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How to Have a Fit Pregnancy

by Arielle J on March 26, 2017


These past few weeks with our newborn baby girl have brought us joy beyond belief.

Many people have been asking what I did to get pregnant and how I took care of my body during my pregnancy. I honestly don’t know if I would be at this point if it weren’t for the work that I did to improve my health and balance my hormones before we starting trying to get pregnant, though!

Watch me discuss my fertility journey and how I had a fit pregnancy here.

Last year, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and thyroid issues. I wasn’t even aware of these issues until I started working with Aimee Raupp, fertility expert and author of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. Aimee equipped me with a better understanding of my body and gave me with the tools to upgrade my health and improve my fertility.

So, I’m very excited to share my full story (and tips) with her in this FREE video.

If you are trying to get pregnant, plan to do so in the near future, know of someone who is trying or are pregnant now, watch this video!

What: FREE online video webinar with Aimee Raupp (Fertility Expert) and Arielle Haspel ( discussing how to balance your hormones for a fit and healthy pregnancy
Watch and hear:
– what foods I ate to support my fit pregnancy
– what supplements I took to enhance my fertility and egg quality
– the top ways that I managed my PCOS symptoms naturally
– exercises that I did pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy to feel fit
– healthier lifestyle changes that brought me more joy into my everyday life
– how I fell in love with this new way of taking care of myself (and my future baby)
Watch here:

I truly believe that Aimee’s program is the main reason that I was able to conceive naturally, so I am so excited to share this information with you. I hope that this video call will help ease the journey to pregnancy for you and add more joy to the process.

Click here to watch this free webinar and learn how you can optimize your health and improve your fertility

P.S There will be a replay so if you’re not able to make it you can always listen after.

Watch here.

Be hopeful. Be healthy. Be You.

be well,

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Tips for a Healthy and Fit Pregnancy

by Arielle J on March 23, 2017

I’m very excited to share how I optimized my health and prepared my body for a healthy and fit pregnancy below.

 Tonight I’m heading to my first event post-baby so it really got me thinking how grateful I am for the journey I’ve been on.

I’m also going to be co-hosting a FREE call this coming Monday, February 27 at 8pm ET with my good friend and fertility expert, Aimee Raupp where I’ll be sharing more of my fit pregnancy secrets, so hope you’ll join us. Save your spot here.

P.S There will be a replay so if you’re not able to make it you can always listen after. Sign up here for the replay.

But first…let me tell you about my fertility story:

A little over two years ago my husband, Lee and I started talking about bringing a baby into the world. It was on my mind and it was in my heart. It actually had been for most of my life. I’ve always had a maternal, mothering nature. And I was ready.

Well, not so so ready.

First of all, I’m a very curious person and I love to do as much research as possible before diving in to whatever it may be. I also desired to get my body is the ultimate fertile shape as possible before I started to try to conceive. So I had some “work” to do.

On February 12, 2015, I was selling my “i love me” jewelry collection at my friend, Nitika’s Self-Love Celebration event (yes, I have a jewelry line!).

This cute woman approached me and started to tell me about her organic skin care line. She then proceeded to tell me that she was the author of “Yes, You Can Get Pregnant” AND that she was in the midst of creating fertility recipes for her next book. My ears lit up, as anything with food lights me up, but also because it was fertility related.

She emailed me a few days later and asked for my address so she could send me a copy of her books.

I remember that I was so excited to start reading the book, that I didn’t even make it upstairs to my apartment. I started reading the book in my hallway!

As I was flipping through the pages that night, I became so immersed in the information that my husband (who was trying to go to sleep) rolled over and kindly asked if I could either be quieter when turning the pages or put the book down! I’m not even much of a reader, but I refused to stop reading. The voice in the book spoke to me. It had such a gentle, joyful tone and the information was more helpful than any of the fertility books I had read thus far.

So, I reached over for my kindle and bought another copy. That night, I read until my eyes literally closed. I became obsessed with learning how to optimize my fertility and I fell in love with Aimee. I knew I would learn so much from her.

Fast forward a few months, I did whatever it took to get pregnant naturally, in addition to abiding by Aimee’s advice. 

Sign up here to listen how I had a healthy and fit pregnancy. 

Here are a few things that I did to start my fertility process and to track my cycles:
– I started tracking my ovulation through an app called Kindara. I found it to be really helpful.

– First, I started to track my temperature. As soon as my eyes opened in the morning, I would put the thermometer in my mouth. I loved tracking my temperature at first but then I realized it was making me anxious, so I wanted to find another morning ritual to bring me more calm.
– So I started using these OPK sticks. Right when I would get out of bed, I would run to the bathroom, pee in a little plastic cup and stick the stick into my urine. I found these particular ones to be really hard to read and frustrating to use so I decided to get this digital OPK monitor. Every morning I would do this. I even brought it with me on vacation to Puerto Rico.

After a few months of tracking every single morning, I started to feel pretty frustrated. My morning ritual became so calculated and un-zen. I felt like I was doing (almost) everything that I knew I could.

When I started to lose my excitement for the process and my frustration really kicked in, I turned to Aimee for support. Aimee has three offices – in Manhattan, Nyack and the Hamptons. She also hosts an online class, including support groups.

I LOVED (and still LOVE working with Aimee)

Here are some tips from Aimee that helped me get pregnant:
– Eat protein every two hours. This is key, especially because I have blood sugar and thyroid issues. If I don’t eat frequently, I get jittery and sometimes even really “hangry”!
– Eat right when you wake up. This is also a big one for me. In the past, I would sometimes go hours before I ate breakfast. I often would even workout before I had breakfast. I started to eat right when I woke up and it was life changing – helped so much with my energy levels.
– Buy plants for your house. When I had morning sickness, it was really helpful to think of something else to nurture (besides myself not feeling well!). It’s also a great way to energetically bring LIFE into your space. And, not to mention, plants add oxygen to your home, too.
– Take supplements – not to supplement healthy eating, but to complement your already-healthy diet. Aimee put me on a very specific regimen for my body. This is what I took daily (with food): three prenatal pills, two liver pills, six spirulina tablets, two cod liver oil pills.

– Get support from practitioners that you trust and who make you feel good. I met with a few different OBGYNS until I found a Midwife practice that I loved. I also saw Aimee for acupuncture every other week.

Aimee recommended that I eat this (to build up my blood and egg quality):
– eat two whole eggs per day
– eat more red meat for iron
– drink at least 3 oz bone broth per day
– eliminate gluten and dairy
– drink filtered water. I bought this healthy water filter

With the help of Aimee, I also discovered that in order to bring a baby into the world, I wanted to bring more zen into my world.

So I made 2016 my year of zen!

Here is what helped bring more zen into my life, and ultimately helped me get pregnant:
– I cleaned out my closets. I got rid of every piece of clutter or article of clothing that didn’t bring me joy (Thanks to the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up!)  I also gave away any clothes that were a tad too small on me. If I wanted my body to grow a human being, I needed to be ready and open for my body to grow, as well!
– I cleaned out my kitchen and only kept foods that made me feel nourished and excited to eat and cook.
– I put a sea shell next to my bed. My friend and (celebrity) doula, Latham Thomas said it is a symbol of fertility.
– I got mayan abdominal massages (from Earth and Sky in Long Island City – ask for Katinka – she is AMAZING) and I even got a V-steam, too!! 

– I went to a reproductive endocrinologist who ultimately put me on a low dosage of armor thyroid medication.
– I bought black out shades so my husband and I could get the deepest sleep possible.
– My husband and I started sleeping with eye masks.
– I got a new mattress, new sheets, new pillows. All organic from Coco-mat.
– I painted my dresser from black to white (for brighter energy!)
– I bought flowers weekly (usually from Trader Joes) to put on my bedside stand and in my living room. I loved how it brightened up my day!

I fell in love with this new way of taking care of myself (and my future baby).

I made joy my job and it ultimately led to a late period…and a positive pregnancy test!

I am thrilled to share my fertility story with hopes that my experience will help ease the journey to motherhood for you. I am also excited to share what helped me feel great once I got pregnant so I could stay pregnant…. and feel good (and fit) during the rest of my pregnancy.

Join me on Monday, February 27th for a FREE video call with Aimee Raupp.

Sign up here.

If you are trying to get pregnant now or plan to in the future and/or you’re pregnant and you want to have a fit pregnancy, I strongly encourage you to register now for this fit pregnancy webinar!

Register NOW here.

I believe that, yes, you can get pregnant…and have a healthy, fit pregnancy, too!

Lots of love from my belly to yours.

be hopeful. be healthy. be happy.

be well,

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Arielle in Metro Newspaper!

by Arielle J on March 19, 2017

I am very excited. Metro Newspaper is featuring my baby bump in tomorrow’s newspaper!

The journalist emailed me a few days ago asking if I would be open to discussing my intention for taking maternity photos (like the one featured above). She follows me on instagram and with all of the recent chatter about Beyonce and Ciara’s maternity photos, she wondered what all of the rage is about getting almost naked in front of the camera.

I never, ever, ever thought I would be comfortable doing a shoot of my own when I got pregnant, but it’s the most beautiful experience to grow a human being inside of you and I don’t plan on getting pregnant that many times in my life, so I figured it’s a must to capture while the baby was in my belly!

I’m also all about self-love, self-acceptance and female empowerment (I even created a self-love jewelry line), so I figured why not capture the beauty of a growing belly?

It wasn’t that easy to get pregnant, so when I did and my body started to change, I was grateful for it all – the weird “bloated” tummy stage, terrible nausea, crazy aversions to healthy food (that I had for three straight months) and the exhaustion that prevented me from working out.

I sent all the love I could to my uterus, my growing belly, body… and baby. 

I not only accepted the changes, I embraced them. By 37 weeks, I was still feeling great. The only regret I would’ve had, was not to capture it all. So, I reached out to Robert Fitch Photography.

See my post here with the rest of my maternity photos! 

And check out the article here in Metro.

This is what the article in Metro said:

“Burke, who photographs in all of the above styles, says for many of her clients, the shoots help them overcome body image issues.

“When we’re pregnant, oftentimes we are critical and cynical, ‘Oh, I’ve gotten so fat here, oh my body is changing there,’” says Burke, who at the time of this interview was eight months pregnant herself. “It’s a time to stop and say, ‘Hold on, your body is making a human. This is a really beautiful experience and let’s celebrate it.’”

That’s certainly what motivated Arielle Haspel. The 33-year-old founder of Be Well with Arielle says she decided to do a maternity shoot to both celebrate and remember her pregnancy. “It wasn’t easy for me to get pregnant, so when I did, I was grateful for it all. The morning sickness, my growing belly and my changing body,” she says.

After a friend posted a photo of her shoot with Manhattan-based photographer Rob Fitch, Haspel knew she wanted to have the same experience. Once she hit 37 weeks, she booked a session. “If I didn’t capture the beauty of the pregnancy, I knew I would regret it,” she says.

Fitch, who describes his aesthetic as “artistic silhouette maternity photography,” uses studio lighting to create a classic look. This results in angelic, understated shots that highlight the femininity of the pregnant form while preserving a hint of modesty.

Read the full article here or pick it up on newsstands tomorrow!

Be you. Be you. Be you.


be well,


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Tips by Trimester

by Arielle J on March 16, 2017

When I got pregnant, I was ELATED! It took me a while to get pregnant, so I was very, very excited.

