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Spicy Lemonade Salad Dressing

by Arielle J on May 18, 2015

spicy lemonade dressing by arielle haspel of

At my “Spring into Health” event last week, I made this salad dressing for the guests. I told them
that the Master Cleanse inspired me!
Traditionally, people who partake in the Master Cleanse drink a concoction of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne over a period of days — anywhere from 3 days, up to 30 days! 30 days of just lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne. Impressive, right?!

I love food, so the Master Cleanse is not something I would like to partake in. I also believe that there are less intense ways to cleanse your body.

Heres 1 way you can cleanse without depriving yourself of food:

In the Spring, it’s important to intake foods that are astringent and spicy, as well as seasonal and bitter.
Astringent foods help dry up fat in the body, spicy foods help rev up the metabolism and seasonal foods give the body what nature intends it to have.

This salad dressing, made of lemon, honey and cayenne tastes like a spicy lemonade! Delicious, refreshing and healthy!

Lemon = astringent
Local Honey = seasonal
Cayenne = spicy

This dressing = YUM

spicy lemonade dressing by arielle haspel of

Perfect salad dressing to eat in the Spring. Goes perfectly with spring greens, like rainbow chard!

Spicy Lemonade Dressing

1 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 lemon, juiced
1/2 tsp local honey
1 pinch Simply Organic cayenne
1 punch sea salt
optional: apple cider vinegar (extra astringent properties)

1. Whisk in a bowl
2. Top onto dark, leafy greens and other seasonal veggies. Voila!

*Serves 2

spicy lemonade dressing by arielle haspel of

spicy lemonade dressing by arielle haspel of


be springy. be healthy. be delicious.


be well,


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