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Mexican Collard Green Burritos

by Arielle J on May 4, 2013


collard green burritos

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo,
I created these healthy burritos –
instead of wrapping them up with unhealthy
white flour tortillas or corn tortillas
(which give some people digestive upset),
I used healthy collard greens.

Benefits of Collard Greens:
– high in protein, iron, fiber, vitamins, phytonutrients
– cleanses blood, great for the heart, balancing sugar levels, fighting cancer and enhancing skin glow
– strengthens immune system
– perfect to use as a wrap because they’re huge and circular!

Mexican Collard Green Burritos
– 4 Collard Green leaves
– 1/2 cup beans (chickpeas, pinto, black beans, or red beans, rinsed or soaked)
– Veggies: chopped onions, tomatoes, kale, olives
– Optional- 1/2 cup Shredded Organic Cheese (optional- omit if cleansing and add in avocado, instead for creaminess)
– Optional- 1 cup cooked brown rice or quinoa

*serves approx 2-4 people


1. Heat a large pot of water and once boiling, add collard greens (make sure all submerge under water so they cook).

(You can skip this step and just roll up the wrap using the raw collard green)
collard green burritos

2. Boil for approx 3 minutes, pat dry with paper towel and let cool.
collard green burritos

3. Place on a cutting board or plate with coarse stem-side of the leaf up. Using a sharp knife, slice the stem so it becomes flat (makes it easier to roll and easier to chew!).
3. Place collard green flat on plate, add beans, cheese and vegetables (or whatever filling you want).

collard green burritos

4. Either roll up like a burrito, or fold the bottom (stem end) over the filling, wrap the left and right side and the top and collard green burritos collard green burritos collard green burritos collard green burritos

Voila! Serve with some guacamole, salsa and sour cream (or full-fat plain greek yogurt- high in protein and creamy)!collard green burritos

I learned the secret to wrapping them up perfectly

Happy and healthy Cinco de Mayo!

be fabulouso. be delicioso. be well.

be well,

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