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My Favorite Foods to Eat in the Winter + Event Recap

by Arielle J on January 27, 2016

arielle haspels be well winter warm event in nyc

Last week I hosted my seasonal cooking event called Be Well: Winter Warm Up and it was such a success!

winter warm up

It was one of the chilliest nights in NYC,
but we had a packed house, delicious warming food
and lots of inspiration to keep the guests full.

The special guest of the night was my friend,
Beth Lipton, Food Director of Health Magazine.
She’s also a chef, health coach, wife and mama.

winter event photos

Coco-mat Soho, a beautiful organic home-store in Soho hosted the evening. It was the perfect, warming, zen atmosphere.

Here’s a recap of the night…

First, Beth and I shared some of our favorite foods to eat in the winter.
We focused on hearty, warming and immune boosting foods.


(Click here to download my Winter Must-Haves handout)

Then, I gave the guests a mini chopping and cooking lesson.

winter 2016 cooking class hosted at cocomat
After, I served some delicious Be Well with Arielle exclusive recipes, including:
(Hearty) Split Pea Soup – topped with a sweet potato chip and a sprig of parsley

split pea soup by

(Warming) Chai “Tea” – with a ceylon cinnamon stick from Simply Organic

chai tea homemade by

(Immune Boosting) Citrus Sangria – garnished with a slice of clementine and a star anise from Simply Organic

Citrus Sangria with Star Anise by

Guests sipped on Soma Water and at the end of evening, everyone took home a fabulous surprise gift bag filled with a list of the Winter-inspired recipes, a copy of Health Magazine’s Feb edition, a pack of Simply Gum’s Ginger flavor,
and jars of black pepper and ground ginger from Simply Organic!

winter 2016 gift bags - best foods to eat in the winter

Eating with the seasons can help ease daily bloat and digestion, speed up metabolism and help regulate your body temperature, especially if you tend to be super hot or cold.

Click here for a full Winter shopping list, as well as all of the recipes for the Split Pea Soup, Chai Tea and Citrus Sangra (above), plus 3 other Winter-inspired smoothies and soups.

best foods to eat in the winter handout by

Looking forward to the next seasonal Be Well event: Spring! Enter your email address here if you would like more information about my upcoming Spring event.

Click here for my Winter shopping list and must-haves for warming up your body!

Be warm. Be delicious. Be you.


be well,


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Clean Mac and Cheese

by Arielle J on January 21, 2016

Healthination - Jan 4, 2016

On this episode of my show Clean Eating on Healthination,
I show you how to make an unbelievably delicious clean eating
version of Mac and Cheese – Clean Mac and Cheese!

Decadent and creamy, yet still light,
it’s your favorite comfort food gone healthy!

I use brown rice pasta,
which tastes just like regular pasta but is much healthier.
Brown rice pasta is full of fiber, so you can enjoy the taste and texture of
traditional pasta without feeling heavy and weighed down.

And instead of heavy butter and milk which typical mac and cheese calls for,
I use a much lighter alternative – almond milk.

When it comes to cheese (and you can tolerate dairy), I recommend the best quality you can find –
grass-fed organic cheddar cheese for a creamy, gooey texture.

When the cheese sauce is ready, pour it over the cooked brown rice pasta and stir to coat all the pasta with cheese.
You can serve it as is, or take it up a notch if you want a fancier casserole dish to serve at dinner.

This is a super easy meal your whole family will love!
There’s no need to make boxed macaroni and cheese when you can make a guilt-free clean eating version all by yourself!

Clean Eating Mac and Cheese
2 cups brown rice pasta (elbows), cooked
1 cup almond milk, unsweetened
½ tsp sea salt
1 cup almond flour
4 tsp coconut oil
1 cup organic grass-fed cheddar cheese
¼ cup frozen spinach
Black pepper to taste

Directions: watch how to make it here.

Want more healthy recipes and tips? Sign up for Arielle’s newsletter here.