However, I was not prepped with the morning sickness that would come with it, as well as the insane amount of lethargy, crazy cravings and weird food aversions. Most people say that morning sickness is genetic, but my sister and mother weren’t blessed with it, and a lot of my friends didn’t have it, either. So, I was pretty much in the dark about what to expect and how to take care of my body in this whole new way.

Soon enough I learned, though… so I wanted to share what worked for me because I tried A LOT of different foods, and tactics!

After my first trimester, I felt great.

Here is a sneak peek at what helped me be well during all three trimesters: 

During my first trimester, I started to crave foods (and drinks) that I normally never ate or drank (think: bagels with cream cheese). I couldn’t bare to look at green juices or smoothies, or any vegetable for that matter. The only veggies I would eat were romaine lettuce and cucumbers with absolutely no dressing. And plain water? Ugh! I could only have sparkling water or ginger ale.

I would also wake up in the middle of the night STARVING! So… I always kept a bag of raw almonds or cheese crackers on my bedside stand.

And when it came to the morning, if I didn’t eat before I got out of bed, I would throw up! Just the act of getting out of bed jolted my body so much (and my blood sugar was probably so out of wack, too) that I would need to pop a few almonds or cheese crackers in my mouth while I was still in bed, or else it would mean a trip to the bathroom! 

So what did I do about this new eating plan that my baby put me on? I surrendered and let my body (and baby) lead the way. I let myself sleep when I needed to (I was tired ALL OF THE TIME),  I ate and drank what I craved, and I always tried to find healthier versions of everything that I wanted.

So, no matter what I put in my body, I always felt like I was still nourishing my body and baby the best that I could.

Some of my favorite first trimester foods:
– gluten-free everything bagels from Sadelle’s with grass-fed butter or organic cream cheese for breakfast
– two pasture-raised eggs with sea salt over two brown rice cakes, with chia seeds sprinkled on top for breakfast
– a bowl of organic cottage cheese with peaches and chia seeds for breakfast or lunch
– gluten free bread with almond butter and jam for breakfast, lunch or snack
organic cheddar (almond) crackers for snack
– organic mozzarella sticks for snack
– raw almonds for snack
– gluten free bread with tuna salad or chicken salad for lunch
miso soup with egg and ramen for lunch or dinner
– sparkling water with lemon and apple cider vinegar
gingerale sweetened with honey

During my second trimester, everything changed. I no longer needed to eat in the middle of the night, I was able to eat veggies (hallelujah!)…and I started to crave sweets again, in particular, chocolate! I became OBSESSED with chocolate. OMG!

Some of my favorite second trimester foods:
Hu Kitchen Mint Chocolate Bars
grass-fed yogurt (I like the maple flavor) with this store-bought granola or this home-made chocolate chip granola
– gluten-free bagel with organic cream cheese and tomato
healthified home-made gluten-free pizza

During my third trimester, I was able to continue to eat everything. I especially LOVED banana smoothies!

Some of my favorite third trimester foods:
bone broth with egg for breakfast
– apples with tahini and chia seeds for snack
healthified hot chocolate for snack
– banana chocolate chip smoothies for snack (I used cacao nibs for the chocolate crunch!)

Craving more pregnancy tips?

Well, get excited! Next Thursday night, March 23rd, I’ll be sharing my tips by trimester at the Well Rounded NY event! Come hear what foods helped me get pregnant, as well as what I ate to help during morning sickness and how to feel great during the rest of pregnancy.

Get tickets here (use code: Arielle25 for 25% off)

WHAT: An evening talking about birth, pregnancy and wellness. Enjoy light bites, refreshing mocktails, plus grab an awesome giftbag!!
WHEN: Thursday, March 23rd, 6:30PM – 8:30PM ET
WHERE: Eventi Hotel, 849 Sixth Avenue (between 29th and 30th Street), 2nd FL
PRICE: $35 (Use Code: ARIELLE25 for 25% off each ticket)

Get your ticket here. (Use Code: ARIELLE25 for 25% off each ticket)

P.S. If you’re not able to make it to the Well Rounded “Tips by Trimester” event, no worries! I’m going to be hosting a FREE webinar on Monday, March 27th and will be sharing my tips for a healthy and fit pregnancy. Sign up here for more details.

be healthy. be nourished. be you.


be well,


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The Be Well Maternity Shoot

by Arielle J on February 24, 2017

I have always admired pregnant women’s bodies – the curves and of course, the miracle growing inside.

I never, ever, ever thought I would be comfortable doing a shoot of my own when I got pregnant, nevertheless, naked! Then again, I’m all about self-love, self-acceptance and female empowerment (I even created a self-love jewelry line), so I figured why not do a maternity shoot?

Rob Fitch Photography  came over a few weeks ago and captured this special time. 

My friends can’t believe how comfortable I am in my body. Well, before I got pregnant, I prepped myself for my growing belly and body. I would actually envision my belly growing in the mirror.

So, when I got pregnant and my body started to change, I was grateful for it all – the weird “bloated” tummy stage, terrible nausea, crazy aversions to healthy food (that I had for three straight months) and the exhaustion that prevented me from working out.

I sent all the love I could to my uterus, my growing belly, body… and baby. 

I not only accepted the changes, I embraced them.

Even though it was a crazy thought to get naked, this photoshoot gave me a chance to let go and truly appreciate the last few weeks of this incredible experience of pregnancy. And, even prep for labor!

My friend had a photoshoot with the photographer a few months back, the photos were stunning so I trusted that if she felt comfortable rocking her pregnant belly (with twins…and fully naked), I could, too.

Rob came to my apartment for the maternity shoot. Once we made the appointment, he sent me an email with what I needed to get ready for the session. He made me feel really comfortable and an added bonus – I didn’t have to worry about where to look or how to “pose” for the photographs! He offered suggestions and professional direction throughout the entire shoot.

All of the lighting, fabric wraps and draping he brought. The clothes I provided. 
I got my hair cut the day before and did my makeup myself.

Rob typically recommends doing the shoot around 32-35 weeks. I was 37 weeks when we shot these.

When the time comes for you to grow a miracle inside of you (which I pray for every woman who desires that), I highly recommend capturing the special time and all of your curves.

Thank you, Rob Fitch Photography for the stunning photos and special experience. 

I look forward to sharing the next part of the journey (motherhood!!!) with you all.

Lots of love from my belly to yours.

be empowered. be free. be you.  

be well,


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What to Pack in a Healthy Hospital Bag

by Arielle J on February 21, 2017

{Photo by Robert Fitch Photography}

I’m 39 weeks pregnant this week and officially in nesting mode. 

I’ve been getting tons of recommendations from friends, family and my doula, Rachel Meakins of Zen Mama NYC on what to bring to the hospital. So, I’ve gathered all of the lists and healthified them, too so I feel prepared and my healthiest during labor (and after), and so you can, too!

Here is what I’m packing in my healthy Be Well with Arielle hospital bag:


lip moisturizer: I love this one.
color coded toothbrushes: bringing three of these from Curaprox (one for me, my husband and doula). Figured that it’s the little things that will brighten up our stay in the hospital! 

– tongue scraper: this tongue scraper is an everyday self-care staple of mine. Makes me feel more fresh in an instant (more on why I use one here.)
– toothpaste: I prefer all natural.
– face wash: This GOOP facial cleanser one is one of my faves – so creamy and luxurious. 

– moisturizer: My skin tends to be on the dry side, so I use a mix of Aimee Raupp’s nourishing facial oil plus this moisturizer for the perfect glow. 
– night cream: This night cream is so creamy and helps replenish my skin while I sleep. Have a feeling it will be dry and cold in the hospital.
– makeup: I rarely leave home without it. Definitely packing this lipgloss to make me feel pretty.
– Q-tips: always a necessity!
– deodorant: I like this one. A must, especially during labor, right?!
– body wash: there’s nothing worse than drying body soap (or the one they supply in the hospital), so I’m bringing my own.
– body cream: I use this one.
– belly cream: I’ve been using this belly butter all throughout pregnancy (usually apply it at night and regular moisturizer during the day) and will continue using it post-pregnancy. It smells so fresh and it feels really creamy and buttery.

– hair clips and bands: to keep my hair out of my face (and baby). I love these clips and these bands.
– face mist: Just in case I need to freshen up and can’t get to the bathroom to wash up, this may come in handy. This toner doubles as a mist and a toner and smells like rose – a sweet and feminine scent. (Update: I didn’t end up using this)
– laundry bag: to keep dirty hospital clothes separate from hygienic baby stuff! (Update: I didn’t end up using this. I ended up washing literally everything I brought back anyway)
– phone charger: so I can (hopefully) capture some of the amazing moments on my iphone.
– nipple cream: Some people swear by olive oil and coconut oil but my breastfeeding friends swear by this one. Bringing for my first few hours of breastfeeding! (Update: I didn’t end up using this at the hospital, but wish I had. Breastfeeding hurt me A LOT those first couple of days and the nipple butter definitely helps soothe the nipple and decrease the pain. I suggest buying two (one to keep on your bedside stand and the other to keep in a place where you normally breastfeed). I loved using it.
– pillow with pillow case: I’m very sensitive to fabric so bringing my own of both. 
– slippers: my mom wore feather ones to my birth, so I’m planning to wear fab ones, too!
– flip flops: for shower 
– warm socks 
– compression stockings: my feet haven’t swelled at all throughout pregnancy yet, but I’ve heard that they can post-pregnancy, so I’m bringing compression stockings. (Update: I didn’t end up using these as my feet didn’t swell at all)

– swimsuit: I’m planning on birthing in a birthing center, and there is a tub, so bringing one. (Update: I only wore the bikini top but I’m so happy I brought it)

– pajamas: bringing a nursing nightgown. (Update: I ended up wearing the hospital gown, but I would bring one just in case you prefer to wear your own clothes)

– robe (Update: I never ended up using this, but it is nice to wear your own clothes, especially when people visit)
– going home outfit: something comfy and cozy and that still that fits a belly. I’m obsessed with this top.  I’ve been wearing the short-sleeve and long-sleeve versions throughout pregnancy (they are SOOO comfy) and now the top doubles as a nursing top.

-nursing bra: Love this bra (I’ve been wearing it as a sports bra during pregnancy). I also like this bra from Bravado super comfy.

-nursing tank: I’m also bringing along my fave nursing tank from Boob Designs. I’ve been wearing it all throughout pregnancy – underneath sweaters and as a workout top!

– larger underwear: if you have a natural birth, you’ll probably bleed for a couple of weeks post birth. The hospital will provide you with disposable underwear/shorts (and pads) and you can certainly take some home with you, too, but after a few days, I felt like I needed to wear something a little nicer. My friends recommended Hanes, but I wanted to feel prettier, so I ended up getting colorful regular cotton underwear and bootie shorts from victorias secret. I would recommend going up a size because you need to fit thick pads with them! You don’t necessarily need these at the hospital, but I would recommend having a few on hand for when you come home. See padsicles below.

breast feeding pillow: a lactation specialist encouraged me to bring a breast feeding pillow to hospital. My friend gave me hers, so I bought this soft breast feeding pillow cover to put over. Of course, animal print for a dash of fabulousness (Update: the lactation consultants at the hospital rolled her eyes at the one I brought. She recommended this one, instead. It was literally my favorite thing when I got home. After a few weeks, I didn’t need it as much but it was SO helpful the first few weeks of breastfeeding AND it makes your hands free!)

