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Healthier Chocolate Almond Butter Cups Video

by Arielle J on October 27, 2014

chocolate almond butter cups by arielle haspel

This super-easy and super-delicious recipe
is the best treat to make if you love chocolate,
you’re in the mood to “bake” and perfect to make for a party –
especially for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Try my healthy take on the classic peanut butter cup
with this no-bake recipe for dark chocolate almond butter cups.

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Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

– 2 bags dark chocolate
– 1 to 2 cups almond butter (or sunflower butter if you want a nut-free version)
Pink Himalayan salt, coarse or sea salt
cute cupcake wrappers
– small pastry brush or pancake dispenser

1. Melt chocolate in a pan (low-medium heat, stir occasionally).
2. Once chocolate is melted, carefully pour into a pancake dispenser and then “pour” into cupcake wrappers.If you don’t have a pancake dispenser (most people don’t (I know!), use a spoon and carefully pour the melted chocolate into each wrapper.
3. Spread chocolate up the sides (using pastry brush or spoon) leaving a layer of chocolate on the bottom of the cip.
4. Refrigerate 3 to 5 minutes, or until hard.
5. Take out of fridge and place a dollop of almond butter in cup. Flatten with a finger.
6. Add a touch of salt (optional).
7. Pour rest of melted chocolate on top until about 3/4 way up the wrapper.
8. Refrigerate for 10 minutes to set.
Serve and enjoy!

* Makes more than 24 chocolate almond butter cups

Watch the video here.

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