P.S. Thanks to my fabulous team: Clothing Stylist: Nina McCandless | Food Stylist: Janine Kalesis   | Jewelry: The I Love Me Collection | Makeup/Hair: Ana Sicat|Producer: Charles Conyers |

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Apricot Chicken

by Arielle J on January 8, 2016

Apricot Chicken

Sweet and sour, so delicious and so easy.

Perfect dinner to pair with some quinoa or brown rice and greens.

Apricot Chicken
What You Need:
4 Organic Chicken Breasts (approx 2lbs) (1 per person)
1 Tbsp Coconut oil
Olive Oil
1/2 Lemon
2 cups apricot jam (unsweetened)
4 tsp honey, maple syrup or raw agave
1 cup Raw Cashews or 1/2 cup coconut

1. Rinse chicken under water and pat dry with a paper towel
2. Place chicken in a plastic baggie, shut closed and wrap with a towel or paper towel. Using a tenderizer or a hammer (or something heavy like a glass), place bag of chicken on floor and bang on the chicken until it flattens. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this video.
3. Once the chicken has flattened, take out of plastic bag and place on a cutting board. Cut off any remaining white or fat.
4. Coat a pyrex dish or baking sheet with coconut oil so the chicken doesn’t stick
5. Drizzle a little olive oil onto each piece of chicken and lemon juice. Then, spread 2 Tbsp of apricot jam, coating each side of each piece of chicken.
6. Place in oven on broil or at 425 degrees for 10-15 minutes. The top side should be white and cooked through. Flip and cook another 10-15 minutes. If it looks pink or glassy, cook a few more minutes and then cut through the chicken and check again.
7. Add 1Tbsp of apricot jam and 1 tsp of honey, maple syrup or raw agave on top. Sprinkle some cashews or coconut on top. Cook for another 1-2 minutes. Plate them and add a slice of lemon on top as garnish.
Voila! Enjoy!

*Serves 4

Craving more healthy, simple and delicious recipes? Sign up here for Arielle’s newsletter and receive her recipe of the week!

be fresh. be delish. be confident.

be well,

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Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

by Arielle J on January 8, 2016

creamy butternut squash

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and delicious healthy soup,
you’ve found it!

I made this Creamy Butternut Squash during a private cooking class last week and the girls were obsessed.

The hardest part? Cutting the butternut squash and the onions. And,
that’s not even hard. Watch how to cut a butternut squash here (you can skip the peeling part) and watch how to cut an onion here.

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
What You Need:
1 butternut squash (3lbs), chopped into 1-inch cubes with skin (approx 6 cups)
1 onion (.5lbs), chopped (approx 2 cups)
1 Tbs coconut oil (aroma-free/refined)
1 cup almond milk
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger
5 Tbs pure maple syrup
1 tsp sea salt
1 cup pumpkin seeds

1. Cut up the butternut squash and onions
2. Place coconut oil in a large soup pot and heat on medium heat. Add
onions and cook for approx 2 minutes until onions look glassy. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon
3. Add butternut squash and cook on medium heat (with lid on) for about 10-15 minutes until the butternut squash
is soft (place a fork in a piece to determine how soft it is – it should go in easily). Stir every 5 minutes to make sure the mixture is well coated and so the onions don’t burn to a crisp (its ok if the onions brown – it will taste delicious)
4. Once butternut squash is soft, add it to a blender
5. To the blender, also add almond milk, cinnamon, ginger, maple syrup and sea salt. Blend on high until creamy and hot.
6. Pour into bowls and add a few pumpkin seeds on top to make it pretty.
Voila! Enjoy!

*Makes approx 6 cups (good enough for 3 people)

be creamy. be delicious. be healthy.

be well,

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Lemon Ginger Tea {Video}

by Arielle J on January 5, 2016

Healthination - Jan 5. 2016

Happy NEW Year!