– hands free breast pump bra: I plan on breast feeding exclusively, but in the case that the baby and I have any difficulty, I feel best to have a pump and a pumping bra on hand. Bringing this pumping bra to the hospital just in case, too so I don’t need to hold the cups in place. (Update: I didn’t end up using this, but I would definitely suggest getting it to use right when you get home. If you need to increase your supply to get the baby’s weight up after the first pediatrician appointment like I did, they will probably recommend that you pump to help the supply the come in and this bra is a lifechanger – lets your hands free so you can instagram and even put on makeup while pumping!

breastfeeding relief packs: These slip into your bra and delivers moist heat or cooling relief. They’re used to increase milk supply and improve let down, nipple pain, mastitis, clogged ducts, engorgement and general discomfort. Sounds good to me so I’m packing it in my bag! (Update: I didn’t end up using these at the hospital because my breasts weren’t engorged yet but they were SO helpful when I got home and my milk supply started to come in. I don’t typically use my microwave, but its really the only way to heat them up. They were so soothing. I would definitely suggest you get for when you get home)

– blanket: for naps and in case I get cold. (Update: I did use and it was so nice to not use a hospital blanket!
music:  Lee, my husband, is in charge of the labor playlist and we’re going to bring along a portable speaker. (Update: We did use the speaker and it was GREAT to have during labor!)
– coconut oil: Great as moisturizer for baby and me, and nipple cream…and I’ve heard can be used during the pushing process too! I prefer not smelling like the tropics, so I chose this good quality aroma-free coconut oil. P.S. I use it when cooking and baking, too. (Update: I didn’t use it during labor – my midwife ended up using her own goopy stuff)
– aromatherapy: I’m not sure what I’ll need or want during labor, so I’m bringing a whole array of scents with me – eucalyptuslemon and spearmint, which are energizing and anti-nausea, and geranium, rose and lavender which are more calming and soothing.  (Update: I didn’t use these. I think I forget! Would’ve been nice, but I guess it wasn’t necessary at the time)
essential oil diffuser: to put the aromatherapy in. I use this one at home – it’s so easy to use – just plug in, add water and add scents and then it literally makes the room smell zen within three seconds.  (Update: I didn’t use this. Would’ve been nice, but I guess it wasn’t necessary at the time)

water bottle: I love this water bottle one from SOMA. It’s not that big, but it says “breathe” in pretty writing.  (Update: I ended up using the hospital water bottle with a straw. It held a lot of water and was easy to use!)
– straws: My doula, Rachel, recommends flexible straws, as they are easy to sip at in any position so I ordered these BPA-free, flexible straws.  (Update: I ended up using the hospital water bottle with a straw. It held a lot of water and was easy to use!)
– birthing ball and pump: Bringing my own birthing ball (and pump) just in case other women are using them! I got the medium size – 65cm.  (Update: Thank goodness I brought this! For most of my labor at home and at the hospital, this came in super handy.)
– battery-operated candles: I’m bringing along some battery operated candles to create a calm environment. Some of my friends even signed them at my mama-to-be tea!  (Update: We didn’t end up using, but would’ve been nice!)
– personal fan: my sister said  a portable fan during labor was amazingly helpful, and also, post-pregnancy when she had night sweats from her hormones. (Update: This is so helpful! The first week after birth, I SOAKED through my pajamas. Having the fan definitely helped cool me down)
– padsicles: the hospital provides you with some ice packs, but I want the cleanest of ingredients on my vagina post-birth, so I decided to make my own. Made them with all natural pads, witch hazel (alcohol-free, unscented), aloe (paraben and dye-free), coconut oil (aroma-free) and lavender, wrapped them up and put them in freezer bags and freeze. (Update: I froze them and brought them to the hospital, but didn’t end up using them. They were super helpful when I got home, though)
– reading material: I’m bringing my kindle (make sure it’s fully charged) (Update: We didn’t end up reading at all. I was in active labor once I got the hospital and once I gave birth it was all about the baby! But I would recommend bringing it just in case)
– insulated cooler bag: to keep broths and drinks and popsicles cold on way to hospital and for the placenta woman to use. (Update: I didn’t end up drinking any bone broth or eating any popsicles at the hospital, but if you do plan on having your placenta made into placenta pills, bring an insulated cooler bag and a few freezer bags so they have a place to store it in the meantime)
medications: I’ve been taking thyroid medication throughout pregnancy so will pack a few pills with me. (Update: if you take medication, don’t just bring the pills – bring the prescription container with you because the hospital may need to see it)
vitamins: Going to pack some liver pills and vitamin D3/k2, which my acupuncturist (Aimee Raupp) said is key post-pregnancy. I would recommend asking your practitioners what supplements are right for you. (Update: I didn’t end up taking any vitamins post birth. I think I forgot! But, if you’re planning on having a natural birth, I found this  tincture to be really helpful for cramps. I didn’t end up taking any tylenol or motrin after so I think this definitely helped with postpartum pain. I only took the first two days after birth. Just drop into water and sip.)
my iloveme ring: I’m going to leave my diamond engagement ring at home, but I’m definitely bringing my i love me ring. It’s stamped inside with “i love me” as a reminder to be calm, confident and to love myself, first – perfect for labor! 

photo ID and photocopy of insurance card and ID
hospital paperwork any other printouts that your hospital/Ob GYN/Midwife instructed you to bring
birth preference plan

– bone broth: some hospitals only allow you to eat ice chips, but my midwife group allows us to drink anything clear. I tend to get low blood sugar, so intaking protein-rich and electrolyte-rich substances is super important for me. Here is my recipe for home-made chicken soup.  Or, you can purchase online  – I recommend this brand made of grass-fed beef and comes in handy travel-friendly reusable containers. (Update: I didn’t end up drinking any bone broth at the hospital, but I drank it at home during my labor and I think it definitely helped)

– electrolyte water: I’m not a fan of vitamin-enhanced waters or electrolyte drinks that are made with food coloring and white sugar, so I prefer these all-natural sports drinks  made with fruit concentrates and sea salt. (Update: My midwife recommended that I have a sip of something after every contraction. I think this definitely helped. And, I ended up throwing up a few times during labor too, so this helped to replenish me and boost my energy)
– coconut water: high in electrolytes and thirst quenching, but apparently not high enough in calories, so my midwife recommends electrolyte water, too. (Update: I didn’t end up drinking any coconut water but happy I had some options)
– almond butter packets: another protein/fat-rich source. If I’m able to squeeze into my mouth, figured it’s a good thing to pack! I like this maple-flavored almond butter. (Update: I didn’t end up eating this)
– raw honey packets: my midwife recommended that I bring honey to give a burst of energy, so I ordered these convenient packets of raw manuka honey. (Update: I didn’t end up using this but was a great option to have)
– collagen powder: I’ve been taking this protein powder all throughout my pregnancy as a protein supplement and now it’s come in convenient one-serving travel packs. Each pack contains 9 grams of protein so I figured that if I need a dose of energy from protein, this would be a great source…and it’s easy to just sprinkle into a drink. (Update: I didn’t end up using this but was a great option to have)

– food/snacks: update: I would highly suggest bringing some food and snacks with you to eat after you give birth, especially if you know you won’t eat the hospital food. Most hospital rooms have mini fridges, or a common fridge to use. I live in NYC so it’s easy to order in, but having some food on hand to eat would’ve been helpful. I would suggest: hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit and some protein bars. These are my recent fave.

swaddles: I figured I may as well bring the velcro swaddles with me to the hospital – easier to wrap. I’m pre-washing with this baby-friendly detergent and then putting in a plastic baggie to keep them clean. (Update: I didn’t end up using this but probably should have because I had the nurse come in every 5 minutes to fix the hospital swaddle! I recommend these swaddles. I’m still using them and my baby is 7 weeks old)
healthy wipes: I’ve heard it’s best to wipe a newborn babies tush with plain old organic cotton ball and filtered water. My mama friends swear by “water wipes” especially in the first few weeks of birth, so will be packing these chemical-free wipes by Waterpura. (Update: I ended up using this and I’m so happy that I brought them because the hospital wipes have chemicals in them)

diapers: Using an all natural variety like these diapers may not have cute designs like leopard or flamingos, but it hopefully will let the baby’s tush breathe better and prevent diaper rash! I’ll keep you posted once I start using them! (Update: I ended up using the hospitals diapers but I loved bambo nature because they’re smaller than other diapers. I also LOVE these all natural diapers.

– baby soap: I’ll most likely bring this brand. (Update: I didn’t end up needing the soap because I wasn’t bathing the baby at the hospital. You’re not supposed to give them a bath until their umbilical cord falls off a few days/weeks after baby is born)
– organic baby formula: As mentioned above, I plan on breastfeeding exclusively, but in the case that the baby and I have any difficulty, I feel best to have a pump, pumping bra (and formula) on hand. I ordered this organic baby formula, which was recommended by my acupuncturist, Aimee Raupp and apparently the best quality. (Update: I didn’t end up needing this, as I was able to breastfeed right away but having formula with me just in case made me feel better)
– car seat: most hospitals won’t let you leave without one. Someone recommended to make sure to check the expiration date hasn’t expired if you’re getting it as a hand-me-down, like we did!
– baby hat
– baby socks
– baby mittens
– baby blanket
– going home outfit

– flip flops for shower
– pillow and pillowcase
– underwear
– socks
– swimsuit
– snacks: I packed him kale chips, protein bars and beef jerky.
– cash
– phone charger
– ID, insurance card
– kindle

Please note – this hospital list includes personal suggestions for myself but I hope that it’s helpful! Of course, adapt for what is best for you, your baby and your birth! Lots of love from my belly to your belly and wishing you a great last few days/weeks of pregnancy and an easy labor.

P.S. If you know a mama-to-be who is pregnant, please pass this on to them.

Want to know my favorite maternity clothes for every trimester? Check it out here.

And check out some photos from my recent maternity shoot with Robert Fitch Photography here. 

be prepared. be confident. be empowered.

be well,


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I Love Me Ring In Popsugar for Galentine’s Day!

by Arielle J on February 13, 2017

So excited!
The “i love me ring” – one of the pieces from my wellness jewelry collection
was featured in Popsugar today as one of the Best 11 Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

What is Galentine’s Day you may ask?! Well, since love comes in all different forms – not just romantic relationships – I sometimes call Valentine’s Day “I Love ME Day” and it’s also a day to show love and appreciation for your girlfriends, aka “Galentine’s Day.”

As the Popsugar article mentions, “it’s so important to be your own best friend, especially on a day devoted to love. We can’t be a friend to anyone if we aren’t first a friend to ourselves.” So true, right?!

Check out the article below:

I created my jeWELLry collection for just this – as a reminder for women to love themselves and take care of themselves.

I turned my passion into a business when I noticed the disconnect between how women were treating themselves. Once I realized that feeding your body and feeding your soul was dependent on food AND self-love, I created this as a gentle reminder to love yourself and treat yourself well.

All pieces are stamped with “iloveme” to inspire self-love and infused with reiki healing energy.

Check out the article in Popsugar here and check out my wellness jewelry collection and the i love me ring here.

And Happy V-Day, Me-Day or G-Day!!

Be you. Be loved. Be Well


Be Well,

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My Mama-to-be Tea Party

by Arielle J on February 9, 2017

A few months ago, my mom and sister asked how I wanted to celebrate life before Baby Haspel is born. In the jewish religion, you don’t typically have a baby shower, but I really wanted a chance to have all of my favorite women together in one room to catch up, eat, learn labor tips and bless me and my baby!

So, my mom and sister put together a “mama-to-be tea” party for me. They hosted it in the events space in my building on a crisp Sunday and it was so, so special.

