when my mom, mother-in-law or babysitter comes over) so having ready-to-eat energizing and easy snacks on hand is super important for my lifestyle. As much as I love being in the kitchen and cooking up fancy meals from scratch, I have much less time to prepare food nowadays.

Below are some of my favorite hot weather snack tips that keep me cool, energized and sane, in partnership with siggi’s. And don’t miss my yummy Matcha Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt Popsicles recipe at the end!

Eat often
Since I breastfeed about four times a day, it’s important for me to eat nourishing food to maintain my milk supply. Also, if I don’t eat some type of protein every 2-3 hours, I get hangry. Like really hangry. When my blood sugar takes a dive, I feel on edge, super jittery and my mind becomes cloudy. And when that happens, it’s not fun for me and it’s even worse for the people around me – just ask my husband and best friend!

So to make sure my mind and body function optimally, I eat protein every 2-3 hours. Within minutes of eating, my mood is elevated, my energy is boosted and my mind is clearer. The protein-packed snack also helps to keep me full until the next meal.

Stock up
Being prepared is key, so my handbag and kitchen are always well stocked. Here are a few snacks that I keep on hand daily during the summer.

In my handbag/stroller bag, I keep:
– snack pack of raw almonds, cashews and unsalted pistachios
– a few healthy bars
– small container of almond crackers
– reusable bottle filled with frozen fruit
– packets of collagen protein powder

In my fridge, I keep:
– pasture-raised eggs
– organic mozzarella cheese sticks
siggi’s yogurt (my faves: 4% plain, 4% honey and triple cream vanilla)
– seasonal fruit from the farmers market (recently, it’s been watermelon, plums, nectarines and cherries)
– mint dark chocolate
– raw almond butter
– baby carrots
– organic chicken sausage

In my freezer, I keep:
– coconut milk ice cream
– homemade bone broth
– frozen fruit for smoothies (blueberries, strawberries and dragon fruit)
– frozen spinach for smoothies

Keep cool
Since becoming pregnant my body craves yogurt. I enjoy eating it during the summer because it’s cold and creamy and best of all, it’s ready to eat! When I’m hungry in the morning or need a boost of energy around 3pm, I’ll mix in a few almonds, fresh raspberries and unsweetened shredded coconut for a yummy parfait. Or, instead of almond milk, I’ll add a container of plain siggi’s to my smoothie ingredients. Within minutes, I feel more grounded and satisfied.

siggi’s is one of my go-to brands because it’s made with lots of protein, simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar. All of their products are sourced from grass-fed cows, made with non-GMO ingredients and without artificial sweeteners or food coloring. Also, an 8oz serving of their plain yogurt contains 25g of protein and no added sugar so it’s the perfect protein-packed snack.

My fave type of yogurt:
– 2%, 4% or triple cream – since these contain good fats, they fill me up for longer than the 0% varieties (not to mention, the fat is also good for maintaining my breast milk supply)

My fave yogurt flavors:
– plain – since there’s no sugar added, I like having control over how much I sweeten it up. To sweeten, I add fruit, dates, coconut palm sugar, maple syrup or honey.
– vanilla – most brands add cane sugar to their vanilla, siggi’s adds agave (which I prefer over cane sugar)
– touch of honey – if I’m on the go, or I’m craving something sweet, I love the touch of honey

My fave summer yogurt toppings:
– chopped peaches
– sliced strawberries
– raspberries
– sprinkle of shredded coconut
– cacao nibs
– few fresh mint leaves

Easy Summer Snack Recipe
I’m obsessed with mint chocolate chip ice cream, so I love snacking on these popsicles during a hot summer afternoon or after dinner for dessert when I’m craving something cold, creamy, and sweet.

Matcha Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt Popsicles
What you need:
One 24oz container siggi’s 4% honey yogurt 
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tsp peppermint extract
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips or unsweetened cacao nibs
4 tsp unsweetened matcha powder (optional for color)

1. Take container of yogurt and mix in almond milk, peppermint extract and matcha powder with a spoon until matcha powder is smooth and color is a pretty green. Then, add chocolate chips and peppermint leaves.
2. Once all ingredients are mixed well, using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, carefully pour a little more than 1/4 cup into each popsicle maker, leaving a little room for a layer of chocolate chips.
3. Add a layer of a few chocolate chips on top and then place popsicle stick into each one carefully.
4. Freeze for at least 4 hours or until frozen. If you would like to make it look fancy with the diagonal visual, first mix in all ingredients (without matcha). Fill up ice pop maker 1/4 way, freeze on an angle in your freezer for approximately 1 hour until semi-frozen. Then, mix matcha with rest of yogurt mixture and add to popsicle maker. Voila!

Thank you to siggi’s for keeping me cool this summer and sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions and recipes in this post are 100% my own.

Have a happy, healthy and cool rest of summer!

Be sweet. Be fun. Be you.

be well,

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First Food for Baby

by Arielle J on August 21, 2017

You would think that I would be so excited to feed Gemma her first baby food, but I know that once she starts, meal time is not only going to be super messy, I’m going to need to start preparing triple the amount of food (and doing triple the amount of dishes). Ah!

So, I’ve been holding off her first foods for as long as I can. Gemma just turned 6 months on Monday, so my Pediatrician recommended that we begin to feed her solids. I’m not in a rush given that I’ve been able to feed her breastmilk, but I would like to start preparing her digestive system for all of the deliciousness to come. What I’ve learned is that the first few months isn’t as much about feeding the baby for nutrition, it’s more for the baby to explore tastes and textures and prepare them for chewing and swallowing.

Choosing your baby’s first food:
It is a very personal choice. Here’s my take: I consulted with my trusted resource, my acupuncturist and fellow mama, Aimee Raupp. Not only is she a fertility expert and personally helped me pregnant, she supported me in feeling great throughout my pregnancy and helps women recover after birth, too. She also has a thriving 1.5 year old son.

Aimee is a huge fan of bone broth so given her obsession I wasn’t surprised when she told me that she fed broth to her baby has his first “food” even before he ate solids.

I had no idea babies could drink broth, did you?! As it turns out, many parents choose to feed their babies bone broth (along with breastmilk or formula), even as early as 3-4 months.

Benefits of Bone Broth for Babies:
-aids in soothing upset stomachs
-supports immune system
-loaded with collagen
-helps the health of the gut/intestines in preparation for solids

My husband is hooked on bone broth and whenever possible, we will eat it for breakfast with egg scrambled in. We both know how amazing it makes us feel, so we hoped that it will make Gemma feel amazing too and decided that it would be her first “food”.

So far we gave Gemma broth twice and both times she slurped it right up!

Type of Bone Broth for Babies:
I made the bone broth (aka chicken soup) using the recipe below. I used high quality pasture-raised chicken from my local farmers market, organic vegetables and omitted the salt and pepper.

How to feed Babies Bone Broth:

-We used these BPA-free Beaba spoons, Cheeky Baby bowl and cute waterproof bib.
-We sat her in this Jonathan Adler by Fisher Price high chair.
-We gave her a few spoons to choose from, dipped the spoon in the broth and gave her the spoon to feed herself.
-I prefer to dress her just in a diaper, as it dribbles and gets really wet and messy!

Some parents feed the broth to the baby in a bottle or a syringe but I didn’t want to confuse her with the bottle (she had some bottle aversions a few months ago) and I felt a little uncomfortable feeding with a syringe. Instead, we let her pick which color spoon she wanted, put on her bib, and helped feed it to her using a spoon. I’ve been reading a lot on baby-led weaning, so I felt like this was a good mix.

She kept on motioning for more broth, was making tons of exciting noises and wanted to put the spoon in her mouth on her own, so we consider her bone broth experience a success! My husband and I took turns and we stopped feeding it to her when she started to get fussy.

I adapted my usual chicken bone broth recipe. See below.