Hope you’re staying warm. I just got back from Florida and Utah.

This recipe is perfect for this chilly weather!

In this episode of Clean Eating on Healthination,
I’m making a simple but delicious citrus tea made with just
two ingredients: lemon and ginger – Lemon Ginger Tea {Video}

This warm, cleansing lemon ginger tea is a perfect way to wake up and start your day
or to drink to wind down and warm up at the end of a day.

You won’t need any tea bags or any sweeteners since you will be using only fresh lemon and ginger.

Lemon Ginger Tea

½ fresh squeezed lemon
1 inch fresh ginger, peeled
hot water

Optional – add some raw, local honey for additional sweetness.

Directions: get the full recipe and watch how I make it here.


be sweet. be warm. be you.

be well,

P.S. Thanks to my fabulous team: Clothing Stylist: Nina McCandless | Food Stylist: Janine Kalesis   | Jewelry: The I Love Me Collection | Makeup/Hair: Ana Sicat|Producer: Charles Conyers |

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Bravo TV 5 Fitness Gurus You Should Be Following

by Arielle J on December 22, 2015

Bravo - Dec 22. 2015

I am so, so psyched! Bravo TV named me one of the 5 health and fitness gurus you should be following!

In honor of Bravo’s new TV series Work Out New York,
they gathered some fitness bloggers, lifestyle coaches, and all-around health gurus to help get you out of your slump and
into great shape and they chose me as one of them!

What an exciting way to top off the year!

Honored to be in the company of some of my fave workout instructors (and Bravo celebs)!!!

Check out Workout New York on Bravo every Sunday 9/8c and check out the article here.

Be strong. Be fit. Be you.


be well,

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Winter Wellness Workshop and Cooking Class in NYC

by Arielle J on December 14, 2015

winter warm up

I’m hosting my next seasonal cooking class and wellness workshop for the Winter
and you’re invited!

Thursday, January 21, 2016
New York City
7PM – 9PM

Join me and Special Guest, Beth Lipton, Author, Health Coach and Food Director at Health Magazine
for an inspirational night that will warm you up from the inside-out!

winter event photos

Come to Get:

Helpful nutrition advice to rejuvenate and feel warmer for Winter

List of warming foods to prepare the body for cooler months

Quick and simple cooking tips

Knife skills and chopping techniques

Taste-tests of new healthy products

Light bites will be served

Leave feeling excited to cook and take better care of your body!

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, January 21, 2016
Time: 7pm
Location: Coco-mat Soho, 49 Mercer Street (bet Grand & Broome)

Ticket: $35

Eventbrite - Be Well: Fall into Health


More info and to purchase tickets, click HERE.

Check out my recent cooking classes here: SpringSummer and Fall.

be well with arielle's fall 2015 event

Can’t wait to see you!

be rejuvenated. be warm. be you.

xo be well,

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Healthified Sweet Potato Kale Latkes

by Arielle J on December 11, 2015


Sweet Potato Kale Latkes

Tonight marks the third night of Chanukah. On this holiday, it’s a tradition to eat latkes (otherwise known as potato pancakes). The oil for cooking the latkes is symbolic of the oil that kept Israel lit with a long-lasting flame.

Typically, latkes are made with white sweet potatoes, eggs, white flour or matzo meal and then fried in vegetable oil.

To lighten things up (pun intended), I decided to make Healthified Sweet Potato Kale Latkes. Instead of white potatoes, we use fiber-rich sweet potatoes, swapped the white flour or matzo meal with protein-packed almond meal and sautee them in organic aroma-free coconut oil, instead of fry them in bad quality vegetable oil.

I also added a dose of greens to add some color (and nutrition). A paleo, gluten-free and wheat-free treat any day of the year, but particularly special on Chanukah!

