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Miso-Lemon Coconut Crusted Cod

by Arielle J on November 21, 2012

Made this for my dinner party
last weekend. Every single person
ate it, loved it and a few of the guys
even asked for thirds!

I call that SUCCESS!

Coconut Crusted Cod
– cod
– sweet white miso paste (1sp per person)
– lemon (1 tsp per person)
– shredded coconut (1 tbsp per person)
– raw honey (1 tsp per person)
– tamari 1/2 tsp per person

1. Spread miso paste, sprinkle some lemon and tamari on one side

2. Broil on high for about 10 minutes until fish starts to brown and cook through
3. Take out of oven, add coconut and honey and cook for approximately 15-20 minutes.
Keep your eyes on the oven to make sure the coconut doesn’t burn. You can always cover the fish
with tin foil to prevent it from burning.

4. Voila! Enjoy!

Be Salty. Be Savory. Be Well.


be well,

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