Be Well Baby Bone Broth Recipe
What You Need:
– 3 or more large carrots, peeled;or approx 15 baby carrots. (Tip: Don’t discard the tops – I loved adding the carrot stems for additional flavor.)
– 3 or more celery stalks, cut in half. (Tip: Don’t discard the tops – I love using the celery leaves.)
– 1-3 white or yellow onions, peeled and cut in quarters
– Pasture-Raised Chicken (one small 3 lb whole chicken, or 1-2 chicken carcasses and/or chicken feet, necks and backs), washed
– 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
– water (amount depends on the size of your pot. I use a this huge All Clad 16Qt pot and fill it up about 3/4 way full)
* optional 1 piece kombu seaweed

1. In a pot, add carrots, celery, onion, chicken, garlic, vinegar and fill up with cold water (leave about 1.5 inches of room leaving some room for it to boil.
2. Let sit in cold water for 30 min.
3. Turn up the heat to medium heat (with the cover off) and wait until it boils. Skim off any scum that floats to the top using a spoon.
4. Once boiling, turn the heat down to low, place cover on pot and let simmer. Let simmer for at least 8 hours.
5. At some point, add in kombu. I usually add in when I have about 1-2 hours left.
6. When you’re ready to turn off the heat, add parsley and let cook for 1-2 minutes until it’s dark green.
7. Add salt and pepper to taste and voila!
8. At this point, you can serve but I usually place the entire pot into the refrigerator and leave overnight for it to cool down so the fat settles to the top. You’ll know the fat has settled when theres a ring of hard white stuff floating at the top. Also, it’s easier to strain when it’s cold vs. straight off of the stove!
9. To strain, place a strainer or colander over a big bowl. Ladle out chicken, carcasses and veggies and strain soup so the broth collects at the bottom of the bowl. If your baby is older and you want chunks of chicken, carrots and celery in your soup, hand pick them out (de-skin the chicken) and chop them up and add to the broth mixture. If not, toss.
10. I like to store it in these containers and depending on how much I plan to drink that week, I’ll put some in refrigerator or some in freezer. 

Pro Baby tip: put some broth into ice cube trays so it’s easy to heat up and serve to your baby. I always heat up the soup and then cool it for my baby to drink at room temperature.

What is her First Solid Baby Food Going to Be?

Gemma has only had bone broth, so solids are next. As you can see from the photo above, she is getting excited to eat! I prefer eating veggies and fruit that grow locally and that are in season. My family is heading to Hawaii on Friday so I’m going to see what’s in season – hopefully an avocado just-picked from an Hawaiian tree. Stay tuned!

Please note – This is all my personal experience. Please consult with your own doctor on foods that will best for your child.

be healthy. be nourished. be well.

be well,

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Drinking…while Breastfeeding

by Arielle J on August 14, 2017

Wow! I really had no idea that my instagram post on Friday – a photo of me sipping on a glass of wine while breastfeeding during dinner – would stir up so many people.

I am very aware that there could be major concerns with drinking and breastfeeding, so I have referenced an informative article by Dr. Bridget Young who specializes in Perinatal and Pediatric Nutrition at Cornell University. She is passionate about optimizing infant health and improving the experience of breastfeeding mothers. In this article, Dr. Young further explains the safety of drinking a glass of wine while breastfeeding.


First, a little about me and Be Well with Arielle:
I am a Certified Health Coach, healthy chef and a new mom of a 5 month old. I created this blog and my @bewellwitharielle instagram account to share my healthy lifestyle specifically with other women, and more recently, mothers. My intention is to inspire others to live well and feel great everyday in an approachable and positive way by treating your body with quality care while avoiding deprivation.

I rarely drink and when I do, I make responsible decisions that are best for me, my baby and my family.

For those breastfeeding mamas who like to enjoy a glass of wine, below are some important considerations next time you are considering a drink.

The amount of alcohol that is actually transferred to baby:
According to Dr. Young, “the alcohol exposure to the breastfed baby is super minimal.” In her post, it mentions that the BAC (blood alcohol content) for a woman at my weight after one glass of wine is approximately .02%. Put into context, that is way lower than the naturally occurring levels of alcohol in orange juice (0.5% alcohol is from the natural fermentation of sugar in juice)!

In other words, the amount of alcohol in one glass of wine that transfers to my breast milk while breastfeeding my five month old is not significant enough to have impact on my baby.

The timing of drinking and breastfeeding matters:
Many people expressed concern about me sipping on a glass of wine while I was breastfeeding. Actually, when it comes to breastfeeding and drinking, Dr. Young agrees that an occasional glass is best consumed during a breastfeeding session as the alcohol has not affected the breast milk yet and there is ample time for it to process by the next feeding session. 

Dr. Young says, “Your BAC (blood alcohol level and thus your milk alcohol) is highest 30 – 90 [minutes] after drinking. Since alcohol leaves the breast milk as quickly as it enters, we can take advantage of timing to even further minimize any infant exposure. This way [the baby] is exposed to very minimal alcohol and then [the mother has] at least 3 hours before [the baby’s] next feed, which is plenty of time to process 1 glass of wine.” Not to mention, what you eat before, during and after you drink plays a role in how your body metabolizes the alcohol, as well. 

The age of baby:
Dr. Young says that you should take into account how long it takes for your baby to eat and if your baby is younger than 3 months (which may affect their ability to process alcohol). In my case, my baby is 5 months and eats in just 15-20 minutes.

To breastfeed/not breastfeed or to pump and dump:
When I have more than one drink (which is actually extremely rare) or if I feel tipsy (not often), I choose to not breastfeed Gemma or save my pumped milk. This may be overly cautious, especially given the science noted above, but I believe that listening to my body is the best decision for me and my baby. I am grateful that I am able to produce milk so I treat it with respect and protect it like liquid gold but it’s simple – when I don’t feel like myself, I won’t breastfeed her and I won’t save the milk, either.

As a breastfeeding mama, here is what I consider when drinking while breastfeeding or deciding to pump and dump:
– the amount of alcohol I consume and plan to consume
– when I drink (in relation to when I breastfeed/pump)
– the alcohol content of the drink
– what I eat before I feed, during and after, as well as the amount of water that I drink before, during and after
– how much I weigh
– how old my baby is

We all have different ways of parenting so I hope that every mom and dad (and caregiver) makes personal decisions based on their own research and consults with their own trusted experts so they are able to do the best for their family’s sanity, health and lifestyle. 

I look forward to continuing the conversation of breastfeeding and shining light on it in a positive way. Wishing you all ease (and fun) on your journey of parenthood.


be positive. be supportive. be well.


be well,

Dr. Bridget Young is a doctor of Perinatal and Pediatric Nutrition. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from Colgate University and a PhD from Cornell University in Nutritional Science. She specializes in maternal and child nutrition and is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). She conducts clinical research in the department of Pediatric Nutrition at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and is currently studying how breast milk is affected by maternal characteristics including diet, and how differences in milk affect infant growth patterns. She is passionate about optimizing infant health and improving the experience of breastfeeding mothers. What a perfect expert to weigh in on this conversation! For more information on Dr. Bridget Young, visit

P.S. For those of you who asked about my breastfeeding cover, you can find it here.

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The first few days after I got home from the hospital were a whirlwind. Not only did I need to figure out everything that comes along with having a baby – the swaddling, the soothing, the sleeping – I also needed to learn how to get my milk supply in and how to breastfeed properly. So below I’m sharing what helped me transition to nursing life and mommy hood in hopes that it can help you, too.

My story
I was released from my birthing center just 24 hours after I gave birth. Since we were released very quickly, the hospital required that I bring Gemma to the pediatrician the next day. 
At the appointment, our Pediatrician warned us that if Gemma didn’t gain weight and her bilirubin levels didn’t decrease by the following day, we would need to feed her formula. 

The pressure was on! I left the office and literally went on a breastfeeding/pumping marathon. 

