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Simple Green Smoothie (Shots)

by Arielle J on January 28, 2014

green smoothie shotsSometimes it’s all in the presentation…

An entire glass filled with a “green smoothie” can certainly be intimidating to someone
who has never tasted a drink made with greens. So when I’m hosting a party, I like to
serve them as “shots” – literally a shot of deliciousness and nutrition in a shot glass.

Usually after just a small dose, they come begging for more!

Not to mention, it adds a splash of color to your table!

3 cups Coconut Water
4 Dates
1 handful Almonds/1 tbs almond butter
2 springs Kale

1. Blend up all ingredients and pour into shot glasses.

Serves approx 6 shot glasses

Craving another smoothie recipe? Try this Cookies ‘n Cream Milkshake smoothie – uh-mazing!

be delightful. be delicious. be well.
be well, arielle

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