Sweet Potato Kale Latkes
Healthified Sweet Potato Kale Latkes
What You’ll Need:

1 sweet potato, spiralized or grated (equal to approx 6 cups spiralized)
1 white onion, spiralized or grated (equal to approx 6 cups spiralized)
2 kale leaves, cut into thin slices (chiffonade)
3/4 cups almond flour (or “almond meal”)
2 eggs (pasture-raised), whisked
sea salt

1. Chop spiralized sweet potato (into 1-inch long pieces) and the spiralized onion (into 1/2-inch pieces) otherwise, the pieces will be super long. I used this spiralizer.
2. Place a paper towel over the sweet potatoes and over a sink, ring out the sweet potato, releasing any extra moisture.
Then, repeat with onion. Be careful of your eyes!
3. Place sweet potato and onion into a bowl, add eggs, almond flour, salt and pepper and mix well with hands.
4. In the meantime, heat up a pan with coconut oil on medium heat. When you drop in a piece of sweet potato and it starts to sizzle, you’ll know it’s ready.
4. Scoop out 2 Tbsp of the sweet potato mixture, roll in a ball with your hand and place on sizzling pan.
5. Pat down with a spatula to flatten and cook on each side for approx minutes on each side or until crispy.

Serve with some apple sauce, organic sour cream, plain yogurt, or my apple-ginger soup!
Sweet Potato Kale Latkes

Perfect to make for Chanukah or a pairs perfectly with (grass-fed) meatloaf, chicken or salmon.


Be festive. Be bright. Be kind.

Be Well,




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Healthified Apple Cider Donuts

by Arielle J on December 8, 2015


healthified apple cider donuts by arielle haspel of

If you know me well, or follow me on instagram (@bewellwitharielle),
you’ll know that I’m obsessed with going to the farmers market.

The Union Square Farmers Market in NYC is literally downstairs from me,
so I happen to go (almost) every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday when it’s on.

My favorite thing to do is walk around and check out what’s in
season, but I also can’t help but
smell the delish apple cider donuts every time I pass by the apple purveyors!

In celebration of Winter approaching, I decided to make some
apple cider donuts, and of course, healthify them so you can eat them
for dessert (or breakfast) without the guilt!

Get excited, because these are gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo and made without refined sugar.

healthified apple cider donuts by arielle haspel of

Healthified Apple Cider Donuts
What You Need:
1 cup organic apple cider
1 3/4 cups Organic Gemini tiger nuts flour
1/3 cup coconut palm sugar
3 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/8 tsp cardamom
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp all-spice
1 egg (preferably pasture-raised), room temp
4 Tbsp coconut oil, liquified

Cinnamon – Sugar Topping:
1 Tbsp cinnamon
1/4 cup coconut palm sugar

1. In a small saucepan, bring apple cider to a boil.
Continue cooking over high heat until it reduces half way
(approx 12 minutes). Cool completely. (Will reduce to about 1/2 cup)
2. In a large bowl, mix the dry ingredients –
tigernut flour, coconut palm sugar, baking powder, sea salt
and spices.
3. In a small bowl, whisk egg, melted coconut oil (use only 3 Tbsp – use the extra 1 Tbsp to grease the pan) and cooled cider.
4. Mix the egg mixture into the dry flour mixture until the dough is moist and sticky.
Refrigerate covered (with plastic wrap) for 1 hour or until firm enough to shape.
5. Grease the donut pan with a 1 Tbsp coconut oil. Scoop out about 2 Tbsp + 1 tsp dough and pat it down in the circle on the donut pan. Make sure the middle area of each donut is free of dough.
6. Bake at 350F degrees until cooked – approximately 20-30 minutes. (Ovens vary. Using a fork or toothpick, stick it in a donut and if the fork comes out with dough, cook a little longer until it comes out clean)
7. Cinnamon Sugar Topping: In a small bowl, mix 1 Tbsp cinnamon and 1/4 cup coconut sugar. Toss with warm donuts.
Break off a piece and enjoy!