Here are some photos to recap the memorable day:

I really wanted to wear a magenta or hot pink dress, but I couldn’t find one that fit my belly.

So, I ended up stumbling upon this tight black dress with fur sleeves and it turned out to be perfect! Super comfy, funky and not too, too fancy.

I decided to make the hot pink my nail color – but I chose a neon orange/pink by mistake. Looked different in the manicurist salon. Happy that it added a pop of color, but whoa – woops! All throughout pregnancy I’ve been using this brand of nail polish, which is apparently free of 10 toxins.

Of course, I wore my I Love Me ring, which brought me, my baby and all of my friends lots of love and good energy.

The day was so bright and clear and the view was stunning overlooking the Empire State Building and Madison Square Park.

My mom schlepped all of my Grandmother’s china from Florida and New York for the special day!

And Lov Organic sent over the prettiest and most gorgeous and delicious teas that my mom decorated on a cake stand with rose petals scattered around. How beautiful?

All of the guests enjoyed the tea – there was hardly any left at the end!

(My husband loves Lov Organic’s “Love is Pure” Green Tea and I’m in love with their “Love is Zen” tea and Almond Rooibos (both caffeine-free). And P.S Lov Organic and their sister brand, Kusmi just opened up a new beautiful tea shop downtown. )

The food, of course, was Be Well with Arielle approved! My mom set up a pretty yogurt parfait bar with organic grass-fed yogurt, grain-free granola, unsweetened coconut and organic berries.

And she also got gluten-free tea sandwiches catered by Le Pain Quotidien.

Some fresh crudite

And some sweet treats from Orwashers that she paired with Tate’s Gluten-Free Cookies

They also served blood orange mimosas with fresh segments of blood orange, and prosecco.

My mom set up the room just like a ladies-who-lunch tea. How pretty?!

The pink little sachets included a heart candle for each guest to take home.

When they find out that I’m in labor, they’ll light it up! Such a sweet idea, right? Not exactly sure how I’m going to notify everyone when I’m in labor but it’s a nice idea!

The silver sugar and creamer is also from my Grandmother’s collection, too.

It was so great seeing my girlfriends and having (almost) all of them in one room!

And I just love how all of my friends mesh. Below is my friend, Leigh from nursery school, Beth, my friend from the wellness world, Chessie, my husbands good friend’s wife and now my friend, too! And my friend, Cory from high school. All from different times in my life and all getting along so well!

Love when my best friend, Joanna talks to Baby Haspel. 

We’ve been BFF since Kindergarten and she just had twins!

My friends from college made an appearance, too and it was so, so nice to see them!

Loved seeing my good friend Roni from middle school and her wife, Audrey – the owners of my fave clothing line, Generation Love.

It was such a special afternoon filled with so much love, support and feminine energy. Truly the perfect way to send me off into motherhood. 

Since it wasn’t technically a baby shower and we wanted it to be a little more soulful and sweet, we didn’t do any of the typical shower activities. Instead, the activity was to make a “birth blessing necklace.” I got the idea when reading the book, Mindful Birthing. Every woman went around, said how they knew me and something sweet about me.

And then they added a bead to a necklace, which I’m going to bring with me to the hospital for labor. It was a really sweet activity (at least for me!) and (hopefully) it was special for the women to participate in something related to my labor, too!

Here’s a pict of me and my mama

My hubby, mother-in-law and me!

My cute mom and mother-in-law

My mother-in-law and me!

And me and the hosts, my sister, and my mama

And this cup my mother-in-law brought in from Long Island from her mother’s china collection – so special!

Thank you mom and Sarina for putting on such a memorable event!

Cheers to all of the supportive women in my life and continuing to be well with baby! (Hopefully) a few more weeks left of pregnancy!

be loving. be feminine. be you.


be well,


Thank you Madeline Wolf Photography for capturing the afternoon so beautifully!


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Favorite Pregnancy Clothes

by Arielle J on February 2, 2017

I’ve been getting questions every week about what my favorite pregnancy clothes are, so I figured it’s time to put all of my faves all in one place!

In addition to keeping up with the Be Well with Arielle healthy lifestyle and putting foods IN my body that make me (and my baby) feel good, I’ve also been choosing to put specific things ON my body – luxurious organic belly butter, shiny natural lipgloss and comfortable (and chic) clothes – that make me feel fabulous, too.

My intention is to feel my best because the better I feel, the better I can help others feel their best, too.

Here are my fave maternity (and non-maternity) clothes and jewelry that have kept me feeling fit and fabulous throughout my pregnancy:

favorite jeans and pants: from DL1961 – they’re a bit tight on me now that I’m in my 9th month, but I wore them pretty much up until now. Got a pair of dark without holes and lighter with holes. Oh and these are my favorite pants – faux leather in the front and legging in the back. I think I’ve worn them at least twice per week during my entire pregnancy! Now that my belly is big, they’re particularly comfy. Great for dressing up and to wear on the weekends.


favorite comfy tops: from Boob Designs (such soft fabric, really flattering and doubles as a nursing shirt, so it will come in handy once I start breastfeeding!). I have both long-sleeve and short-sleeve (size S) and I’m obsessed.

The striped top I’m wearing above is non-maternity from Generation Love Clothing. 

I also lived in these v-neck long sleeves and ribbed tank tops from Old Navy.

– Favorite winter jacket: I got this one as a hand-me-down and it’s been such a life saver. It was a little large in the beginning, but I’ve definitely grown into it. Plain and simple, super comfortable and pretty warm (or maybe it’s just my pregnancy hormones!) 

favorite workout leggings: I’m so obsessed these that I splurged and got TWO pairs. In fact, I regret not getting a third pair! I ordered XS and have been wearing them throughout my entire pregnancy to yoga, barre class and out and about. They’re high waisted and low in the back, thick (not see-through), and they have cute zippers on the bottom. I also love these from Old Navy Active, which I received a few weeks ago. Since they’re non-maternity, I ordered a Medium and they are so comfy and fit perfectly under my belly during these last few weeks.

favorite workout tops: non-maternity tanks with built-in bras from Lorna Jane and stretchy tanks from Old Navy Active and Under Armour Women.

favorite dress: this one from Ingrid and Isabel (so, so comfy and expanded as me and my baby have grown!)

favorite long dress: Hatch (they have really comfortable fabrics and some tight and some loose dresses)

favorite fancy top: this one from Hatch (love off the shoulder anything and you can dress it down and dress it up)

favorite necklace: from Mignonne Gavigan (LOVE her stuff – I feel so fabulous in anything I wear from the collection)

favorite ring: this one from my I Love Me Collection! (reminds me to love and take care of myself and brings me the best energy)

favorite blazers: from Generation Love Clothing (non-maternity and so fabulous. They’ve fit all pregnancy)

If you’re pregnant, or thinking of conceiving, sending lots of love from my belly to yours! 

{Photos by Madeline WolfRob Fitch PhotographyStevi Sensin and Benxphoto}

be fashionable. be fun. be you.


be well,


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Healthified Chicken Bone Broth Soup

by Arielle J on January 24, 2017

I’ve always focused on being well (hence, “Be Well with Arielle”!) but now that I have a baby in my belly, I’ve been more focused than ever on staying well.

It’s the middle of winter and with all of the colds, viruses (and flu) circulating around, I’ve been very conscious of keeping my immune system boosted and feeling my best during these last few weeks of pregnancy.

One of my fave ways to prevent colds is to sip on homemade healthified chicken bone broth soup.

{Scroll down for the recipe}

Here are some of my other fave ways to prevent winter colds:
Sleep: good sleep is obviously key to feeling (and looking my best) so to make sure I’m getting deep, quality zzzz’s, I use an eye mask, like this.  I also sip on something warm before bed like this Apple-Cinnamon tea to help wind me down.
Bone Broth: aka Grandma’s penicillin. I try to make a batch every Sunday night. My husband sips on it in the morning with eggs. Check out my recipe below for a delish, home-made chicken soup!
Ginger: in nutrition school they call it “nature’s antibiotic” because it’s that powerful. I love adding ground ginger or fresh ginger to my morning Orange Creamsicle Smoothie, and I’ll make this Home-made Ginger Tea when I want something warm.
Garlic: also “nature’s antibiotic”. I make sure to add it to almost every dinner recipe – from Spaghetti Bolognese to Healthified (Un)fried Rice Quinoa, it’s the perfect ingredient and immune booster.
Essential Oil Diffuser: I get my house cleaned once per week and use an aromatherapy diffuser like this to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Some essential oils also fight bacteria. My fave concoction is: eucalyptus, spearmint and lemon.
Hand washing: Ok, I’ve definitely been a little OCD lately, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with being smart and cautious, right!? I’m a not a fan of hand sanitizer – I like washing things off of my hands, not spreading it around. So, anytime I enter my house or a restaurant, I wash my hands with soap. Before I eat with my hands, I wash. Oh, and this one is big – after I workout, the first thing I do is wash my hands! I also keep these delicious, healthy hand wipes with me in my purse. They come pre-packaged in little packets so they’re perfect to bring on the subway and out to dinner. I love the lemon and eucalyptus – Mmmm!

In addition to chicken soup being Grandma’s jewish penicillin, it has such incredible benefits – from more energy, to better skin and digestion….to fertility!

Many fertility experts swear by bone broth, including Aimee Raupp, author of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant and Christa Orecchio, author of How to Conceive Naturally: And Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30.

When I wanted to get pregnant, Aimee recommended that I sip on at least 3oz per day…and I did!

Here’s a simple recipe just like my Grandma used to make, but even healthier. I hope you love it. I have a feeling you will:)

Healthified Chicken Bone Broth Recipe
What You Need:
3 large carrots, peeled (you can leave carrot tops intact) or approx 15 baby carrots
3 celery stalks, cut in half (you can leave celery leaves intact)
1 white or yellow onion (you can also use red), peeled and cut in quarters
4 garlic cloves, peeled
Pasture-Raised Chicken (one small 3 lb whole chicken, or 1-2 chicken carcasses and/or chicken feet, necks and backs), washed
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 piece kombu (not necessary, but makes it thick and adds tons of minerals)
parsley, handful
sea salt, to taste
black pepper, to taste

Gluten-Free Matzah Balls:
Check out the ingredients you’ll need and recipe here.

1. In a pot, add carrots, celery, onion, chicken, garlic, vinegar and fill up with cold water (leave about 1.5 inches of room leaving some room for it to boil.
2. Let sit in cold water for 30 min.
3. Turn up the heat to medium heat (with the cover off) and wait until it boils. Skim off any scum that floats to the top using a spoon.
4. Once boiling, turn the heat down to low, place cover on pot and let simmer. Let simmer for at least 8 hours.
5. At some point, add in kombu. I usually add in when I have about 1-2 hours left.
6. When you’re ready to turn off the heat, add parsley and let cook for 1-2 minutes until it’s dark green.
7. Add salt and pepper to taste and voila!
8. At this point, you can serve but I usually place the entire pot into the refrigerator and leave overnight for it to cool down so the fat settles to the top. You’ll know the fat has settled when theres a ring of hard white stuff floating at the top. Also, it’s easier to strain when it’s cold vs. straight off of the stove!
9. To strain, place a strainer or colander over a big bowl. Ladle out chicken, carcasses and veggies and strain soup so the broth collects at the bottom of the bowl. If you want chunks of chicken, carrots and celery in your soup, hand pick them out (de-skin the chicken) and chop them up and add to the broth mixture. If not, toss.
10. Store broth in a large mason jar. I like using this plastic cap on top, instead of the metal ones. Be sure to leave 1 inch of space from top so glass doesn’t crack and don’t place the hot liquid into the mason jar and then directly into the freezer. I also like placing the mason jar into a plastic freezer bag. I find that it helps to prevent freezer burn.


