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The 20 Best Road Trip Snacks

by Arielle J on May 24, 2013

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Heading away for the weekend?
Treat your body well and pack these 20
healthy snacks for the road or plane.

I always get super hungry when traveling
so here are some great ideas for you,
your friends and the kids!

1)      Seaweed Snacks – not only are they super healthy (aids in digestion, high in iron and good for the thyroid), they weigh less than a paperclip, so pack a few in your carryon without risking your overage fees! Perfect to munch on while watching your favorite flicks in the sky. Choose the variety that is made with olive oil, not canola oil – less processed.

2)      Fruit & Nut Bars, Healthy Protein Bars or Healthy Granola Bars  – great to keep in your glove department (or sightseeing bag). Non-perishable so will last throughout your road trip, plus keeps you satisfied and energized on the road. Make sure you can pronounce all of the ingredients on the label so your body digests them well! Looking to make your own healthy granola? Check out my recipes for Homemade Chocolate Granola and Granola Cups here.

3)      Raw Pumpkin Seeds – heart healthy (high in potassium), tasty and crunchy. Eat out of your hand or add to a trail mix for a colorful pick-me-up. Or, get fancy and toast some with cinnamon before head out of the house.

4)      Fruit Snacks – bring out your inner child and choose these when you have a sweet tooth. Made solely of fruit (no added sugars), so no need to worry if you’re on the road and can’t brush your teeth for a few hours.

5)      Beef Jerky – when the meat eaters need a dose of energy, pack some of these all-natural packages. High in protein and chewy so will keep you busy and satisfied. Make sure to opt for organic so you’re not ingesting unnecessary hormones.

6)      Spelt Pretzels – if you’re a pretzel lover, try this whole grain, high-fiber version. Made of spelt (similar to whole wheat), these will keep you satiated, without needing to open up your belt loop pre-vacation! Then, when you return home, you can make these Home-made Chocolate-Covered Spelt Pretzels!

7)      Raw Red Peppers – if you have time before you set off for the airport, slice up some raw red peppers (or your favorite veggies) and place into a baggie or tupperware. Red peppers are loaded of vitamin c, so eat up to prevent your post-plane sniffles!

8)      Raw Baby Carrots – crunchy, healthy and a no-fuss snack to take on the go.

9)      DIY Trail Mix – get creative and mix together your favorite nuts and add-ins. Some creative ideas: raw almonds, pistachios, shredded coconut, sunflower seeds and cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips. YUM! Check out my fave recipe here.

10)   Whole Fruit- apples, pears, bananas, peaches, cherries, blueberries. You name it, it’s a delicious road trip snack. Just make sure to pack a napkin and a bag to put the pits and seeds!

11)   Dried Fruit – remember, dried fruit = whole fruit that’s concentrated down, so choose varieties that have “no added sugar” (fruit itself is sugary enough). These dried cherries and mango chips are delicious.

12)   Packets of Nut Butter– perfect for a carryon bag, these mess-free packets contain a dose of protein and good fat upgrading any plain ole snack into a full-on snack. Add some peanut butter to a banana, Maple-Almond Butter to apple slices, or spread some Chocolate-Hazelnut Butter on a brown Rice Cake for a sweet treat (tastes just like nutella)!

13)   Frozen Edamame –once it defrosts its perfect to eat out of the bag. Make sure to have a plastic bag on hand so you can toss the pods. High in protein and non-processed soy product.

14)   Brown Rice Cake – crunchy, satiating and high in fiber, this makes a perfect snack for the road. If you usually crave salty, pick up this type. If you usually crave sweet, try this one.

15)   Almond Chips –  so delicious (and so healthy), going through an entire bag during a long road trip may not be the worst thing! Make your own hummus to dip it in for extra points!

16)   Healthier Animal Crackers –  made of oats (instead of white flour), these are a healthier alternative to the animal crackers you find on some airlines. Just as delicious, plus contains fiber and no hydrogenated oils that will clog your arteries or your kid’s.

17)   Dark Chocolate  – not all chocolate is created equal. Reap the antioxidant benefits with dark chocolate (65% cacao and higher is the best!) These bite-size minis are less than 100 calories and perfect to satisfy your sweet craving. My fave flavor is mint.

18)   Cheese Crackers – a healthier alternative to goldfish (and just as tasty), these crackers are made of whole wheat, so they will keep you “regular” during your travels. Tip- Instead of bringing the entire box with you, pack a handful in a baggie before you hit the road, so you can practice a little portion control.

19)   Coconut Water Powder – swapping your iced coffee for a non-caffeinated drink like coconut water will save you a lot of pit stops. Plus, it’s super energizing (will keep you awake on the road) and the powder is very practical for traveling (simply add some powder to a cup and fill with water). Keeps you hydrated plus helps replenish your muscles after sitting for hours at a time.

20)   Almond Milk Mini-Packs – non-perishable, so go ahead and pack a few in the trunk without refrigeration. Perfect amount for the kids to enjoy straight out of the container and also a great complement to bag of granola – breakfast on-the-go!

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Have a delicious and safe trip.

be well,

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