Makes 6 mini donuts

healthified apple cider donuts by arielle haspel of

I used this mini donut pan. And I used Organic Gemini tiger nuts flour – full of fiber and perfect for baking.

Thanks to Taste of Home’s recipe for the inspiration. I ended up totally healthifying it! I swapped all purpose flour for tiger nuts flour, coconut palm sugar for brown sugar, coconut oil, for butter, and baked them in a donut pan, instead of frying them!

healthified apple cider donuts by arielle haspel of

Hope you enjoy them!

be creative. be sweet. be delicious.

be well,

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Arielle - stress relief and mind body acadamy with Grace Smith TV and Jovanka Ciares

I’m busy woman with a lot on my plate (pardon the pun)… and a lot on my mind.
So, I’m always looking for new and unique ways to de-stress and feel more calm so I can ultimately more productive and happy at the same time.
When my beautiful friend, Grace Smith, asked if I would like to join her
Mind Body Academy,
I wrote back with the biggest “YES!”

When Grace and I officially met a few years ago at a health
and wellness conference, I instantly fell in love with her
light, zen, peaceful and happy energy. You’ll feel her energy the second you listen to her speak –
her voice is BEYOND calming and soothing.

Recently, I’ve been feeling more anxious than ever –
I spilled water on my computer the night that I got back from Thanksgiving vacation,
which just so happens to be two days before I was about to launch my new group coaching program.

I’ve been tapping into my favorite tools that usually help me feel more calm in the moment
and have been trying to be as positive as possible.
But no matter how many positive thoughts we think –
if the underlying subconscious beliefs driving those thoughts remains that same, so do we.

So I’m really ready to learn new tools to feel at peace from
Grace, one of the most qualified, experienced, and highly sought-after stress-relief experts.

grace smith - how to transform your life

Grace teaches others all over the world how to transform limiting thoughts into empowering beliefs. She also teaches us tips on how to thrive without sacrificing our healthy because so often we work so hard to be successful that we get sick in the process.

Her famous motto is: “just close your eyes and get free”. With her guidance, trust me – you will feel
more free, calm and less stressed instantly.

The first time I listened to one of her meditations (after literally just 15 seconds, I drifted off to sleep!!)
It was pretty amazing.

Grace, along with Jovanka (the founder of the “Wellness Smackdown”)
have developed a method like nothing else I’ve experienced, and they are teaching their breakthrough MindBody Method for free this week!
I am so excited for you to learn these special techniques.
As one of Grace’s personal fans and clients, I am a proud affiliate and will be personally joining all of you who sign up here today
to learn the MindBody Method: here.

What you’ll learn by signing up for this FREE MindBody Method training:
•How to improve your relationship with your body so you can finally get new healthy habits to stick
•How to excel in the workplace without sacrificing your health
•How to find that balance in your life without losing your drive, so you don’t need to be sick to be successful

If you want to learn the science behind getting new healthy habits to stick,
I HIGHLY recommend you sign up and learn this MindBody Method with me.
My favorite part in Video #1 starts at 10 (min):13 (seconds).
Here’s the link again to sign up to start watching (and listening to Grace’s amazingly calming voice). Can’t wait for you to learn the MindBody Method with me!

I hope you find it helpful. I have a feeling you will:)

Have a great rest of the week!

be calm. be peaceful. be free


Be Well,

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Glamour - Nov 18, 2015

So excited!

Every month, I share my seasonal tips in my column, called “Be Well with Arielle” on

And this month, I’m sharing my fave 7 apple recipes that aren’t desserts!

From apple french toast, to salad, to tea, check out my apple recipes on here. 

be creative. be delicious. be healthy.


be well,


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NEW Group Coaching with Arielle

by Arielle J on November 13, 2015

Arielle's coaching course

I’m psyched to share this this exciting news — I’m hosting a 4-week group coaching workshop in December!