Here’s what I did to help my milk supply to come in:

  • Breastfeed, then pump. I breastfed Gemma every 2-3 hours and pumped after every session. I had heard that pumping helps to increase milk production while the milk is still coming in, so I had my husband run out and rent a double electric hospital grade Medela pump at Babies R Us. I stored the pumped milk  in these BPA-free bags. (Later on, I also got a manual pump. It’s definitely not as powerful as the electric ones, and you need to use your hands which can become tiring, but it’s less than $30, portable to take with you on the go and super convenient)
  • Heat, heat, heat. I put these heating pads on my breasts before and after every nursing session. The heat felt so soothing and it helped the milk to flow. 
  • Massage. I massaged my breasts during every pumping session and whenever I was in the shower. Down and towards the nipple helps the milk ducts. Make sure to get the top of the breast, the sides and the bottom.
  • Nurture your nipples. I lathered nipple butter on my nipples before and after every nursing session (and pumping session) to help soothe my nipples.
  • Chillax! I let my baby nurse, parents, in-laws, friends and husband change as many diapers as they could and wanted! I tried to chillax as much as possible to conserve my energy. 
  • Sleep! The first few days after giving birth, I was on quite a high. I tried to rest as much as possible and always slept with an eye mask and blackout shades. The more energy you have and sleep you get, the easier it is for your body to recover efficiently and produce milk. 

Here is what I ate and drank to support my milk supply:

  • Water. I drank a ton of water – usually a glass of 8oz of water every time I breastfed. Keeping a huge glass or water bottle next to me at all times was super helpful. The first few days after I came home, I was still using the container I got at the hospital.
  • Beer. My acupuncturist (who usually preaches gluten-free everything) swears that even a half of Guinness can help with milk production. I happen to love Guinness so I took her advice happily. After about 1/4 of the bottle, I felt tipsy so I used the rest of the bottle, poured it in a glass and added some coconut milk ice cream for a healthified treat – a Guinness Float. It was so YUM!
  • Tea. I chugged mother’s milk tea. I would make myself a huge batch of it to save me time and energy. Heres how: boil water in a pot, place a few tea bags in and voila! Either add ice and put in a pitcher, or drink warm in a mug.
  • Broth. I drank warm bone broth. You can make your own with this recipe or buy it frozen from here and have it shipped to your doorstep! Use code: BEWELLWITHARIELLE for $10 off at I drank it every morning with eggs, and sipped on it during the day, too. Warming broth helps digestion and the milk flow, too.
  • Protein…and fat. I ate protein and fat every two hours.
    • For breakfast, I drank bone broth with 2 eggs.
    • For snack, I munched on home-made trail mix made of raw almonds, coconut flakes and gluten-free pretzels. Oh, and some gluten free chocolate chip cookies, too:)
    • For dinner, I craved thai food so I would typically order shrimp with veggies and brown rice from this organic place in NYC called Thai Villa.
    • Supplements. I took placenta pills (I had Carol, a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist make them for me) and I also continued taking these supplements. 

What foods I avoided:

    • dairy
    • soy
    • artificial sweeteners, including any sugars that give me an aftertaste – stevia and monk fruit.
    • gluten, when possible
    • cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts (that tend to make me gassy)
    • peanuts

A  few side notes on pumping and breastfeeding:

Yes, it’s challenging. Yes, my nipples hurt A LOT and whipping out my breasts every 2 hours isn’t the most fun. But, it’s a beautiful experience and incredible that I’m able to feed a human being from my own bodily fluids! So I focused on that whenever the challenges came up.

My take on formula.  I hate having regrets in life, so I wanted to do everything I could to give her breastmilk and to breastfeed. If it didn’t work out for some reason or another, I would totally be ok giving giving her formula. In fact, I have a container of this formula tucked away in the closet in case we need it and I brought it with me in my hospital bag before giving birth. There are also milk banks that a few of my friends use and love so I felt at ease with my options. 

I chose to make the breastfeeding process as enjoyable as possible. I was never fixated on how many ounces Gemma was getting. I didn’t obsess over how many ounces I was pumping out, either. I didn’t weigh her at home, either. To keep my sanity, I focused on getting my milk in and doing my best to produce the most nourishing milk possible for her. I also made sure not to compare myself to other moms who had successful experiences breastfeeding or pumping and who didn’t.

Breastfeeding Now:

Gemma just turned 4 months and I have continued to exclusively give her breastmilk. I breastfeed her every 3-4 hours on demand and pump once a night before I go to bed. My husband or my parents give her a bottle with my breastmilk typically 1-2 times per week.

I am very grateful that I have been able to produce enough milk, that she has taken to my breasts (and occasional bottles) and that I have been able to enjoy the experience.

Lately it’s been pretty tough figuring out how to manage and balance working and exclusively breastfeeding, but that’s a challenge that I look forward to exploring in the next few weeks and months!

Get support:

Many of my friends have had challenges increasing their milk supply, getting their baby to latch and finding joy in breastfeeding. Get support from friends and family who have had success, or reach out to a doula or lactation consultant.

If you are reading this with hopes that you will breastfeed one day and you are currently trying to conceive, check out my dear friend and renowned fertility health expert, Aimee Raupp’s e-course where she will support you in what to eat, and how to prepare your body for pregnancy.  

{Please note the event below has ended, but you can check out more about Aimee Raupp here}

Join the call and hear from:

      • Aimee Raupp: my acupuncturist (and the woman who helped get me pregnant!)
      • Rachel Meakins: my amazing birth doula who assisted me in my 40-hour (all natural) labor
      • Caroline Leventhal: my fellow mommy friend who has exp

You will learn:

      • the most nutrient dense foods to support milk supply, heal your postpartum body and avoid postpartum depression
      • techniques for latching
      • tips for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Call details:
When: Wednesday, July 12 at 8pm
What: Join us as we discuss how to overcome the challenges of breastfeeding, as well as the most nutrient dense foods to support milk supply, techniques for latching and tips for breastfeeding.
How: This event has passed. For more info, sign up here. 

I am excited to share my experience with you and tips to make it as easy and enjoyable for you. If you can’t make it to the LIVE event, we will send you the webinar replay after the event has ended.

Reserve your spot for this free webinar today! 

*Please note this call has ended.

Remember – we all have our own stories. Be easy on yourself. Lots of positive vibes to you and your baby (and your future babies!)

be positive. be nurturing. be you.


be well,

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Be Well with Baby: Mom Hacks

by Arielle J on June 7, 2017

Since having Gemma 3 months ago, my days have become extra limited and each hour has become ultra precious. Sometimes I feel like there’s hardly enough time to even eat! I don’t have time to prep fancy meals and I don’t want to order in or go out for every meal, so I’ve been getting really creative with my shopping lists and quick meals in the kitchen.

I’ve learned how to whip up a super nourishing breakfast in less than 2 minutes, a snack in less than 30 seconds and a fancy looking gourmet salad in less than 4 minutes. 

My goal is to spend less time in the kitchen so I can spend more time with my baby (and check things off of my list!) I can’t wait to share some of these mom hack recipes with you so you can spend more time doing things you love, too.

Here are some of my recent must-have mama items on my grocery list every week:

  1. organic chicken sausage – super easy to quickly slice up and cook on a pan. For lunch, I add slices to a simple homemade salad or a store-bought salad. For dinner, I’ll make a pot of brown rice pasta or quinoa and top it with chicken sausage, spinach and tomato sauce and shredded parmesan cheese.
  2. organic turkey pepperoni – it comes fully cooked so it’s ready to eat out of the bag. For breakfast, I’ll add to eggs for a boost of protein and flavor in the morning. For snack, I’ll make little pepperoni sandwiches using rice crackers, or I’ll take baby carrots and wrap it around. For dinner, I make a healthified pepperoni pizza in my toasted oven get the recipe here and just top it with the pepperoni slices!
  3. organic chicken tenders –  they come already sliced so its easy just to throw on a pan and cook – no slicing required. I’ve also added them to a pot of boiling water to cook if I’m breastfeeding and can’t stand by the stove. Slice up grilled chicken and add to a salad, or for dinner cook on the same pan with some veggies for a one-pan meal. 
  4. eggs – they’re so versatile and take such little time to cook. I either make a dozen hard boiled eggs for the week and store in a glass container in the fridge, or for breakfast, I’ll scramble two eggs and add to bone broth. Or, I make sunny side up eggs for a quick meal, too.
  5. wild caught tuna – An easy and quick lunch or dinner. I like my tuna super creamy so I’ll use avocado oil mayo and a squirt of dijon and drizzle a little balsamic vinegar or lemon. Add to a spinach salad with chopped baby carrots, or top it onto some yummy crackers or romaine leaves for a quick lunch.