*I prefer using chicken carcasses vs whole chickens and I get them from my farmers market. You can ask the butcher at your nearby grocery store if they have any. 

*My farmer told me that the chicken feet, neck and back have the most collagen so if you can get your hands on any or all, I would suggest putting them in (I will typically put 2 feet, 1 neck and 1 back in).  TRUTH: It was really difficult for me to use them when I first started making the broth (especially the feet), but it’s gotten easier over time.

P.S If you’re not able to make it yourself, the next best option is: to pick some up some homemade broth from your local farmer (if you live near a farmers market), a store that sells fresh pasture-raised broth (I love getting Brodo delivered – they also have a spot in New York City), or purchase online from retailer that ships in refrigerated boxes and uses the best quality, like Broth Masters. It’s super delicious. Just add sea salt and voila!

According to Broth Masters, the benefits of bone broth:
– Gut health: aids in soothing upset stomachs, gas, bloating and intestinal issues
– Rich in protein: 10 grams of protein per serving (in Broth Masters)
– Rich in calcium: 260 mg (25%) of your daily calcium intake per serving to support bones
– Supports immune system
– Anti-inflammatory: may help to reduce inflammation and join pain
– Loaded with collagen: great for your skin, hair, nails

And, as mentioned above, it’s super nourishing and may also boost your fertility. Win, win!

Be warm. Be delicious. Be nutritious.

be well,

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Bump Envy for Well Rounded NY!

by Arielle J on January 23, 2017

So excited!

Today Well Rounded NY chose me as their “Bump Envy” of the week.

I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for many, many years and have been attending their fun mom events with my sister way before I was even thinking about getting pregnant.

I love being around feminine energy and supporting female entrepreneurs. 

And, I’ve always been obsessed with other woman’s pregnant bellies! So, I was beyond honored when they asked if I would be featured as their bump envy. 

Check out the photo shoot taken when I was 30 weeks (this week I’m at 35 weeks). My belly looks quite big in these photos and believe it or not, it’s way bigger now! 

Check out the article here to find out my top registry picks and what has surprised me most about this pregnancy.

(I’ll give you hint… I became obsessed with chocolate, everything bagels and cheese and couldn’t even look at any veggies during the first few months)

{Here is one photo, wearing my i love me ring, of course!}

Check out the article here. Love to you and your body.

Be Well,



 *Photos by Ben Abarbanel for Well Rounded NY

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I have to admit – nothing stresses me out during the holidays (including Valentine’s Day) as much as… gift giving!

(Check out my tips for eating guilt-free during the holidays here.)

I strive to be thoughtful and I love treating others with small, meaningful gifts through out the year. So being forced to think creatively and purchase gifts just for the sake of the holidays is 1 – not fun for me and 2 – really difficult!

So, I asked Be Well with Arielle fan, Angela Ranelli to help me come up with 15 fresh and healthy gift ideas. Whether you’re a healthy foodie or fitness lover and want to treat yourself, you still haven’t gotten your sister or bestie a present yet for the holidays (like me!), and/or you’re already thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the 15 healthy gifts we’re loving to gift yourself and/or for others any time of the year:

1. Herb kit, $25
I just moved into a new apartment, and I’ve been looking for ways to add freshness and new energy to it. These herb kits are so cute – especially the chalkboard herb kit you can decorate yourself. Brighten up your kitchen windowsill AND enjoy fresh herbs to incorporate into your cooking!! Great for apartment living. Pair with a crystal for extra good juju.

2.The Inspiralizer, $40
This is definitely a favorite gadget when I do cooking classes.  It’s a single girl’s best friend AND a perfect family-friendly gift idea. My best friend spiralizes all of her lunches with it and my sister spiralizes all of my nephew’s veggies with it! 

Be inspired and discover a whole new (grain free!) pasta world by creating spaghetti shaped noodles – out of veggies. You can make zoodles (zucchini noodles) for healthified bolognese dinner or or these healthified latkes made with sweet potatoes. If you don’t want this big contraption, you can get this handheld one or this peeler which does (almost) the same exact thing. Great for quick and healthy weeknight recipes.

3.Sunshine supplement light, $40
If you get the seasonal blues (like me!), jet lag from travel, or work night shifts, this sunshine supplement light could be a lifesaver. The natural spectrum light mimics real daylight, helping to elevate mood, energy and alertness. It’s also really hip looking, so it may even add to your home decor. Can’t wait to shine this light on my life stat!

4. Acupuncture session or an Acupressure mat, $30
Acupuncture has changed my life this past year. I attribute it a lot to the success of boosting my fertility and the success of getting pregnant. It also has totally chilled me out and helped my body feel great. If you have back pain or are craving more zen in your life, you will probably be obsessed with this mat that’s designed to hit pressure points and relieve muscle tension. A nice added bonus when you’re watching tv. P.S. If you want to gift an acupressure or acupuncture session from an amazing expert and you live in NYC, check out my acupuncturist,

5. Local farmers market fruit and veggie delivery, pricing varies
If you can’t get to the farmers market, visit the next best thing – to check out the options from local farms in your area. Many offer a one time seasonal purchase or a weekly delivery service, so you’re constantly stocked with fresh, local food! If you live in NYC, is a great option, too.

6.Lavender aromatherapy sleep mask, $15
Nowadays, I can’t sleep without black out shades and an eye mask – I like my room to be pitch black just like when I stay in a hotel room! Not only does this mask block light, but the calming lavender aromatherapy will lull you into a deep sleep. Dreamy!

7.Essential Oil Diffuser, $35
Speaking of lavender, OMG this essential oil diffuser is definitely my new favorite house gadget. I got it from Aura Cacia before I moved and have been waiting patiently to use it! It’s so easy to use (and clean) and it literally makes my apartment smell fresh and delish in the matter of SECONDS. Oh – and it sounds like a zen waterfall so I love it even more than a pretty smelling candle! My house now smells like a spa. Not kidding.

Here’s my favorite diffuser recipe:
What You Need:
Aura Cacia Essential Oil Diffuser
4 drops eucalyptus
3 drops lemon
1 drop spearmint

1. Remove lid from diffuser
2. Add water
3. Add drops of aromatherapy oils
4. Turn it on… and voila! A home spa!

Can’t wait to use when baby comes. I may even bring in my hospital bag with me!

8.Aromatherapy Perfume Sticks, $24
On the same note…2016 was my year of “zen” so I did anything and everything to bring more calm and joy in my life. I got rid of (mostly) all of my makeup products and swapped with all natural varieties. I even swapped out my perfume oil for an aromatherapy stick. Every day I use one of these – Love, Chill or Happy, depending on what I need the most. I keep one in my bag and reapply all day. Best of all, they’re all light and fresh scents and are made with ingredients good enough to eat!! Perfect to gift during the holidays and for ME-day/V-day (February 14)!

9.Great Blender, $330
You don’t need an expensive blender to make a delish egg nog smoothie or even, homemade creamy carrot hummus. But, if you want your smoothie and hummus super smooth and creamy, this one is queen. This is a kitchen staple I use every single day, in the morning, for snack, and at night. It’s def a well worth it splurge item.

Tip – check out the “reconditioned” blenders – you can save over $100 and they work just as well. My husband got me a used one over 5 years ago and it’s still working:)

10.Biodynamic wine gift pack, $62
Since I’m eight months pregnant, I haven’t been sipping on too much wine lately, however, it is on the top of my list once baby arrives! And, of course, it’s always a nice present to treat yourself with AND to bring to others, anytime of the year. Frey Vineyard’s biodynamic wine is organic (toxic pesticide free), and has no added sulfites, a synthetic preservative, so it may even prevent hangovers. Choose from a gift pack of four wines, a subscription or a case. Let’s get this year (and V-day) started on a fun note!!

11.Exercise clothes gift certificate, pricing depends
Want to feel more inspired to go workout? Get workout clothes that you LOVE to wear. Old Navy Active has some super cute, colorful (and comfy) options – I have a few pairs of leggings, tops, sports bras and light jackets from there.  For prenatal leggings, this one my favorite (I have TWO pairs!) and for prenatal athleisure (for lounging around), this brand is my fave. 

12.Watercolor yoga mat, $68
There’s nothing better than looking down during downward dog at a gorgeous painting! Choose this pretty watercolor print, or even better, a custom design with your own instagram photos. Perfect gift if you’re a yogi.

(Photo for Well Rounded NY)

13.The I Love Me Ring, $300
I mean, the best gift of all, is self-love and self-care so what better accessory than an Iloveme ring or necklace to remind you to take care of YOU!? Stamped inside with “i love me” and made by yours truly, Arielle from to bring you hope, love, success and good energy. Perfect to gift yourself, your BFF, sister, etc. And perfect for V-day!

14.A great camera, pricing depends
I recently got this new camera. I had been looking for something that would be light and easy for me to carry around. It’s been a little tough getting used to (I’m used to shooting with a fancy with a Nikon DSLR) but it’s actually really simple to use, it takes super crisp and colorful photos AND, it has a wifi connector so you can upload your photos straight to your phone. Great to take on the go and when you travel to your fave healthy destinations!

15.Affirmation Cards and Calendar
I start off everyday looking at my affirmation calendar. It gives me something to focus on for the day and sets me up with a dose of positivity. It makes the best present – every year, I buy a pack for my mom, sister, best friends and cleaning lady! When I meditate or before I go to sleep, I love sitting pulling one of these affirmation cards. They’re so bright and pretty looking. I keep the pack on my nightstand.

BONUS: If you’re looking for a new water bottle, don’t miss out on this limited edition Soma Water “Breathe” bottle! I’m LOVING mine – so fashionable and best of all, it’s reminding me to breathe!!! Check out my other fave water bottles here.

Hope these ideas inspired you – here’s to getting your list checked off!

Wishing you a happy (and HEALTHY) holiday season and ME day/V-day…

P.S Angela Ranelli helped me create this awesome gift list! She is the creator of the food and health blog Kale & Tequila and a nutrition student at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she’ll soon earn a degree as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She believes in focusing on self-care rather than perfection, and that eating nourishing foods you love is fundamental to health, beauty and happiness. We love that, Angela! She is based in Newport, Rhode Island. You can find Angela on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Hope this article was helpful and hope it inspires you. Post a picture on instagram or facebook with your new fave healthy gift and tag #bewellwitharielle!

Be generous. Be thoughtful. Be you.

be well

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Healthified Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies

by Arielle J on December 31, 2016

There is one thing I definitely know about this baby in my tummy – she is a chocolate LOVER!

I was never really a fan of chocolate. I’m more of a vanilla, chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chocolate type of girl. And if I did eat chocolate, it would have to be dark chocolate with tons of crunch, like almonds and coconut.

In my first trimester, I had so many aversions, sweets were the last thing on my mind. Once second trimester hit, though, I couldn’t stop craving chocolate… and I still can’t!

Almost every day, I make a crunchy chocolate chip protein smoothie using cacao nibs, or a healthified hot chocolate made with almond milk, protein powder and raw cacao powder when my chocolate craving hits. 

During the holidays, my friend posted a picture of fudgy candy cane brownies and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

So, I created these super fudgy Healthified Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies.

