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Home-made Chocolate-Covered Spelt Pretzels

by Arielle J on March 26, 2013

chocolate covered pretzels

This dessert/snack is perfect to munch on during
a late-night movie, or to serve at your next dinner party.
I’m not such a chocolate lover, but I sure love these-
crunchy + salty + sweet!

*Spelt- healthy whole grain. Great alternative to regular pretzels. High in fiber and tasty (not gluten-free).
*Dark Chocolate- the more cacao %, the healthier. Look for at least 65% cacao.
*Sea salt- High in minerals (it’s said to match the mineral content of our blood). Adds lots of flavor without making you bloated.

Home-made Chocolate-Covered Spelt Pretzels
– Mini Spelt Pretzels
– Dark Chocolate chips
– Pink Himalayan Salt (coarse), optional

1. Heat chocolate on low heat and stir until melted

chocolate covered pretzels
chocolate covered pretzels

2. Add pretzels to the chocolate
chocolate covered pretzels
3. Once pretzels are fully dipped and coated, use tongs and place each pretzel carefully onto a wax paper or parchment paper-lined cookie sheet.
chocolate covered pretzels
4. Refrigerate for at least 5 minutes until chocolate hardens.
5. Sprinkle sea salt onto pretzels.
chocolate covered pretzels

chocolate covered pretzels

*if you want the drizzled look, dip a fork into the chocolate and shake on top of pretzels.
*this recipe was made for our Delicious and Decadent Spring Detox Soiree.

Voila! Enjoy!
be delish. be fabulous. be well

be well,


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