I’ll be sharing more of my fave mom hacks tips at the upcoming Well Rounded NY postpartum wellness event on Friday, June 16th in NYC. I’m going to be doing a food demo, too so you won’t want to miss the yummy samples!

Here’s the info for the Well Rounded NY Postpartum Wellness Event:

When: Friday, June 16 at 11am-1pmET
Where: Pure Yoga West, 204 W 77th St between Amsterdam/Broadway
Tickets: HERE
Use code: ARIELLE25 for 25% off your ticket

And below for the official  invite.

Don’t live in the NY area or can’t make the event? I’ll be posting a recap after the event so stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on instagram (name: Be Well with Arielle) where I’ll been sharing more mom hacks every day.

Hope to meet you and your baby next week and in the meantime, be well!

Be simple. Be fun. Be delicious.

Be Well,

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When Gemma was 3 weeks old, I was asked to speak on a panel and share my tips by trimester. It was a nighttime event and one of the first times that I left the house without Gemma. By the end of the event, my breasts felt like they were going to explode! I totally wished I had worn a looser top, and had brought my pump with me.

At the event, I spotted gorgeous Italian nursing clothes called Teat & Cosset. The owner, Peggy and I immediately hit it off and have been chatting about all things breastfeeding and business related ever since.

Read our our recent interview together here featured on the Teat & Cosset blog. 

Here’s a sneak peek at our interview:

Q: I first met you 3 weeks after you gave birth to your baby Gemma and you had no postpartum belly! Please do tell, moms all over the world would like to know your secret.

A: I can’t say it’s a secret, but I will say that as soon as I gave birth, I treated my body with the same love and care while pregnant (and to get pregnant). The morning that I gave birth, I ate hard boiled eggs and sipped on a smoothie that I had delivered to the hospital. For lunch, I ordered a grass fed cheese burger wrapped in collard green, topped with a gluten-free bun and a side of sweet potato fries. I focused on how I wanted to feel and after 40 hours of labor (with a cute new, delicious baby in my arms), I wanted to feel good!! 

When I got home, I made sure to start up my routine again. Everyday, I eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up and snack on protein and fiber every 2-3 hours to stabilize my blood sugar and amp up my metabolism. I also drink at least 8 ounces of water or broth in between each feeding session to assist with my milk production.

I make feeling good my priority because the better I feel, the happier I am and the better mom I can be. The flat belly came along with it:) 

Read the rest of the interview here.

In the photo above, I’m wearing a Teat and Cosset sweater. It is made of the softest fabric (in Italy) and doesn’t look like typical nursing clothes. All of their designs can also be worn with a bump during pregnancy! I have the tunic sweater (featured below), cocktail dress in teal, maxi dress in black and hot pink.  I love her clothes so much that I asked if she would offer a discount to my friends and family. Check out these fashionable nursing clothes here and use code: BEWELL15 for 15% your order. 

If you need extra help in feeling and looking your best before pregnancy, during and after, I would love to support you. I am a certified health coach and love working with clients one on one. All of my sessions are 1 hour via phone or facetime or skype. More info here or email me at to set up an appointment.

be fashionable. be practical. be fabulous

be well,


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How to Have a Fit Pregnancy

by Arielle J on March 26, 2017


These past few weeks with our newborn baby girl have brought us joy beyond belief.

Many people have been asking what I did to get pregnant and how I took care of my body during my pregnancy. 

Last year, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and thyroid issues. I wasn’t even aware of these issues until I started working with Aimee Raupp, fertility expert and author of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. Aimee equipped me with a better understanding of my body and gave me with the tools to upgrade my health and improve my fertility. She also helped prepare me for a fit pregnancy.

If you are trying to get pregnant, plan to do so in the near future, know of someone who is trying or are pregnant now, I recommend reading this book, first.

Looking for more personalized support for a fit pregnancy? I offer one-on-one health coaching sessions via phone or skype. In these sessions, I will share how I managed my PCOS and thyroid and how I got pregnant naturally and how you can,too. 

You’ll learn:
– what foods I ate to support my fit pregnancy
– what supplements I took to enhance my fertility and egg quality
– the top ways that I managed my PCOS symptoms naturally
– exercises that I did pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy to feel fit
– healthier lifestyle changes that brought me more joy into my everyday life

More info here. Email me at to schedule your call! I look forward to supporting you in any way that I can.

Be hopeful. Be healthy. Be You.

be well,

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Tips for a Healthy and Fit Pregnancy

by Arielle J on March 23, 2017

 I gave birth 3 weeks ago and tonight I’m heading to my first event post-baby! Getting ready really got me thinking how grateful I am for the journey I’ve been on. It felt like a long road, so I’m very excited to share how I optimized my health and prepared my body for a healthy and fit pregnancy.

Below I share what foods I ate to improve my fertility, boost my thyroid levels, regulate my periods and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and ultimately, help me get pregnant.

First, here’s my fertility story:

A little over two years ago my husband, Lee and I started talking about bringing a baby into the world. It was on my mind and it was in my heart. It actually had been for most of my life. I’ve always had a maternal, mothering nature. And I was ready.

Well, not so so ready.

I wanted to get my body in the most fertile shape as possible before I started to try to conceive. I also had irregular periods, so I knew I had some “work” to do.

In February 2015, I was selling my “i love me” jewelry collection at my friend’s event.

This cute woman approached me and started to tell me about her organic skin care line. She then proceeded to tell me that she was the author of “Yes, You Can Get Pregnant” AND that she was in the midst of creating fertility recipes for her next book. My ears lit up, as anything with food lights me up, but also because it was fertility related.

She emailed me a few days later and asked for my address so she could send me a copy of her books.

I remember that I was so excited to start reading the book, that I didn’t even make it upstairs to my apartment. I started reading the book in my hallway!

As I was flipping through the pages that night, I became so immersed in the information that my husband (who was trying to go to sleep) rolled over and kindly asked if I could either be quieter when turning the pages or put the book down.

I’m not even much of a reader, but I refused to stop reading. The voice in the book spoke to me. It had such a gentle, joyful tone and the information was more helpful than any of the fertility books I had read thus far.

I reached over for my kindle and bought another copy. That night, I read until my eyes literally closed. I became obsessed with learning how to optimize my fertility and I fell in love with Aimee. I knew I would learn so much from her. 

How I started my fertility process and tracked my cycles:
I started tracking my ovulation through an app called Kindara. In order to get pregnant, you need to know when you’re ovulating. According to Aimee, it’s best to have sex at least 4 days before you ovulate so when you do ovulate, the egg released will already be there to meet the sperm.

I also tracked my temperature. Your temperature at waking time can tell you a lot about your thyroid, and your cycles. So as soon as my eyes opened in the morning, I would take my temp. I loved tracking it at first and shortly realized that it was making me anxious, so I wanted to find another morning ritual to bring me more calm.
– So, I started using OPK sticks. After I got up, I would run to the bathroom, pee in a little plastic cup and stick the stick into my urine to test my ovulation. I found these particular ones to be frustrating and hard to use, so I decided to get this digital OPK monitor. Every morning I would do this. I even brought it with me on vacation to Puerto Rico.

After a few months of tracking my ovulation, my morning ritual felt so calculated and un-zen. 

When I started to lose my excitement for the process and my frustration really kicked in, I turned to Aimee for support (In addition to writing a book, Aimee has three offices – in Manhattan, Nyack and the Hamptons. She also hosts an online class, including support groups)

Aimee went over my blood tests, asked me specific questions about my period (like the color of the blood, how many tampons/pads I soaked every month), etc. (This may be TMI, but at the time, my period was so light that I only needed a panty liner and it wasn’t cranberry red, like it’s supposed to be)

She also have me recommendations for supplements and foods to incorporate. These would help to upgrade my health and improve my fertility.

Tips from Aimee that helped me get pregnant:
Eat protein every two hours. This helps to regulate your blood sugar levels, and thus, your hormone levels, and thyroid. (It also becomes a habit when you get pregnant because your baby will need to eat every few hours)
Eat within 30 minutes after waking up. In the past, I would workout before breakfast and sometimes even go a few hours before I ate anything. When I started to eat right when I woke up, my energy levels sky rocketed. 
Buy plants for your house. It’s a great way to energetically bring LIFE into your space. And, not to mention, plants add oxygen to your home, too. 
Take fertility-friendly supplements specific to your body – before seeing Aimee, I took certain fertility-enhancing supplements and then Aimee put me on a very specific regimen for my body. This is what I took daily (with food): three prenatal pills, two liver pills, six spirulina tablets, six cod liver oil pills every morning with my breakfast.