They turned out SO delicious and totally satisfied my craving. I ended up making three batches that week for friends!

It’s such a simple recipe and you’re not going to believe what’s in it. Made with almond butter, egg and maple syrup – no flour or refined sugar – score!

And look how fudgy they turned out:

I even ate them for breakfast one day and had no regrets.

Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies

What You Need:
1 cup unsweetened creamy or crunchy almond butter
1/3 cup pure maple syrup
1 pasture-raised egg
2 Tbsp aroma-free coconut oil
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/4 tsp peppermint extract
1/3 cup raw cacao powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/16 tsp sea salt
2 Tbsp cacao nibs  or mini chocolate chips
1 tsp chia seeds (optional for fiber)
1 Tbsp coconut oil for lining pan

1. Preheat oven to 325F.
2. In a large bowl, whisk together wet ingredients – almond butter, maple syrup, egg, coconut oil, vanilla and peppermint. Add in cacao powder, baking soda, sea salt, 1 Tbs cacao nibs (or chocolate chips) and chia seeds and mix well until becomes batter-like.
3. Using a paper towel or your fingers, spread coconut oil on all sides of 9-inch baking dish or pan which will help prevent mixture from sticking later on.
4. Pour batter into a baking dish or pan. Add 1 Tbsp cacao nibs or mini chocolate chips on top and pat down with fingers or spatula until flat.
4. Bake for approx 20-25 minutes until the brownies are hard on top but soft in the middle. *Please note – every oven is different. Mine comes out perfectly around 23 minutes, so check every so often so you get the perfect texture.
5. Let cool. Tip – slice with a bread knife into squares.
Voila! Enjoy!!

be sweet. be delicious. be well.


be well,

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How I Got Pregnant Naturally

by Arielle J on December 6, 2016

The Person Who Helped Arielle Haspel Get Pregnant - Aimee Raupp - Get Pregnant Now

Celebrating today — made it to my third trimester…and through my move!! 

While my husband and I only moved eight blocks uptown, we definitely didn’t realize how much we had until we started to pack up. I also didn’t realize how much effort I was exerting until my forearms started to swell! The joys of moving, the joys of pregnancy and the joys of moving during pregnancy. OY!

Anyway, grateful that we’re almost fully situated, grateful that the swelling is going down, grateful for the bigger, beautiful space to make room for us and baby and most importantly, grateful that I have a baby in my belly…kicking me every hour:)

While I am relishing every day of this pregnancy, what you may not know is that it didn’t happen that fast for me and my body needed to prepare before my husband and I even started trying.

The Person Who Helped Arielle Haspel Get Pregnant - Aimee Raupp - Get Pregnant Now

I tried lots of natural treatments and went to tons of doctors.

Watch the video with THE person who helped me get pregnant AND conceive naturally. (video has expired. sign up for our next FREE webinar on March 27, 2017 HERE)

The Person Who Helped Arielle Haspel Get Pregnant - Aimee Raupp - Get Pregnant Now

It’s the first time that I shared my path to pregnancy and discussed my fertility challenges.

The Person Who Helped Arielle Haspel Get Pregnant - Aimee Raupp - Get Pregnant Now

Even if you’re not ready to get pregnant, I highly encourage you to watch, so when you are ready, it will be a fun, joyful and easy process.

In this video, we discuss the best nutrition for hormones and fertility and what I’ve been eating during pregnancy.

Replay has expired. Sign up here for our next FREE webinar.

Now, off to acupuncture to zen me out and help this swelling!

The Person Who Helped Arielle Haspel Get Pregnant - Aimee Raupp - Get Pregnant Now

I hope the webinar helps you and at least, offers you some positivity. 

Love from my belly to yours.

Be faithful. Be fertile. Be you.

be well,

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My Pregnancy Bump in New York Post

by Arielle J on December 1, 2016

Arielle Haspel, Health and Wellness and Mom Blogger in NY POst

I’m so honored to be featured in The New York Post today!

I’ve very picky about the brands that I work with and make sure to only align with those that are positive and support the “be well” mission. 

I love working with companies who support mompreneurs and health and happiness for moms, babies and families, so I was happy to share my experience with the New York Post.

Check out the article here.

Arielle Haspel, Health and Wellness and Mom Blogger in NY POst

Oh and check out my growing bump (6 months, 27 weeks)… and a great shot of my iloveme ring, too!

Arielle Haspel, Health and Wellness and Mom Blogger in NY POst

On newstands today (page.33) or read the article here.

Photos by Stephen Yang. 

Be confident. Be authentic. Be you.


be well,


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9 Easy Tips to Have a Guilt-Free Holiday

by Arielle J on November 21, 2016

Arielle Haspel guest at Hey Mama Co party

I recently attended a dinner by – an awesome community of hip, fashionable and inspiring mompreneurs. As they passed around the red velvet chocolate beet pie (pictured above), one of the women sitting next to me wondered how I could eat half of the pie without feeling guilty. She watched me as I savored every morsel, including each spoonful of the home-made whipped cream and she noticed how I was fully enjoying the entire experience. People are often surprised at what I “allow” myself to eat. But this is one of the techniques that I use often when I eat indulgent foods, especially around the holidays. The more I savor each bite, the less I feel guilty about it.

Before attending nutrition school, I would either deprive myself of even tasting the dish, or I would scarf it down so fast that I wouldn’t even notice what I was actually eating. Sound familiar?! We all want to enjoy life without feeling deprived, right?! Food is meant to be nourishing and enjoyable.

So, Hey Mama Co asked me to put together 9 easy tips for a guilt-free holiday. Hope these tips help you stay present and feeling and looking amazing this Thanksgiving…and the rest of the holiday season!

See the full article here.

These tips are featured on just in time for Thanksgiving…and the season of holiday parties galore!

1. Eat regular meals. Many people “save up” their daily calories around the holidays and then let themselves indulge later at parties and events. Remember, you only get one body in this lifetime. Are you going to treat it with chaotic, intense practices or with love and care? Hopefully the latter! So, don’t skip meals the day of the parties. Instead, eat like you normally do – a big breakfast and lunch with a few healthy snacks in between. This will promote balanced blood sugar and prevent you from overeating later on. No one said you can’t have a few bites of the desserts once you get the party. We just don’t want you having ALL of the desserts, especially right when you arrive! Try this Apple Pie Smoothie for a yummy holiday breakfast or snack.

2. Arrive feeling fabulous. Often uncontrollable cravings are linked to your thoughts and emotions – and not necessarily your stomach. So, do whatever it takes to feel good before you walk into that party to offset any holiday anxiety. Instead, try calm and healthy habits: get your hair done, apply an extra coat of mascara and look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re f-ing fabulous. Oh, and arrive already feeling satisfied, too. We know that holiday parties have especially tempting treats, so instead of arriving hangry, get there already satiated. Eat a protein-packed snack before you show up, like a protein bar, an apple with almond butter or string cheese. Keeping your tummy full and your taste buds happy will keep your eyes off of the rounds of baby hot dogs and (hopefully) your hands off of them, too.

3. Scout out the veggies! Often, people end up eating socially at parties. They just need something to put into their mouths. Sound familiar? Look for the healthiest options, like carrots, celery, fruit and olives and pop that in your mouth. You’ll be less likely to overindulge if you’re munching on fresh crudite. The bonus? No guilt and your dress will still fit at the end of the night!

4. Put it all on a plate. When there’s a tempting buffet style setup or passed hor d’oeuvres, having one serving or appetizer at a time can lead to eating way more than you bargained for. To spatially see everything that you’re going to eat, put all your food on one plate. It will seem more like a filling entrée than than small appetizers and will make you feel much more satiated.

5. Breathe before you eat. Whether you’re munching on the hor d’oeuvres at a holiday party or at your in-laws house for Thanksgiving dinner, even three deep breaths before you eat can prevent you from eating too much (and too fast). Some people pray or say grace before a meal, but if you’re not on the religious type, just breathe. Hold your plate, look down at your food, take three deep breaths, and say “thank you.” When you take a second or two to become mindful of what you’re about to put in your body and grateful that you have something delicious to eat, you instantly feel a wave of calmness, which can prevent you from overeating and speed eating.

6. Savor every bite. Depriving ourselves of foods we love and ignoring our cravings is a recipe for disaster. Before you know it, the entire pumpkin pie is gone, right?! Try savoring literally each lick and each bite. Here’s how: take a bite (no matter what it is – cake or turkey) and chew it 15-30 times or until it becomes liquid in your mouth. Let it melt in your mouth. Notice the different flavors and textures. Then, swallow with a relaxed mind. If you approach all of your meals this slowly and sensually, you’ll make eating more slowly not only a habit, but part of your lifestyle. Try doing this with some Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark. YUM!

7. Keep your hands full. If you’re drinking alcohol, hold one glass of the hard stuff to keep you buzzed and one glass of water to keep you hydrated. Without an extra hand, you may pass on that unhealthy appetizer you really didn’t want anyway. I love sipping on a crisp glass of sparkling water with a squeeze of lime and cherry. For an extra flair, see if the bar has a sprig of rosemary to make it fun to drink and festive! Your body will thank you the morning after, too.

8. Swap out and healthify. Baking some holiday treats? Simple swaps can do a body really, really good. Try switching out the white sugar with natural sweeteners like coconut palm sugar, dates, honey or maple syrup. Your pumpkin pie will turn out just as sweet, and without the processed sugar. Try this recipe for Butternut Squash Soup using almond milk and maple syrup, instead of cream and sugar.

9. Be well. The holidays are all about celebration, happiness and friends and family. Focus on taking care of you, first so you’ll feel your best, look your best, and be your best version of yourself.

For the full article, go to

Happy (and healthy) holidays!

Be happy. Be healthy. Be you.

Be Well,

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I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, selling lemonade on the corner of my apartment building when I was seven years old and hosting the-most-money-ever-raised bake sales in middle school and high school. I’ve always loved creating delicious and beautiful things for others to enjoy and making money in return.

So when I opened up my first official business (the ilovemecollection jewelry) in 2008, it felt like a natural progression. I also started the business while I had a full-time job. My job gave me the resources to pay for the supplies and licenses that I needed to start up my passion project and business on the side.

Below I’ll be sharing six ways to feel supported if you’re starting a business or have a business.


For most of my entrepreneurial life, I’ve done everything on my own. For my wellness jewelry business, I designed the collection, sourced the eco-friendly packaging, set up the shipping process, conducted the trunk shows, and provided customer service to clients. I still do. 


Below is a photo is of me and Ludmila, one of my first jewelry teachers. 


For my wellness business, I create all of the recipes for my cooking shows, I’ve taken (almost) all of the food photos on my blog, I design the graphics for my events, and have even cooked for 40 people!


Now that I’m a mom-to-be (and a full-time entrepreneur), I’m remembering more than ever that asking for support and leaning on friends and family is not only helpful, it is a necessity. When I think of people in my work life and personal life that I admire (like my mentors Gabrielle Bernstein and Aimee Raupp), they are really good at asking for support, and in turn, they have a lot of people surrounding them and helping them. And I truly believe that that is one of the main qualities that makes them so successful.

But delegating has never been easy for me. I have high expectations and like things done a certain way, so it often feels easier to do things on my own than to figure out the best person to delegate to. I know I’m not good at everything. I’m really not good at everything. And I would so rather get help from people who know how to do something so much better than I do.


