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10 Healthified Superbowl Snacks

by Arielle J on January 26, 2015

the healthiest superbowl snacks

Here are 10 healthified superbowl snacks —

swaps of your favorite game-time eats, like
wings, loaded nachos, popcorn, pizza, potato skins, and chips and dips!

1. Chicken “Wings”: Traditional chicken wings are delish, but they’re loaded with unnecessary calories and marinades that won’t make feel energized (or keep your waistline looking lean).

Try this BBQ “Chicken”  made with cauliflower florets. They look just like fried chicken nuggets, and taste (sort of) like them too!

bbq chicken cauliflower

2. Cheesy Pizza: Ordering in pizza for your guests is easy but so is making your own at home. Try this home-made pizza recipe here with cheese. You can even have your guests select their DIY healthy pizza toppings (mushrooms, onions, olives) or buy a frozen variety and stick it in the oven right before guests arrive so your house smells likes warm, cheesy pizza.

pizza w/caramelized onions and spinach

3. Nachos… during sports games, especially the Super Bowl, nachos are a must. Instead of ordering in oily nachos made of hard-to-digest yellow corn, make these using plaintain chips or chips made of black beans.

Healthy nachos recipe here.

healthy black bean chip nachos

4. Fries: Instead of regular fries or chips, try my carrot fries here

Maple Carrot Fries by Arielle Haspel of using vitacoco coconut oil

5. Quesadillas:  boost your guests metabolism with this easy and delish quesadilla recipe.

healthy quesadilla

6. Nuts: A bowl of nuts is the perfect table app, but raw nuts can be a little plain for the guys, so spice it up with these Salt and Vinegar Almonds.

salt and vinegar almonds healthy snack chips

7. Loaded Baked Potatoes: potato skins are always a must at a Superbowl party. Load up on the healthier version made with sweet potatoes and broccoli here.

healthy loaded sweet potatoes by arielle haspel on

8. Dip: hummus is always a great option, but if you want to impress your guests, these are always a hit: Kale White Bean Dip, DIY Chickpea Hummus, or if you’re really feeling creative, make some Cashew Hummus!

white bean dip with kale

9. Popcorn: I know this isn’t a baseball game, but it’s still a ball game and everyone like crackerjacks, right?

Here is a healthified, non-microwavable popcorn recipe with cinnamon and sugar.

healthy coconut caramel crackerjacks - gluten-free and no corn syrup - made by arielle haspel of

10. Cheeseless Pizza: A great alternative to cheesy pizza is the dairy-free version, cheeseless pizza! Looks pretty and tastes great.

cheeseless pizza with black beans, sweet potatoes and kale. gluten free and dairy free

Hope your team wins! 

be delicious. be fit. be well.

be well,

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