What I ate to improve my fertility, boost my egg quality and increase my blood:
– 2 whole, pasture-raised eggs per day (the egg whites and yolk)
–  3oz grass-fed meat at least once per week
– 3oz bone broth per day (I either made it with this recipe, or bought it here and added some sea salt)
– more cooked vegetables (less raw salad and green juice)
– at least 2 liters filtered water (I bought this healthy water filter.
– eliminated gluten and dairy (except for organic ice cream once and a while because I loveee ice cream!)

With the help of Aimee, I also discovered that in order to bring a baby into the world, I wanted to bring more zen into my world.

So I made 2016 my year of ZEN!

Here is what ultimately helped me get pregnant:
I cleaned out my closets. I got rid of every piece of clutter or article of clothing that didn’t bring me joy (Thanks to the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!)  I also gave away any clothes that were a tad too small on me. If I wanted my body to grow a human being, I needed to be ready and open for my body to grow, as well!
I cleaned out my kitchen and only kept foods that made me feel nourished and excited to eat and cook.
I put a sea shell next to my bed. My friend and (celebrity) doula, Latham Thomas said it is a symbol of fertility.
I got mayan abdominal massages (from Earth and Sky in Long Island City – ask for Katinka – she is AMAZING) and I even got a V-steam, too!! 

I went to a reproductive endocrinologist who ultimately put me on a low dosage of armor thyroid medication.
I bought black out shades so my husband and I could get the deepest sleep possible.
My husband and I started sleeping with eye masks.
I got a new mattress, new sheets, new pillows. All organic from Coco-mat.
– I painted my dresser from black to white (for brighter energy!)
I bought flowers weekly (usually from Trader Joes) to put on my bedside stand and in my living room. I loved how it brightened up my day!

Get support from practitioners that you trust and who make you feel good. I met with a few different OBGYNS until I found a Midwife practice that I loved. I also saw Aimee for acupuncture every other week and joined her online support group.

I fell in love with this new way of taking care of myself (and my future baby).

I made joy my job and it ultimately led to a late period…and then, a positive pregnancy test!

I am thrilled to share my fertility story with hopes that my experience will help ease the journey to motherhood for you. I am also excited to share what helped me feel great once I got pregnant so I could stay pregnant…. and feel fit during the rest of my pregnancy.


I believe that, yes, you can get pregnant…and have a healthy, fit pregnancy, too!

I would love to support you in your path to pregnancy. Schedule a call with me to help upgrade your health now here or email me at 

Also, check out the online e-course from my mentor who is a fertility author and expert.

P.S If you are pregnant and you’re looking for more support to feel and look your best during your pregnancy, more info here on an amazing pregnancy monthly online support group. 

Lots of love from my belly to yours.

be hopeful. be healthy. be happy.

be well,

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Arielle in Metro Newspaper!

by Arielle J on March 19, 2017

I am very excited. Metro Newspaper is featuring my baby bump in tomorrow’s newspaper!

The journalist emailed me a few days ago asking if I would be open to discussing my intention for taking maternity photos (like the one featured above). She follows me on instagram and with all of the recent chatter about Beyonce and Ciara’s maternity photos, she wondered what all of the rage is about getting almost naked in front of the camera.

I never, ever, ever thought I would be comfortable doing a shoot of my own when I got pregnant, but it’s the most beautiful experience to grow a human being inside of you and I don’t plan on getting pregnant that many times in my life, so I figured it’s a must to capture while the baby was in my belly!

I’m also all about self-love, self-acceptance and female empowerment (I even created a self-love jewelry line), so I figured why not capture the beauty of a growing belly?

It wasn’t that easy to get pregnant, so when I did and my body started to change, I was grateful for it all – the weird “bloated” tummy stage, terrible nausea, crazy aversions to healthy food (that I had for three straight months) and the exhaustion that prevented me from working out.

I sent all the love I could to my uterus, my growing belly, body… and baby. 

I not only accepted the changes, I embraced them. By 37 weeks, I was still feeling great. The only regret I would’ve had, was not to capture it all. So, I reached out to Robert Fitch Photography.

See my post here with the rest of my maternity photos! 

And check out the article here in Metro.

This is what the article in Metro said:

“Burke, who photographs in all of the above styles, says for many of her clients, the shoots help them overcome body image issues.

“When we’re pregnant, oftentimes we are critical and cynical, ‘Oh, I’ve gotten so fat here, oh my body is changing there,’” says Burke, who at the time of this interview was eight months pregnant herself. “It’s a time to stop and say, ‘Hold on, your body is making a human. This is a really beautiful experience and let’s celebrate it.’”

That’s certainly what motivated Arielle Haspel. The 33-year-old founder of Be Well with Arielle says she decided to do a maternity shoot to both celebrate and remember her pregnancy. “It wasn’t easy for me to get pregnant, so when I did, I was grateful for it all. The morning sickness, my growing belly and my changing body,” she says.

After a friend posted a photo of her shoot with Manhattan-based photographer Rob Fitch, Haspel knew she wanted to have the same experience. Once she hit 37 weeks, she booked a session. “If I didn’t capture the beauty of the pregnancy, I knew I would regret it,” she says.

Fitch, who describes his aesthetic as “artistic silhouette maternity photography,” uses studio lighting to create a classic look. This results in angelic, understated shots that highlight the femininity of the pregnant form while preserving a hint of modesty.

Read the full article here or pick it up on newsstands tomorrow!

Be you. Be you. Be you.


be well,


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Tips by Trimester

by Arielle J on March 16, 2017

When I got pregnant, I was ELATED! It took me a while to get pregnant, so I was very, very excited.

However, I was not prepped with the morning sickness that would come with it, as well as the insane amount of lethargy, crazy cravings and weird food aversions. Most people say that morning sickness is genetic, but my sister and mother weren’t blessed with it, and a lot of my friends didn’t have it, either. So, I was pretty much in the dark about what to expect and how to take care of my body in this whole new way.

Soon enough I learned, though… so I wanted to share what worked for me because I tried A LOT of different foods, and tactics!

After my first trimester, I felt great.

Here is a sneak peek at what helped me be well during all three trimesters: 

During my first trimester, I started to crave foods (and drinks) that I normally never ate or drank (think: bagels with cream cheese). I couldn’t bare to look at green juices or smoothies, or any vegetable for that matter. The only veggies I would eat were romaine lettuce and cucumbers with absolutely no dressing. And plain water? Ugh! I could only have sparkling water or ginger ale.

I would also wake up in the middle of the night STARVING! So… I always kept a bag of raw almonds or cheese crackers on my bedside stand.

And when it came to the morning, if I didn’t eat before I got out of bed, I would throw up! Just the act of getting out of bed jolted my body so much (and my blood sugar was probably so out of wack, too) that I would need to pop a few almonds or cheese crackers in my mouth while I was still in bed, or else it would mean a trip to the bathroom! 

So what did I do about this new eating plan that my baby put me on? I surrendered and let my body (and baby) lead the way. I let myself sleep when I needed to (I was tired ALL OF THE TIME),  I ate and drank what I craved, and I always tried to find healthier versions of everything that I wanted.

So, no matter what I put in my body, I always felt like I was still nourishing my body and baby the best that I could.

Some of my favorite first trimester foods:
– gluten-free everything bagels from Sadelle’s with grass-fed butter or organic cream cheese for breakfast
– two pasture-raised eggs with sea salt over two brown rice cakes, with chia seeds sprinkled on top for breakfast
– a bowl of organic cottage cheese with peaches and chia seeds for breakfast or lunch
– gluten free bread with almond butter and jam for breakfast, lunch or snack
organic cheddar (almond) crackers for snack
– organic mozzarella sticks for snack
– raw almonds for snack
– gluten free bread with tuna salad or chicken salad for lunch
miso soup with egg and ramen for lunch or dinner
– sparkling water with lemon and apple cider vinegar
gingerale sweetened with honey

During my second trimester, everything changed. I no longer needed to eat in the middle of the night, I was able to eat veggies (hallelujah!)…and I started to crave sweets again, in particular, chocolate! I became OBSESSED with chocolate. OMG!

