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Chopped Italian Kale Salad

by Arielle J on August 26, 2014

chopped italian kale salad

Last week at my Sunset Yoga: Tadasanas and Tapas Event
with Danielle Tafeen of Provita Living,
I served this colorful, italian-esque farm-fresh salad for my guests.

So easy to make, really pretty and full of phytonutrients.

Chopped Kale Salad with Tomatoes and Olives
-1 bag, chopped Kale
-5 cups Farmer’s market colorful cherry red, yellow and green tomatoes
-1 can sliced black olives
– Simple Mustard Vinaigrette

1. Place kale in bowl
2. Place tomatoes on top of kale
3. Place olives on top
4. Drizzle dressing on top

be simple. be delicious. be well.

be well,

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