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Salted Almond Butter Cups

by Arielle J on May 12, 2014


Growing up, my all-time fave chocolate treat –
during halloween, at camp, at the movies,
were… Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

Peanut Butter + Chocolate = pure heaven, right?

But in college, I began to notice that every time I ate
peanut butter (whether it was in the morning on
a piece of banana, or in my smoothies), my stomach would feel so odd.

It didnt feel exactly like a tummy ache, but definitely bloated and gassy.

Ever happen to you when you have peanuts or peanut butter?

In nutrition school, I learned that peanuts
are inflammatory. No wonder why my stomach
always felt funny!

So, I decided to healthify my fave dessert
and swap the peanut butter for almond butter and
it’s the same deliciousness, decadence and richness

AND high in protein and good-for-you fat.

Dont forget to tag me @bewellwitharielle on instagram when you make them!!

Healthy Almond Butter Butter Cups
2 bags dark chocolate (look for 60-70% cacao)
1- 2 cups almond butter (about 1 tsp per butter cup)
pink himalayan sea salt (optional)
mini cupcake wrappers

1. melt chocolate in a pan on low-medium heat, stirring occasionally (or you want to get fancy, double boil the chocolate)
2. once chocolate is melted, using a spoon, carefully pour chocolate into each cupcake wrapper (or if you want to get fancy, pour chocolate into a batter dispenser)
3. spread chocolate up the sides (using a pastry brush or spoon) (or if you want to get fancy, use batter dispenser and swirl the chocolate in the cups) until about 1/4 full – just making the bottom later
4. refrigerate for about 3-5 min (or until hardens)
5. take out of refrigerator and place a dollop of almond putter on top of hardened chocolate inside cup (flatten with finger)
6. optional- add a touch of pink himalayan sea salt for some extra umph and salty, crunchy surprise when your guests bite into it!
7. pour rest of melted chocolate on top with spoon or batter dispenser.
8. refrigerate for about 10 min (until fully hardened)
9. Voila!

10. Take a bite and enjoy!

*makes approx 30-50 reeses pieces treats
(depends how big your cupcake wrappers/tins are).
Feel free to split or double the recipe and serve at your next dinner party,
office party or just make for dessert for dinner for YOU!ENjoy!

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be sweet. be childish. be well.


be well,

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