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Toasted Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds

by Arielle J on April 16, 2013


My new friend, Rachel from Rachel’s Wellness
(who I led a lecture with in FL last week),
posted her toasted pumpkin seed snack
on instagram yesterday.

She prefers hers plain; I prefer
mine with a little umph, so I added
cinnamon and sea salt (the sea salt brings
out the sweetness of the cinnamon + adds minerals)–

Perfect snack since I’m on my Spring Cleanse
(can’t eat wheat or sugar)
+  needed to bring a treat
to my private nutrition lecture
tonight so this recipe is just perfect!


Benefits of pumpkin seeds:
– high in protein, fiber and zinc
– add to cereal, on top of salads or
eat as a snack out of your hand!
– cleansing + great for detoxing
– cinnamon + coconut oil – revs up the metabolism + fights colds

Arielle’s Toasted Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds
-1 cup raw pumpkin seeds
-1 tsp coconut oil
-¼ tsp cinnamon
-Dash sea salt (optional)

1. Place raw pumpkin seeds in a bowl and add cinnamon and sea salt.
toasted pumpkin seeds by be well with arielle
2. Spread Coconut Oil evenly on skillet and add pumpkin seeds.
toasted pumpkin seeds by be well with arielle
3. Shake the pan or use a wooden spoon to prevent the seeds from burning
4. Toast for about 3-4 minutes, or until the seeds puff up.
toasted pumpkin seeds by be well with arielle
Voila! Enjoy!

Craving more healthy snacks? Check out my chickpea croutons!

be fearless. be delicious. be well.

be well,


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