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New Year, New Restaurant! Lucky Lee’s Opening Soon

by Arielle J on January 2, 2019

It is with great excitement that I share the official first glimpse of Lucky Lees NYC, a Be Well with Arielle-style Chinese Food-inspired restaurant opening in Greenwich Villag, New York City!

Lucky you, lucky me and lucky Lee (my husband), we will be wokking up the yummiest menu of noodles, soups, veggies and yes, even items like Gluten-Free Dumplings, Honey-Glazed Spare Ribs and Baked General Tsos Chicken!

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more behind the scenes of the dishes and decor leading up to the opening. I hope you love the menu as much as we do and have the same reaction when you take your first bites.

May this be a lucky and delicious year for all!

Sign up here for Lucky Lee’s updates and opening date.

be lucky. be yummy. be well.

be well,

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