Recently, I’ve been asking for help from people that have been asking me for help and it’s been working out great! Two fans, Angela and Melissa, expressed interest in learning from me and working with me. After a few conversations about what lights them up – what they love to do and what they want to do – we figured out ways to be mutually beneficial to each other. Both women were elated when I asked for their help. It gave them an opportunity to do what they love, and receive guidance and exposure. And, it provided me with more time to do what I love and not spend time on things I don’t love – like researching and writing.

And, I’m also in the middle of creating another business – a food concept with my husband! We’re using each other’s strengths to work together and create something incredible for the world. Without his knowledge for investing, I wouldn’t have had the drive or ability to take risks on my own. And my talent and passion for food and wellness has supplied the creative inspiration we needed to get it going.


More than ever, I’m learning that success is made together with family, friends, partners and loved ones. So I’ve partnered with Amway to spread the love for business and entrepreneurship.

According to the 2016 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report, the top two reasons people start businesses is to gain independence and self-fulfillment. Only after those two reasons does extra income come into the picture. Interesting, right?

Which of the following aspects appeals to you as reasons to start your business:

– better compatibility of family, leisure time and career,

– second income prospects,

– self-fulfillment; possibility to realize your own ideas,

– independence from an employer and being your own boss, or

– a return to job market or an alternative to unemployment?

Studies also show that self-employment will become increasingly common. Americans possess the requisite attitudes and skills to not just admire entrepreneurship but to become an entrepreneur. With everything going on in the US with the most recent elections, isn’t this awesome news? Yay America!


If you’re thinking of starting your own wellness business, remember these six things:
1. Connect with people that do what you want to do. Don’t just email them and ask to “pick their brain.” Tell them what you love to do and what your talents are and most importantly, ask how you can help them. All relationships can be mutually beneficial.

2. Find creative talents that naturally differentiate you. People ask me all of the time how I find longevity in my field even while so many people are doing similar things. My answer? I focus on what I’m good at. I love putting on events and all of the details in making it pretty. I love taking super colorful and crisp pictures of food that I create. I’m great with people and love to connect others. Let your passions shine through and people will love you for what you’re doing. Even if other people are in the same field that you want to go into, shine the light on the things that make you and your business unique. And focus not only on what you’re good at, but what you LOVE to do and what brings you joy.

3. Be who you want to attract. I attract happy clients and exciting opportunities that align with my positive energy and relatable approach. What types of clients and customers do you want to attract?

4. Ask for help. It’s not easy but it’s best when you don’t do it all on your own!

5. Start doing what you want to do…NOW! Want to become an author? Start writing now. You don’t even need to show your work to anyone…yet. Want to become a cooking show host? Start taking videos of yourself on your iphone now. Don’t wait! Now is the perfect time to begin.

6. Be your own walking advertisement. When I started my jewelry business, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t wear my creations. I still wear my i love me ring every day, even to the supermarket and to yoga class! If you are looking to create a wellness business, do whatever it takes to talk the talk and walk the walk. Inspire people to take better care of themselves just by taking good care of yourself. You are your best advertisement, so always try to be the best version of you.

In March, right around the same time that I give birth to my baby girl, I’ll be celebrating my ninth year as an entrepreneur. I look forward to leaning on my friends, family and even you for more support! Great things are created when they’re #madetogether so let’s support each other together, so we can all be the best versions of ourselves. I can’t wait to hear what you create.


be supported. be fulfilled. be well.

be well,

Thank you Amway US for sponsoring this post.
Photos by Rebecca Dale Photography and Harley Hall Photography.

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Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Now that I’m in my second trimester (YAY!), as much as I would like to keep up with some of the poses that everyone else is doing in regular yoga class, I just can’t. My belly gets in the way of some of the poses and some of the poses just don’t feel good anymore!

So, I turned to Melissa Green, a Certified Yoga Instructor for some tips on how to modify when you’re pregnant and step into a non-prenatal yoga class. She came up with 10 pregnancy yoga modifications to be well with baby.

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Before pregnancy, I loved going to yoga and barre classes, so it’s been an easy transition for my body to get back into those classes. During my first trimester, it was hard for me to even get off of the couch, so I didn’t go to too many classes. I did, however, do some videos on youtube or in the comfort of my own living room and they were life savers.

Now that I’m in my second trimester (and the nausea has subsided and I’ve gotten most of my energy back), I’ve been regularly going to yoga and barre classes again (about 5-6 times per week). But, there aren’t too many prenatal classes at convenient times, so I find myself going to the regular yoga classes and needing to modify during class. My fave class is either a slow flow yoga or vinyasa yoga.

Melissa says, “yoga is a great workout during pregnancy, and contrary to what some may believe, you absolutely can continue your practice while pregnant. That being said, not all poses are great for you and the baby (nor do they feel great!), so below are 10 modifications that will allow you to practice throughout your pregnancy in a safe, yet effective way.”

(As always, consult your doctor or midwife before starting any new exercise routine, especially during pregnancy. I want you to be well and feel healthy and safe.)

10 Safe Pregnancy Modifications

1. Belly Down Poses: These should be avoided, as they compress and put added pressure on the belly, which can be very uncomfortable and restrictive.

Modifications: Come to a tabletop position on hands and knees. Stay here or move through a few rounds of cat and cow. 

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Another option is to extend your opposite arm and leg for 1-2 breaths and then switch sides.

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

2. Uttanasana/ Standing Forward Fold: Coming into a fold, such as Uttanasana, compresses the belly and puts added pressure on the low back, making it very uncomfortable.

Modification: Bring your feet wide- either hip distance or as wide as your mat. Place a block under each hand to create space and then find length through your spine. Soften your knees for added support.

 Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on 

3. Restrictive Twists: During your pregnancy you want to think about making space for your growing belly. Restrictive or “closed” twists, such as twisted Crescent Lunge or Twisted Chair pose can compress the belly and therefore should be modified. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy determines the modification, but always do what feels best for your body.

Modifications: During the first trimester, you can still twist, however, instead of twisting from the waist, lengthen through the spine and twist from the chest. Another option, especially as your baby grows and you continue into your pregnancy, is to practice “open” twists, by twisting in the opposite direction of others. Again, these twists should be done from the chest and not the belly.

Arielle Haspel for bewellwitharielle.comBe Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

4. Utkatasana/ Chair Pose: This pose can still be practiced (unless you find it uncomfortable), but incorporate the modification for added support.

Modification: Bring feet hip distance apart, so that you create a stronger and more supportive foundation.

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

5. Advanced Backbends (like Urdhva Dhanurasana/ Full Wheel): Certain backbends are safe during your pregnancy and can help add strength to your body, but avoid major backbends, such as Full Wheel pose, which can overstretch the belly.

Modifications: Come into a supported bridge with a block under your sacrum.  

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Or, enjoy a modified camel pose by keeping your hands on your low back or placing them on blocks on either side of your legs. (Arielle’s hands in the below camel pose should be closer to her feet. Whoops!)

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

6. Plank and Chaturanga: Since the weight of the baby is pulling the belly down, these can strain the low back and may cause diastasis recti (a separation of the abdominal muscles), therefore a modification is recommended.

Modification: Lower knees to the ground and continue into a chaturanga pushup. Make sure that you are still allowing room for your belly as you lower.

7. Core Work: Any core work done on the back (such as crunches or bicycle) should be avoided, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work the tummy.

Modifications: Come to all fours and practice slightly pulling the belly back towards the spine to engage the core.

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

If this is too much, enjoy Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle), by coming onto your back, bringing the soles of your feet together to touch and letting your knees open wide. You can also place blocks or blankets under your knees for added support.

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Bring one hand to your heart and one hand to your baby belly (or both hands on your belly) and enjoy a few calming breaths with your baby.

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

7. Warrior Poses and Standing Poses: These standing poses are great to practice when pregnant, because they help to strengthen the legs and pelvic floor. However, there are a few modifications that can bring additional support and comfort to the pose.


– Warrior 1 and Crescent Lunge: widen your stance, so that you create a stronger foundation

– Triangle: Take your top arm and wrap it around your belly to support the weight of your baby

– Side Angle: Use the hand that is resting on your thigh to hold and support your belly (See below photo)


Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Savasana/ Back Exercises: Laying on your back – especially towards the end of your practice – may cause some discomfort, so a modification is suggested at this point.

Lay on your side in a fetal position (Arielle likes to lay on her left side). To make this even more enjoyable, use a prop (blocks, blanket, bolster or pillow) and bring your top leg to rest on the prop. Ahhhhh. So peaceful!

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Most importantly: remember to breathe, listen to your body and do what feels best for you and your baby. Blocks can be wonderful props to help support your practice, and never hesitate to skip a pose and come to reclined bound angle or child’s pose or fetal position (just like the baby growing inside of you!)

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Thanks for all of these amazing modifications, Melissa! If you’re in the Philly area, be sure to check out Melissa’s awesome yoga classes here. 

Be Well with Baby - 5 yoga modifications to do during pregnancy by Arielle Haspel and Melissa Green on

Melissa Green is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Nutrition and Wellness Coach, with a focus on clean eating and simple food and lifestyle upgrades that help create true health, happiness and beauty from the inside out. Melissa also runs a blog, Pure Green Wellness, where she shares juicy tips and information on all things healthy. She currently resides and teaches in Philadelphia, PA. Click here for her teaching schedule and to meet her on the mat!

P.S I’ll be talking about my path to pregnancy in a few weeks! Sign up here to join the call.

Be flexible. Be good to baby. Be good to you.
Be Well,

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The Best and Healthiest Water Bottles| Arielle Haspel for

My sister is an inspiration to me and one of the things that I remember very, very well from her pregnancies is that she carried around a bottle of water with her everywhere. At my recent checkup with my midwife, I expressed to her that I had some pelvic pain. She said it could be the uterus expanding as Baby Hasp grows, but to also make sure that I’m drinking at least 3 liters of water daily to help with muscle contraction. (3 liters = 12 cups). Wow!

So, I’ve been on the hunt to find a water bottle that I’m excited to carry around with me and to drink out of. Below, I’ve included 10 water bottles that will inspire you to drink more water, too!

(This is the clear, 12oz mason jar pictured above that I love with a straw insert and stainless steel straw

10 best and healthiest water bottles on

I prefer drinking out of a mason jar (how cute is this hot pink one?) but lugging it around can get pretty heavy and you risk dropping it and then shattering everywhere (happened to me a few times!) 

So, I asked Angela, who is currently in school to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to help me compile a list of the 10 best water bottles that are cute, healthy, and realistic to lug around.

Since our bodies are two thirds water, staying hydrated is essential for everything from glowing, clear skin to efficient digestion and improved energy.

Most of us opt for bottled water, but it’s deceptively tempting. While it may seem safer, it’s often taken straight from community water sources, so it may not actually be “cleaner” than tap water. On top of that, the plastic bottles can leach chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) into the water, causing hormone imbalance and other health challenges. And, sun exposure can actually make this process worse (think a water bottle sitting in the sun at the beach), which is why refilling used disposable plastic bottles is not the best option.

Not to mention that plastic bottles are not the best for the environment. 

Berkey - The Best and Healthiest Water Bottles| Arielle Haspel for

So…your best bet (to save your money and your health) is actually tap water that you filter yourself! The filter that I have in my apartment (and highly recommend) is this water filter (pictured above). It’s so powerful that it removes bacteria, viruses and parasites and extracts chemicals. It also reduces heavy metals such as lead and mercury. 

After drinking it, you’ll literally taste the difference of other waters. If you do decide to splurge on it, I recommend one of the largest ones (at least 2 gallons). I have the travel size and it has been little annoying to fill up five times a day. The larger one is more of an investment and it will take up more space on your counter, but it will save you time and energy. Promise!