Some of my favorite second trimester foods:
Hu Kitchen Mint Chocolate Bars
grass-fed yogurt (I like the maple flavor) with this store-bought granola or this home-made chocolate chip granola
– gluten-free bagel with organic cream cheese and tomato
healthified home-made gluten-free pizza

During my third trimester, I was able to continue to eat everything. I especially LOVED banana smoothies!

Some of my favorite third trimester foods:
bone broth with egg for breakfast
– apples with tahini and chia seeds for snack
healthified hot chocolate for snack
– banana chocolate chip smoothies for snack (I used cacao nibs for the chocolate crunch!)

Craving more pregnancy tips?

Well, get excited! Next Thursday night, March 23rd, I’ll be sharing my tips by trimester at the Well Rounded NY event! Come hear what foods helped me get pregnant, as well as what I ate to help during morning sickness and how to feel great during the rest of pregnancy.

Get tickets here (use code: Arielle25 for 25% off)

WHAT: An evening talking about birth, pregnancy and wellness. Enjoy light bites, refreshing mocktails, plus grab an awesome giftbag!!
WHEN: Thursday, March 23rd, 6:30PM – 8:30PM ET
WHERE: Eventi Hotel, 849 Sixth Avenue (between 29th and 30th Street), 2nd FL
PRICE: $35 (Use Code: ARIELLE25 for 25% off each ticket)

Get your ticket here. (Use Code: ARIELLE25 for 25% off each ticket)

P.S. If you’re not able to make it to the Well Rounded “Tips by Trimester” event, no worries! I’m going to be hosting a FREE webinar on Monday, March 27th and will be sharing my tips for a healthy and fit pregnancy. Sign up here for more details.

be healthy. be nourished. be you.


be well,


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The Be Well Maternity Shoot

by Arielle J on February 24, 2017

I have always admired pregnant women’s bodies – the curves and of course, the miracle growing inside.

I never, ever, ever thought I would be comfortable doing a shoot of my own when I got pregnant, nevertheless, naked! Then again, I’m all about self-love, self-acceptance and female empowerment (I even created a self-love jewelry line), so I figured why not do a maternity shoot?

Rob Fitch Photography  came over a few weeks ago and captured this special time. 

My friends can’t believe how comfortable I am in my body. Well, before I got pregnant, I prepped myself for my growing belly and body. I would actually envision my belly growing in the mirror.

So, when I got pregnant and my body started to change, I was grateful for it all – the weird “bloated” tummy stage, terrible nausea, crazy aversions to healthy food (that I had for three straight months) and the exhaustion that prevented me from working out.

I sent all the love I could to my uterus, my growing belly, body… and baby. 

I not only accepted the changes, I embraced them.

Even though it was a crazy thought to get naked, this photoshoot gave me a chance to let go and truly appreciate the last few weeks of this incredible experience of pregnancy. And, even prep for labor!

My friend had a photoshoot with the photographer a few months back, the photos were stunning so I trusted that if she felt comfortable rocking her pregnant belly (with twins…and fully naked), I could, too.

Rob came to my apartment for the maternity shoot. Once we made the appointment, he sent me an email with what I needed to get ready for the session. He made me feel really comfortable and an added bonus – I didn’t have to worry about where to look or how to “pose” for the photographs! He offered suggestions and professional direction throughout the entire shoot.

All of the lighting, fabric wraps and draping he brought. The clothes I provided. 
I got my hair cut the day before and did my makeup myself.

Rob typically recommends doing the shoot around 32-35 weeks. I was 37 weeks when we shot these.

When the time comes for you to grow a miracle inside of you (which I pray for every woman who desires that), I highly recommend capturing the special time and all of your curves.

Thank you, Rob Fitch Photography for the stunning photos and special experience. 

I look forward to sharing the next part of the journey (motherhood!!!) with you all.

Lots of love from my belly to yours.

be empowered. be free. be you.  

be well,


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What to Pack in a Healthy Hospital Bag

by Arielle J on February 21, 2017

{Photo by Robert Fitch Photography}

I’m 39 weeks pregnant this week and officially in nesting mode. 

I’ve been getting tons of recommendations from friends, family and my doula, Rachel Meakins of Zen Mama NYC on what to bring to the hospital. So I’ve gathered all of the lists and healthified them, too so I feel prepared and my healthiest during labor and after (and so you can, too!)

Here is what I’m packing in my healthy Be Well with Arielle hospital bag:

For the Mama

lip moisturizer: I love this one.
toothbrushes: bringing three of these color coded ones (one for me, my husband and doula).  

tongue scraper: this tongue scraper is an everyday self-care staple of mine so I actually never travel without it. Makes me feel more fresh in an instant.  If you’re curious, more on why I use one here.
toothpaste: I prefer all natural.
face wash: I love this one. I’m also obsessed with this GOOP facial cleanser.  It’s definitely pricey, but it’s so creamy and luxurious and quite a treat. 

moisturizer: My skin tends to be on the dry side, so I use a mix of this nourishing facial oil plus this moisturizer under my makeup. I also love this moisturizer. 
night cream: I use this nourishing facial oil.
makeup: A must-have for me! I rarely leave the house without this lipgloss .
Q-tips: always a necessity! I bring along this little container to store them.
deodorant: I like this one. 
body wash: there’s nothing worse than drying body soap (or the one they supply in the hospital). (Update: I was released from the hospital 24 hours after I gave birth so I didn’t even take a shower until I got home)
body cream: I use this one after I take a shower.
belly cream: I’ve been using this belly butter all throughout pregnancy (usually apply it at night and regular moisturizer during the day) and will continue using it post-pregnancy. It smells so fresh and it feels really creamy and buttery.

hair clips and bands: a necessity during labor. I love these clips and these bands.
face mist: Just in case I need to freshen up and can’t get to the bathroom to wash up, this may come in handy. This toner doubles as a mist smells sweet and feminine. (Update: I didn’t end up using this)
laundry bag: to keep dirty hospital clothes separate from hygienic baby stuff! (Update: I didn’t end up using this. I ended up washing literally everything I brought back home anyway)
phone charger: a necessity.
nipple cream: Some people swear by olive oil and coconut oil but my breastfeeding friends swear by this one. Bringing for my first few hours of breastfeeding! (Update: I didn’t end up using this at the hospital, but wish I had. Breastfeeding hurt me A LOT those first couple of days and the nipple butter definitely helps soothe the nipple and decrease the pain. I suggest buying two (one to keep on your bedside stand and the other to keep in a place where you normally breastfeed). I loved using it. PS read my breastfeeding tips here.
pillow with pillow case: I’m very sensitive to fabric so bringing my own of both. 
slippers: my mom wore feather ones to my birth, so I’m planning to wear fab ones, too!
flip flops: for shower 
warm socks (The ones they give at the hospital aren’t the most comfy)
compression stockings: my feet haven’t swelled at all throughout pregnancy yet, but I’ve heard that they can post-pregnancy, so I’m bringing these compression stockings. (Update: I didn’t end up using these as my feet didn’t swell at all)

swimsuit: I’m planning on birthing in a birthing center, and there is a tub, so bringing one. (Update: I only wore the bikini top but I’m so happy I brought it)

pajamas: bringing a nursing nightgown. (Update: I ended up wearing the hospital gown, but I would bring one just in case you prefer to wear your own clothes)

robe: (Update: I never ended up using this, but it is nice to wear your own clothes, especially when people visit)
going home outfit: something comfy and cozy and that still that fits a belly. I’m obsessed with this top. I wore it home from the hospital with a sweatshirt over. I’ve been wearing the short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions throughout pregnancy and now they double as nursing tops.

nursing bra: I love this bra (I’ve been wearing it as a sports bra during pregnancy). I also like this bra from Bravado super comfy. 

nursing tank: I’m also bringing along my fave nursing tank from Boob Designs. I’ve been wearing it all throughout pregnancy – underneath sweaters and as a workout top!