In 2009, shortly after I was laid off from my job, I starting attending Gabrielle Bernstein’s coaching sessions… in her cozy NYC living room. Every week, we would sit around candles, drink tea and talk about what was blocking us from achieving our full potential and happiness. In those sessions, I was able to clear up the negative chatter in my mind and ultimately find self-love, fall in love.. and open up a business.

If you’re looking for a spark of inspiration and want to make a shift in your life, body and/or mind. I welcome you to join me for an amazing 4-week group coaching workshop.

Do you feel confused about what to eat and when to eat? Do you rely on coffee and crave sugar when you need a boost? Do you start a diet/food plan and then fall back into bad habits after a few days? Do you feel out of control after you eat, especially during the holidays? Do you feel like you have to cleanse to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle? Do you want to feel healthier but don’t know where to begin?

crispy gluten-free pizza by arielle haspel of

You’ll learn how to let go of unwanted habits and replace them with new healthy tricks.

The four-week coaching course includes:
* Must-have foods for your body-type
* Daily morning and evening rituals
* Cooking skills
* Grocery store tips
* Tips to satisfy cravings
* Body appreciation exercises

I absolutely love health coaching and I’m really excited to
be able to do it in an intimate, cozy group setting.

P.S. Amazing news — Sign up for this NEW December group coaching workshop by 3pmET today (Friday, November 13th) and you’ll be entered to win a free ticket to join me at the Hay House​ “I Can Do it Conference” this weekend!!! (Value: $300).  Winner will be emailed & announced by 4pmET today


be happier. be healthier. be you.


be well,


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5 Healthy Breakfasts

by Arielle J on November 13, 2015

yogurt by bewellwitharielle with berries and nuts

Back in the day, I would eat when I got to work and it would usually be the same thing for breakfast…every day.

It wasn’t until I started a variety of breakfasts everyday (eating 30 min to 1 hour of waking), that I really started feeling more energized.

I always like a mix of protein + good carboyhdrates + fat to help wake me up.

Here are 5 healthy breakfasts to excite your body in the morning:

1. Yogurt with Berries and Pumpkin Seeds, Pistachios and Spirulina

yogurt by bewellwitharielle with berries and nuts

2. Caramel Apple Chia Pudding

caramel-apple chia pudding

3. Eggs with Veggies


4. Brown Rice Cake with Almond Butter with Honey


5. Apple Pie Smoothie


I hope these 5 breakfasts make you even more excited to wake up in the morning!

be delicious. be nutritious. be excited.

be well,


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Protein Yogurt with Berries and Nuts

by Arielle J on November 11, 2015

yogurt by bewellwitharielle with berries and nuts

This is one of my go-to breakfasts, especially when I’m running out the door – Protein Yogurt with Berries and Nuts. Don’t forget the secret ingredient which adds a ton of protein to every spoonful – this special protein powder!

yogurt by bewellwitharielle with berries and nuts

Protein-Packed Yogurt with Berries and Nuts

1 container Plain Yogurt, approx 6oz, 3/4 cups (I like full-fat, organic, and grass-fed)
1/4 cup Fresh or dried berries)
1 handful Nuts, approx 1/4 cup
1 scoop of protein powder 
sprinkle of spirulina for extra energy
drizzle of raw, local honey to sweeten (optional)

1. Place yogurt in a pretty bowl, top with nuts and seeds, fruit and a sprinkle of spirulina and honey. Voila!

yogurt with berries and nuts

And don’t forget to serve it in a pretty bowl, with a side of tea! Here, I used L’Objet’s Byzanteum bowl for my yogurt, as well as the mini cup and saucer for my home-made rose tea.

Have a sweet day!

yogurt by bewellwitharielle with berries and nuts

be beautiful. be colorful. be energized.

be well,


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Crispy Gluten-Free Pizza

by Arielle J on November 6, 2015


crispy gluten-free pizza by arielle haspel of

All I can say is YUM! I mean, how delish does this look, right?

And best of all, I made it in my toaster oven!!

