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Fruit Sangria (Water)

by Arielle J on April 24, 2013

fruit sangria water by be well with arielle
Isn’t this is the most beautiful way to
hydrate AND add color to your dinner table?

Not to mention, it’s naturally sweetened
and colored only using fruit so it’s great
for the adults and the kids!

Feel free to keep virgin
or add some wine or alcohol if you wish!

Fruit Sangria (Water)

– water
– frozen (or fresh) fruit of choice (peaches, raspberries, cherries, pineapple)
– lemon or lime (optional)

*frozen fruit is great because you can store it in your freezer until
you need to use it AND since it’s frozen, it acts as ice cubes!

1. Add frozen (or fresh) fruit to pitcher, lemon/lime and add water.
2. Mix up and/or let sit until water absorbs color.



Perfect drink to serve at Summer BBQs or
your Cinco de Mayo party!

Be colorful. Be amazing. Be well.


be well,

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