larger underwear: if you have a natural birth, you’ll probably bleed for a couple of weeks post birth. The hospital will provide you with disposable underwear/shorts (and pads) and you can certainly take some home with you, too, but after a few days, I felt like I needed to wear something a little nicer. I ended up getting colorful cotton underwear and bootie shorts from Victorias Secret. I would recommend going up a size because you need to fit thick pads with them. You don’t necessarily need these at the hospital, but I would recommend having a few on hand for when you come home. See padsicles below.

breast feeding pillow: a lactation specialist encouraged me to bring a breast feeding pillow to hospital. My friend gave me hers, so I bought this soft breast feeding pillow cover to put over. (Update: the lactation consultants recommended this one, instead. It was literally my favorite thing when I got home from the hospital. After a few weeks, I didn’t need it as much but it was SO helpful the first few weeks of breastfeeding)

hands free breast pump bra: I plan on breast feeding exclusively at the hospital, but in the case that the baby and I have any difficulty at the hospital (or if you are going to have twins and may not be able to exclusively feed both, having a pump and a pumping bra on hand may be smart. (update: I didn’t pump at the hospital, but this was a necessity once when I got home!)

breastfeeding relief packs: These slip into your bra and delivers moist heat or cooling relief. They’re used to increase milk supply and improve let down, nipple pain, mastitis, clogged ducts, engorgement and general discomfort.  (Update: I didn’t end up using these at the hospital because my breasts weren’t engorged yet but they were SO helpful when I got home and my milk supply started to come in.  They were so soothing. I would definitely suggest you get for when you get home). See here for breastfeeding tips.

mom bottom washer: Update: if you plan to have a vaginal birth, I highly recommend bringing this with you or at least having for when you get home. Since you will most likely be bleeding a lot post-labor, it’s recommended that you clean your vagina and bottom by spraying yourself with water, instead of wiping. The hospital will provide you with clear bottles but this one is much easier to use and even more effective. 

blanket: for naps and in case I get cold. (Update: I did use and it was so nice to not have to use a hospital blanket!)
music:  Lee, my husband, is in charge of the labor playlist and we’re going to bring along a portable speaker. (Update: We did use the speaker and it was GREAT to have during labor! P.S This white noise machine that I use for my baby doubles as a speaker)
coconut oil: Great as moisturizer for baby and me, and nipple cream…and I’ve heard can be used during the pushing process too! I prefer not smelling like the tropics, so I chose this good quality aroma-free coconut oil.  (Update: I didn’t use it during labor – my midwife ended up using her own goopy stuff)
aromatherapy: I’m not sure what I’ll need or want during labor, so I’m bringing a whole array of scents with me – eucalyptuslemon and spearmint, which are energizing and anti-nausea, and geranium, rose and lavender which are more calming and soothing.  (Update: I didn’t end up using these – totally forgot when I was in labor!)
essential oil diffuser: I use this one at home to put the aromatherapy in. (Update: I didn’t use this. Would’ve been nice, but it wasn’t necessary at the time)

– water bottle: I love this water bottle from SOMA. It’s not that big, but it says “breathe” in pretty writing.  (Update: I ended up using the hospital water bottle with a straw. It held a lot of water and was easy to use!)
straws: My doula, Rachel, recommends flexible straws, as they are easy to sip at in any position so I ordered these BPA-free, flexible straws.  (Update: I ended up using the hospital water bottle with a straw. It held a lot of water and was easy to use but still may be nice to have your own straws)
birthing ball and pump: Bringing my own birthing ball (and pump) just in case other women are using them! I got the medium size – 65cm.  (Update: Thank goodness I brought this! This came in super handy for most of my labor at home and when I got to the hospital. Don’t forget the pump, or bring it already inflated)
battery-operated candles: I’m bringing along some battery operated candles to create a calm environment. (Update: We didn’t end up using, but would’ve been nice!)
personal fan: my sister said  a portable fan during labor was amazingly helpful, and also post-pregnancy when she had night sweats. (Update: This is so helpful! The night after I gave birth, through the first week postpartum, I SOAKED through my pajamas. Having the fan definitely helped cool me down.)
padsicles: the hospital provides you with some ice packs, but I want the cleanest of ingredients on my vagina post-birth, so I decided to make my own. Made them with all natural pads, witch hazel (alcohol-free, unscented), aloe (paraben and dye-free), coconut oil (aroma-free) and lavender, wrapped them up and put them in freezer bags and freeze. (Update: I froze them and brought them to the hospital, but didn’t end up using them. They were super helpful when I got home, though)
reading material: I’m bringing my kindle (and will make sure it’s fully charged) (Update: We didn’t end up reading at all. I was in active labor once I got the hospital and once I gave birth it was all about the baby. But I would recommend bringing it just in case you have a lot of down time)
insulated cooler bag: to keep broths and drinks and popsicles cold on way to hospital and for the placenta woman to use. (Update: I didn’t end up drinking any bone broth or eating any popsicles at the hospital, but if you do plan on having your placenta made into placenta pills, bring an insulated cooler bag and a few freezer bags so whoever is encapsulating them can have a place to store it in the meantime. PS I used this placenta woman and she was great. )
medications: I’ve been taking thyroid medication throughout pregnancy so will pack a few pills with me. (Update: if you take medication, don’t just bring the pills. Bring the prescription container also because the hospital may need to see it)
vitamins: Going to pack some liver pills and vitamin D3/k2, which my acupuncturist said is key post-pregnancy. I would recommend asking your practitioners what supplements are right for you. (Update: I didn’t end up taking any vitamins post birth. I forgot! But, if you’re planning on having a natural birth, I found this  to be really helpful for cramps. I didn’t end up taking any tylenol or motrin after so I think it definitely helped with postpartum pain. I only took it the first two days post-birth. When I got home, I took my placenta pills and these supplements.)
jewelry: I’m going to leave my diamond engagement ring at home, but I’m definitely bringing my i love me ring. I made it! It’s stamped inside with “i love me” as a reminder to be calm, confident and to love myself, first. Perfect for labor! 

photo ID and photocopy of insurance card and ID: my hospital requested this
hospital paperwork any other printouts that your hospital/Ob GYN/Midwife instructed you to bring
birth preference plan

Snacks and Drinks:
bone broth: some hospitals only allow you to eat ice chips, but my midwife allows us to drink bone broths and anything thats clear. I tend to get low blood sugar, so intaking protein-rich and electrolyte-rich substances is super helpful for me. Either bringing my home-made chicken soup.  Or, bringing this one that can be purchased online from this brand. (Update: I didn’t end up drinking any bone broth at the hospital, but I drank it at home during my labor and I think it definitely helped with my recovery and milk supply)

electrolyte water: I’m not a fan of vitamin-enhanced waters or electrolyte drinks that are made with food coloring and white sugar or sugar altertives, so I prefer these all-natural sports drinks  made with fruit concentrates and sea salt. (Update: I’m so happy that I had a few of these bottles on hand during labor. My midwife recommended that I drink after every contraction, so this helped to replenish me and boost my energy)
coconut water: high in electrolytes and thirst quenching, but apparently not high enough in calories, so my midwife recommends electrolyte water, too. (Update: I didn’t end up drinking any coconut water but happy I had some on hand)
almond butter packets: If I’m able to squeeze into my mouth, figured it’s a good thing to pack for protein! I like this maple-flavored almond butter. (Update: I didn’t end up eating this)
raw honey packets: my midwife recommended that I bring honey to give a burst of energy, so I ordered these convenient packets of raw manuka honey. (Update: I didn’t end up using this but was happy I had them just in case)
collagen powder: I’ve been taking this protein powder all throughout my pregnancy as a protein supplement and now it’s come in convenient one-serving travel packs. Each pack contains 9 grams of protein so I figured that if I need a dose of energy from protein, this would be a great source and it’s easy to just sprinkle into a drink. (Update: I didn’t end up using this but was a great option to have)

food/snacks: Update: I would highly suggest bringing some food and snacks with you to eat after you give birth, especially if you know you won’t eat the hospital food. Most hospital rooms have mini fridges, or a common fridge to use. I live in NYC so it’s easy to order in, but having some food on hand to eat would’ve been helpful. I would suggest: hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit and some protein bars