I added eggs on top for an extra dose of protein and frozen spinach and chives for some nutrients and greenery.

crispy gluten-free pizza by arielle haspel of

Crispy Gluten-Free Pizza
**What You’ll Need:**
– 1 brown rice tortilla
– 1/4 cup tomato sauce
– 2 organic mozzarella cheese sticks (or grass-fed cheddar cheese) (approx 1/2 cup), chopped or shredded
– 2 pasture-raised eggs
– 2 Tbsp frozen spinach
– a few chives
– drizzle honey

1. Toast brown rice tortilla in oven until lightly crispy
2. Take out of oven and place onto a silpat (reusable non-stick baking sheet), parchment-paper or tin foil-lined toaster oven tray. Spread on tomato sauce, add cheese and greens. Then, crack egg on top.
3. Carefully transfer to the oven and toast until the cheese is melted and the egg white is cooked through.
4. Drizzle some honey on top and voila!

crispy gluten-free pizza by arielle haspel of

crispy gluten-free pizza by arielle haspel of


Arielle offers at-home cooking classes in NYC. She also offers online refrigerator makeovers for those of you who don’t live in NY!

Be delicious. Be creative. Be you.

Be Well,

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i can do it conference

I love improving and growing so I can be the best version of myself…

because the more I know, and the better I feel,
the greater I will be able to be of help to others!

So next weekend, on November 14th and 15th, I’m attending one of favorite events all year –
the “I Can Do It” Conference  in NYC.

And best of all, this year, SIX of my favorite wellness gurus will be speaking!

Hear from:
Gabrielle Bernstein – my personal mentor, the woman who helped me create my wellness jewelry business and who inspires me every day! Also, author of 4 inspirational books, including this one – one my favorites.
Kris Carr – one of the funniest, most inspiring women speakers ever. Queen of self-care and author of the new book, Crazy, Sexy, Juice.
Cheryl Richardson
one of my favorite speakers ever. She’s got a no-nonsense type of approach and I just love her.
Christiane Northrup – obsessed with her book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. And just gifted my mom this new book.
Mike Dooley
I’ve never actually heard him speak, but I’m so excited to finally get the chance! The first email that I read in the morning is from him – a quote of the day from his “Notes from the Universe.” He’s funny, genius and very inspiring.
Nick Ortner
– I recently downloaded his “103 Disempowering Beliefs About Money and Success and How to Eliminate Them in Minutes” and it’s been so helpful in retraining my mind about money. Can’t wait to hear him speak next weekend!

i can do it conference in NYC 2015

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, November 14th and Sunday, November 15th
Location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (655 West 34th Street on 11th avenue)
Time: 9:30pm – 6pm ET
Cost: $200 for both days (or $150 per day)

Or, click this link:

I’m an affiliate of Hayhouse, so it’s my privilege to share about my experience working with the Hayhouse authors and attending past conferences. Sign up here and email me at, so we can say hi to each other at the conference!

Can’t wait to see you there.

be inspired. be transformed. be you.

be well,

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Speculoos Cookie Butter Smoothie

by Arielle J on October 23, 2015

speculoos smoothie


Get ready for some holy deliciousness. My friend, Courtney, is obsessed with Speculoos spreads and cookies. The one she loves is made of wheat, lots of sugar and corn syrup – not #bewellwitharielleapproved.

So, in celebration of her labor coming up, I made a healthified Speculoos Cookie Butter Smoothie so she can drink it during her last days of pregnancy…and then, as a new mom! Perfect for anyone to eat for breakfast, snack and dessert.

This smoothie is made without refined sugar, and theres no gluten or wheat.

Instead, it’s packed with good-for-you nut butters, healthy sweet dates, a drop of organic vanilla, creamy almond milk, and a dash of special spices to make it taste just like your favorite holiday treat.

I have a feeling that you’re going to love this one!

