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Water Fruit Sangria {Video}

by Arielle J on June 18, 2015

clean eating fruit sangria

I don’t believe in diets and I don’t categorize my style of eating in any sort of way,
but I do advocate for a healthy lifestyle that incorporates “clean eating” and “clean drinking.”

My motto: We can eat as much kale, quinoa and smoothie bowls as our hearts desire, but if we’re not drinking enough water
(or we’re drinking too much coffee, alcohol, processed fruit juice, soda and diet soda) we’re not treating our body with as much love and care and we should.

This Water Fruit Sangria is the perfect drink to pair with a clean eating lifestyle.
Sweet, hydrating and made of real ingredients — fruit and water!

Check out my video below and learn how easy it is make.

water fruit sangria

In the Summer, it’s apparent that we need more water, right?

Just a few minutes in the sun, and our bodies become parched and thirsty. But every day of the year, especially in the Winter, we should be dousing our bodies with water. Most of my clients aren’t even drinking half the amount that is recommended.

How much water should we be drinking? It depends on the climate where we live and work, what we normally eat and drink and our lifestyle. It also depends on the day, the weather and how our body feels. My client who is a yoga instructor based in  California (and is always on the go), will probably crave lots of cool water, while my client girl who works in PR in New York City and sits at a desk all day in the air conditioning, needs warm water… and less of it.

How much water is enough?

In nutrition school, they taught that the general recommended amount is
half your body weight in ounces (for example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you should drink 70oz – the equivalent of 9 glasses of water in an 8oz cup)

Drink caffeinated tea or coffee? Add an extra cup if water for every caffeinated beverage you drink.
Plain or sparkling? Check out my thoughts here.

I met with Fonz, a well-known personal trainer last week for a body tune-up, and he said most people need to drink a gallon of water per day.

A GALLON?! Woah.

water fruit sangria

I promised Fonz that I would try and see how my body feels. It’s the third day, and I’m feeling light and energized. I wont lie, though, it’s tough drinking this much.

I’m a water lover, so I don’t mind drinking it plain, or with a little lemon or lime, but this gorgeous, colorful fruit punch-tasting version gives me even more of an incentive to drink up! If you need some help getting a few more sips of water in, try this recipe. It’s super quick and easy to make. Works best with frozen fruit, because they kill two birds with one stone and ask as ice cubes!

Want to find a way to drink more water at work?

You’ll drink what you see, so bring a pretty pitcher and glass (at least 16oz) to work or a huge mason jar (32oz) with a straw like this so you’re inspired to drink at your desk without having to refill your cup 100 times during the day. Pack up some bags of frozen fruit to keep in your office freezer. (Your coworkers will totally be jealous of your new healthy habit and they may even copy you soon enough)

This is the huge mason jar I love drinking out of. The straw makes it easier to drink more too.

healthy water mason jar pink with straw

I also love this pitcher because it keeps the fruit separate.

pitcher to dirnk more water

Beware — you will start going to the bathroom more, but that’s a good thing! Every time you pee, you cleanse your body and flush our toxins, bacteria (and fat). A pee break once an hour is normal and GOOD for your body. It also prevents you from getting varicose veins and blood clots.

Watch how easy it is to make this Water “Fruit Sangria” via Healthination here.

Inspired? Post a pict on instagram of your water fruit sangria and tag me @bewellwitharielle. Can’t wait to see you creations!

be hydrated. be colorful. be inspiring.

be well,

Thanks to my fabulous team: Clothing Stylist: Melissa Garcia | Food Stylist: Claudia Ficca| Jewelry: The I Love Me Collection | Dress: Seesaw Boutique | Makeup/Hair: Ana Sicat |Producer: Charles Conyers |

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