For the Baby
swaddles: I may as well bring the velcro swaddles with me to the hospital and I’m pre-washing with this baby-friendly detergent and then putting in a plastic baggie to keep them clean. (Update: I didn’t end up using this but probably should have because I had the nurse come in every 5 minutes to fix the hospital swaddle! I recommend these swaddles. I used them until Gemma was 3 months old)
healthy wipes: I’ve heard it’s best to wipe a newborn babies tush with plain old organic cotton ball and filtered water. My mama friends swear by “water wipes” especially in the first few weeks of birth, so will be packing these chemical-free wipes. (Update: I’m so happy that I brought them because the hospital wipes have chemicals in them. Now, I use these wipes because they’re extra moist.)

diapers: Using an all natural variety like these diapers may not have cute designs like leopard or flamingos, but it hopefully will let the baby’s tush breathe better and prevent diaper rash! (Update: I ended up using the hospitals diapers but I loved bambo nature because they’re smaller than other diapers. I also LOVE these all natural diapers.

baby soap: I’ll most likely bring this one. (Update: I didn’t end up needing the soap because I didn’t bathe the baby at the hospital. You’re not supposed to give them a bath until their umbilical cord falls off a few days/weeks after baby is born so I don’t think it’s necessary to shlep your own soap)
organic baby formula: As mentioned above, I plan on breastfeeding exclusively, but in the case that the baby and I have any difficulty, I feel at east having a pump, pumping bra (and formula) on hand. I ordered this organic baby formula, which was recommended by my acupuncturist, Aimee Raupp and apparently the best quality. (Update: I didn’t end up needing this, as I was able to breastfeed right away but having formula with me made me feel at ease)
car seat: I have this one. Most hospitals won’t let you leave without one. Someone recommended to make sure to check the expiration date hasn’t expired if you’re getting it as a hand-me-down. (Update: Gemma actually has been sitting in this in her stroller instead of a bassinet since birth. 
– baby hat
– baby socks
– baby mittens
– baby blanket
– going home outfit for baby

For the Dad
– flip flops for shower
– pillow and pillowcase
– underwear
– socks
– swimsuit
snacks: I packed him kale chips, protein bars and beef jerky.
– cash
– phone charger
– ID, insurance card
– kindle

Please note – this hospital list includes personal suggestions for my labor but I hope that it’s helpful for you, too! Lots of love from my belly to your belly and wishing you an easy pregnancy and an sweet labor.

Want to know my favorite maternity clothes for every trimester? Check it out here.

Here are my breastfeeding tips.

be prepared. be confident. be empowered.

be well,


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I Love Me Ring In Popsugar for Galentine’s Day!

by Arielle J on February 13, 2017

So excited!
The “i love me ring” – one of the pieces from my wellness jewelry collection
was featured in Popsugar today as one of the Best 11 Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

What is Galentine’s Day you may ask?! Well, since love comes in all different forms – not just romantic relationships – I sometimes call Valentine’s Day “I Love ME Day” and it’s also a day to show love and appreciation for your girlfriends, aka “Galentine’s Day.”

As the Popsugar article mentions, “it’s so important to be your own best friend, especially on a day devoted to love. We can’t be a friend to anyone if we aren’t first a friend to ourselves.” So true, right?!

Check out the article below:

I created my jeWELLry collection for just this – as a reminder for women to love themselves and take care of themselves.

I turned my passion into a business when I noticed the disconnect between how women were treating themselves. Once I realized that feeding your body and feeding your soul was dependent on food AND self-love, I created this as a gentle reminder to love yourself and treat yourself well.

All pieces are stamped with “iloveme” to inspire self-love and infused with reiki healing energy.

Check out the article in Popsugar here and check out my wellness jewelry collection and the i love me ring here.

And Happy V-Day, Me-Day or G-Day!!

Be you. Be loved. Be Well


Be Well,

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My Mama-to-be Tea Party

by Arielle J on February 9, 2017

A few months ago, my mom and sister asked how I wanted to celebrate life before Baby Haspel is born. In the jewish religion, you don’t typically have a baby shower, but I really wanted a chance to have all of my favorite women together in one room to catch up, eat, learn labor tips and bless me and my baby!

So, my mom and sister put together a “mama-to-be tea” party for me. They hosted it in the events space in my building on a crisp Sunday and it was so, so special.

Here are some photos to recap the memorable day:

I really wanted to wear a magenta or hot pink dress, but I couldn’t find one that fit my belly.

So, I ended up stumbling upon this tight black dress with fur sleeves and it turned out to be perfect! Super comfy, funky and not too, too fancy.

I decided to make the hot pink my nail color – but I chose a neon orange/pink by mistake. Looked different in the manicurist salon. Happy that it added a pop of color, but whoa – woops! All throughout pregnancy I’ve been using this brand of nail polish, which is apparently free of 10 toxins.

Of course, I wore my I Love Me ring, which brought me, my baby and all of my friends lots of love and good energy.

The day was so bright and clear and the view was stunning overlooking the Empire State Building and Madison Square Park.

My mom schlepped all of my Grandmother’s china from Florida and New York for the special day!

And Lov Organic sent over the prettiest and most gorgeous and delicious teas that my mom decorated on a cake stand with rose petals scattered around. How beautiful?

All of the guests enjoyed the tea – there was hardly any left at the end!

(My husband loves Lov Organic’s “Love is Pure” Green Tea and I’m in love with their “Love is Zen” tea and Almond Rooibos (both caffeine-free). And P.S Lov Organic and their sister brand, Kusmi just opened up a new beautiful tea shop downtown. )

The food, of course, was Be Well with Arielle approved! My mom set up a pretty yogurt parfait bar with organic grass-fed yogurt, grain-free granola, unsweetened coconut and organic berries.

And she also got gluten-free tea sandwiches catered by Le Pain Quotidien.

Some fresh crudite

And some sweet treats from Orwashers that she paired with Tate’s Gluten-Free Cookies

They also served blood orange mimosas with fresh segments of blood orange, and prosecco.

My mom set up the room just like a ladies-who-lunch tea. How pretty?!

The pink little sachets included a heart candle for each guest to take home.

When they find out that I’m in labor, they’ll light it up! Such a sweet idea, right? Not exactly sure how I’m going to notify everyone when I’m in labor but it’s a nice idea!

The silver sugar and creamer is also from my Grandmother’s collection, too.

It was so great seeing my girlfriends and having (almost) all of them in one room!

And I just love how all of my friends mesh. Below is my friend, Leigh from nursery school, Beth, my friend from the wellness world, Chessie, my husbands good friend’s wife and now my friend, too! And my friend, Cory from high school. All from different times in my life and all getting along so well!

Love when my best friend, Joanna talks to Baby Haspel. 

We’ve been BFF since Kindergarten and she just had twins!

My friends from college made an appearance, too and it was so, so nice to see them!

Loved seeing my good friend Roni from middle school and her wife, Audrey – the owners of my fave clothing line, Generation Love.

It was such a special afternoon filled with so much love, support and feminine energy. Truly the perfect way to send me off into motherhood. 

Since it wasn’t technically a baby shower and we wanted it to be a little more soulful and sweet, we didn’t do any of the typical shower activities. Instead, the activity was to make a “birth blessing necklace.” I got the idea when reading the book, Mindful Birthing. Every woman went around, said how they knew me and something sweet about me.

And then they added a bead to a necklace, which I’m going to bring with me to the hospital for labor. It was a really sweet activity (at least for me!) and (hopefully) it was special for the women to participate in something related to my labor, too!

Here’s a pict of me and my mama

My hubby, mother-in-law and me!

My cute mom and mother-in-law

My mother-in-law and me!

And me and the hosts, my sister, and my mama

And this cup my mother-in-law brought in from Long Island from her mother’s china collection – so special!

Thank you mom and Sarina for putting on such a memorable event!

Cheers to all of the supportive women in my life and continuing to be well with baby! (Hopefully) a few more weeks left of pregnancy!

be loving. be feminine. be you.


be well,


Thank you Madeline Wolf Photography for capturing the afternoon so beautifully!


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