Make it and post a picture on instagram. Tag me (@bewellwitharielle) and use hastag (#bewellwitharielle) so I can see your creations and possibly re-post it!

Speculoos Smoothie

Speculoos Cookie Butter Smoothie

– 1 cup almond milk, unsweetened
– 1 Tbs sunflower seed butter, unsweetened
– 1 Tbs almond butter, unsweetened
– 3 dates, pitted
– 3/4 tsp speculaas spice (made of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, white pepper, aniseed, ginger, cardamom)
– 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
– 1 handful (approx 5) ice cubes
– pinch sea salt

Serves 1

1. Blend up all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Enjoy!


be create. be festive. be well.

be well,


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Apple-Cinnamon Tea

by Arielle J on October 20, 2015

Apple- Cinnamon Tea

No need for tea bags or sugar with this recipe. The cinnamon pairs perfect with the apple and the apple lends some of it’s natural sweetness to the tea. Warm and comforting on a chilly Fall day.

1/2 apple, sliced
4 cinnamon sticks
2 cups water


  1. Place all ingredients in a small saucepan with water. Boil for 5 min. Turn off heat and let cool in pan for approx 3 minutes until cooled and steeped, then pour into a mug with ingredients and sip!

P.S. The longer you let the apple steep in the water, the sweeter the tea becomes, so I recommend leaving the apples and cinnamon in the mug.

Makes 1 serving (approx 1 cup after water evaporates)

Apple- Cinnamon Tea

Apple- Cinnamon Tea

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Healthy Weekend Retreat: Camp for the Soul

by Arielle J on October 13, 2015

soul camp west

Back in the day, I went to Summer camp
and it still is one my favorite life experiences to date —
the activities, the memories, the friends, the fresh air can’t be
beat. And can you believe we had all of that fun even without yoga?!

soul camp yoga

Well, the fun gets even better, because
adult sleepaway camp for the soul is here… and there’s definitely yoga involved – Soul Camp in California!
Bonfires, color war, talent shows, late-night dance parties and concerts by the lake.

Spend the weekend doing yoga and IntenSati, get your
chakras cleared, and end the night in a kayak on the lake under the stars. Sounds incredible, right?

Soul Camp West - use code: Ariellesoul for 20% off

Surround yourself with like-minded people who are also hungry for health,
love and inspiration.

Date: October 28-31
Location: Sanger, CA
Sign Up: Visit to learn more and use code: ARIELLESOUL
for a 20% discount off tickets!

I’m going to be quite jealous when you go!

be spontaneous. be adventurous. be you.

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Apple-Honey Salad Vinaigrette

by Arielle J on October 12, 2015

Apple-Honey Vinaigrette

If you’re a not a fan of fruit in your salad (like me), but still want to eat your apple-a-day, blend some up apples with a little oil, apple cider vinegar and sea salt and you’ve got a quick and fruity dressing!

Try this Apple-Honey Vinaigrette

1/2 apple (approx 2.5 oz)
5 Tbs olive oil
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 Tbs apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp raw, local honey

Blend in blender until smooth.

Apple-Honey Vinaigrette

Goes perfectly with this Fall Salad:
Romaine with Gouda, Caramelized Walnuts and Apples

2 Tbsp maple syrup
2 Tbs coconut oil
1 apple, chopped
10 leaves, romaine, chopped (approx 2.5 cups)
1/2 cup gouda cheese, chopped
1/2 cup walnuts


1. In a small saucepan, head on medium-heat coconut oil, maple syrup, walnuts and apples. Stand by stove and stir for approx 5 minutes until apples are soft and walnuts are caramelized.
2. In the meantime, chop up the lettuce and gouda cheese.
3. When the apples and walnuts are done, let cool and add on top of the lettuce and cheese. Mix up with the Apple-Honey dressing (above)
and enjoy!

Serves 2, Makes approx 8 Tbs of dressing (so save the rest for the next day).

Apple-Honey Vinaigrette

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