The Best and Healthiest Water Bottles| Arielle Haspel for

To inspire you to drink more (and better sourced) water, here are the 10 of the best – cute, convenient and healthy water bottles that will have you sipping all day long:

swell-blue-marble - The best 10 healthiest water bottles on

1. S’Well – water bottle with the best prints. If you like fun prints like marble or palm trees, this is your water bottle. This stainless steel water bottle is fashion forward AND it keeps water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. Great for miso soup or some butternut squash soup in the winter, and water sangria/fruit punch in the summer!

$25 – $45; capacity 9oz. – 25oz.; weight 8 oz. to 16 oz.; stainless steel

lifefactory - The best 10 healthiest water bottles on

2. Life Factory – best tasting water. It seems that water in a glass just tastes the best. Glass is a little bit heavier and more delicate than other materials, but the bottle is surrounded in a silicone sheath, so it’s safe to carry around and will even survive being dropped. 

$14.99 – $26.99; capacity 9 oz. – 22 oz.; weight 9.6 oz. – 19.2 oz.; glass bottle with silicone sleeve
Get Life Factory here.

bkr- The best 10 healthiest water bottles on

3. Bkr – most likely to be carried by a celeb. The fresh colors and designs are inspired by runway trends, such as the “metallic hearts,” “spiked” and “neutral” collections. It also has a silicone sleeve so if it falls on the street, it will (hopefully) stay in tact! Love this spiked version!

$28 – $45; capacity 8 oz. – 32 oz.; weight 8.8 oz. – 24 oz.; glass with a silicone sleeve

bobble - The best 10 healthiest water bottles on

4. Bobble – best for on the go filtering. If you find yourself shopping on the weekends or out and about during the week and want access to filtered water at all times, this bottle with a filter built in is definitely ideal. Each filter is the equivalent of 300 bottles of water and costs less than four dollars. And, if you’re not in the mood for the filter, take it out and the bottle doubles as a fruit infuser! The filter and cap are also customizable with bright colors, which is a fun component.

$5.99 – $12.99; capacity 18.5 oz. – 34 oz.; weight 2.9 oz. – 6.4 ounces; BPA free plastic
Get it here.

5. Breathe Soma Water Bottle – the “zen” water bottle. Whether you commute to work, love going to yoga, or just want to sport a fashionable healthy accessory, this Limited Edition Soma Water bottle is a great reminder to drink more water and to breathe more! It’s made of glass, a BPA-free soft silicone sleeve and an all natural bamboo cap. And, best of all, for every water bottle sold, a $5.00 donation will be made to charity: water to support safe drinking water projects globally. So nice! Only available while supplies last.

$35; weight: 10.8oz; capacity 17oz.; glass
Get it here.

The best 10 healthiest water bottles on

6. Memo Bottle – water bottle for fashionistas. This water bottle has a really unique, flat shape is easily carried in a clutch, handbag or briefcase. It also looks like glass but is made out of plastic, so it’s super sleek.  They are made of BPA-free plastic, but do note that they’re not dishwasher safe, and not compatible for hot liquids or carbonated water.

$24 – $27; capacity 13 oz. – 25 oz.; weight 3.5 oz. – 7 oz.; BPA free plastic
Get it here.

alex - The best 10 healthiest water bottles on

7. Alex – easiest water bottle to clean. This bottle unscrews in the middle, making it easy to hand wash, scrub with a sponge or throw in the dishwasher. That means Alex can also double as a smoothie holder! The only downside is that it’s not insulated, so it won’t keep drinks cold or protect your hands from anything hot. Customizable colors and even a glow in the dark option!

$32.99; capacity 26 oz; weight 2.9 oz; stainless steel with silicone sleeve
Get it here.

citrus-zinger - The best 10 healthiest water bottles on

8. Zing Anything – the fruit infusion specialist. If you’re a fan of lemon and fruit water like us, you are going to be obsessed — this bottle has a lemon juicer in the bottle! Different accessories are available depending on what type of fruit you like, including a berry slicer, cucumber slicer and kiwi reamer. Genius…and it’s made of BPA-free plastic!

$13 – $19; capacity 16 oz. – 36 oz.; BPA free plastic
Get it here.

hidrate-smart - The best 10 healthiest water bottles on

9. Hidrate Spark – smartest water bottle. If you’re someone who loves apps and gadgets, this pricey water bottle may be perfect for you. Hidrate Spark tracks how much water you drink, syncs with an app on your phone (or your Google watch or Fitbit), then glows when you need to drink more water! Not sure how we feel about drinking from something that is connected to a phone but it sure is impressive and would make an amazing Chanukah or Christmas gift.

$55; capacity 24 oz.; BPA free plastic
Get it here.

hydro-flask - The best 10 healthiest water bottles on

10. The Hydro Flask – most customizable water bottle. Choose from seven sizes and two lid options, then pick from 14 colors for each of the four parts of the bottle. This stainless steel bottle may give off an after taste, but the plus is that it will keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for six.

$34 – $78; capacity 12 oz. – 64 oz.; stainless steel with silicone
Get it here.

(P.S How much water are you drinking on a daily basis? When not pregnant, I aim for half my body weight in ounces (so, about 60 ounces = 8 cups). 

The Best and Healthiest Water Bottles| Arielle Haspel for

Thanks for researching all of the great recommendations, Angela!

Angela Ranelli is the creator of the food and health blog Kale & Tequila and a nutrition student at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she’ll soon earn a degree as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She believes in focusing on self-care rather than perfection, and that eating nourishing foods you love is fundamental to health, beauty and happiness. We love that, Angela! She is based in Newport, Rhode Island. You can find Angela on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Hope this article was helpful and hope it inspires you to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Let us know what you think of the water bottles! Post a picture on instagram or facebook of you sipping on your water bottle and tag #bewellwitharielle!

Here is one of my fave water recipes – for Water Fruit Sangria. Watch how to make it here.

Oh, and P.S. I’ll be sharing some more fun tips, healthy events (and even my fertility story) in the next few weeks. Sign up here for my newsletter to be first to know about it all.

Don’t forget to drink up!

Be hydrated. Be glowing. Be Well.


Be Well,


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3 Quick Lunches that Actually Taste Good

by Arielle J on November 1, 2016

Arielle Haspel on Marie Claire "The Fix" on Facebook LIVE making 3 lunches that don't suck: Kale Pizza, Kelp Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce and Tzaziki

{Photo by Carli Choi}

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been busy cooking up some big things, including a big bun in the oven — a baby girl!!

She’s expected to arrive Winter 2017.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my fertility story (get ready for a webinar in a few weeks), as well as recipes for the mama-to-be (subscribe to my newsletter  here so you don’t miss them).

In the meantime, wanted to share something exciting…

Made my official baby bump debut today during a video segment with Marie Claire Magazine!   Over 7k people tuned in to watch LIVE from all around the world. 

Arielle Haspel on Marie Claire "The Fix" on Facebook LIVE making 3 lunches that don't suck: Kale Pizza, Kelp Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce and Tzaziki

{Photo by Carli Choi}

I made “3 Quick Lunches that Actually Taste Good”

….and my bump made a big appearance, so check it out the full segment here! (and below)

Brittney Levine, the Host of “The Fix” for Marie Claire invited me on and we had so much fun! I showed how to make three super simple, healthy home-made lunches that take less than 5 minutes to make and that actually taste good!

Arielle Haspel on Marie Claire "The Fix" on Facebook LIVE making 3 lunches that don't suck: Kale Pizza, Kelp Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce and Tzaziki

Here’s a sneak peak into what we made and all of the ingredients so you can make them, too! Easy enough to make during the week (even at work) and tasty enough to eat for yourself, or to serve to the entire fam!

Here are three super simple, healthy home-made lunches:

Arielle Haspel on Marie Claire "The Fix" on Facebook LIVE making 3 lunches that don't suck: Kale Pizza, Kelp Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce and Tzaziki

{Photo by me, @bewellwithrielle)

Kale Pizza
What You Need:
1 small tortilla (I like this one made of sprouted grains or this one made of brown rice)
2 Tbs tomato sauce
1 organic mozzarella stick, sliced
Handful kale pieces or spinach, chopped, ripped or shredded
Optional toppings – oregano and garlic powder

1. Place tortilla on parchment paper or tin foil and place onto toaster tray (if you have one)
2. Toast in a toaster oven on high for 5 minutes or until melted and delicious. (You can also use the broil function on your oven for a quick cooking)
3. Optional – sprinkle on some garlic powder and/or oregano to taste and voila!

Serves 1

Arielle Haspel on Marie Claire "The Fix" on Facebook LIVE making 3 lunches that don't suck: Kale Pizza, Kelp Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce and Tzaziki

{Photo by Carli Choi}

Cucumber Tzaziki
What You Need:
1/2-1/4 cucumber, diced
1 container greek yogurt (I prefer organic, pasture-raised and/or local. You can also try with coconut yogurt if you’re dairy-free, but consistency will be different)
1 tsp garlic powder (or approx 1/4 tsp fresh or roasted garlic, minced)
1/2 lemon, juice
sea salt – sprinkle

1. Dice cucumber into small 1cm x 1cm pieces
2. In a bowl, mix yogurt, garlic powder, lemon juice and sea salt. And then add in cucumbers. Viola!

Serves 1
*add a dollop to salad for extra protein
*eat as a snack with some celery, carrots or crackers
*if you tolerate daily or prefer not to eat dairy, you can try this recipe with coconut yogurt.

…and last but not least, this amazing healthified version of Asian cold sesame noodles. They were such a hit on set, the videographer licked the bowl!

kelp noodles. recipe by arielle haspel. photo by alyssa gagarin

{Photo by Alyssa Gagarin}

Kelp Noodles with Sesame-Almond Butter Sauce
What You Need:
1 package kelp noodles
3 Tbsp almond butter, no sugar added (you can also use peanut butter or cashew butter or tahini but they may all be different consistencies)
1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil
1 Tbsp tamari
2 tsp honey
1 Tbsp water (to thin)
optional – sliced almonds and sesame seeds and chia seeds

1. Rinse kelp noodles under warm water for 5-10 seconds and drain. Set aside in a bowl.
2. In another bowl, mix almond butter, toasted sesame oil, tamari, honey and water.
3. Add on top of kelp noodles and mix well. (I like using my hands to mix). Add more tamari, sesame oil and water depending on how flavorful and liquidy that you like it. I like on the thicker, heartier side.
4. Add sliced almonds, sesame seeds and chia seeds on top.

*The longer the kelp noodles soak in the sauce, the softer they become. Leave overnight for softest noodles, or eat immediately for more of a crunchy-ish texture!

*Save in a glass tupperware container for lunch for 3 days or lunch and dinner!

Serves 3

Arielle Haspel on Marie Claire "The Fix" on Facebook LIVE making 3 lunches that don't suck: Kale Pizza, Kelp Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce and Tzaziki

Arielle Haspel on Marie Claire "The Fix" on Facebook LIVE making 3 lunches that don't suck: Kale Pizza, Kelp Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce and Tzaziki

{Photos by Carli Choi at Bar Works}

Hope all of these recipes inspire you to make your own quick lunch this week!

Be easy. Be simple. Be well.


be well,


P.S If you’re interested in Arielle’s upcoming events, want more of her recipes, and to hear her fertility story, subscribe to her newsletter here. xo

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