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5 Rules to Clean Eating

by Arielle J on May 26, 2015

5 rules of clean eating by arielle haspel via healthination

We’ve all heard the term “clean eating”
but depending on who you ask, it can mean something different.

In this episode, I explain my philosophy — clean eating —
and the five simple rules to make it part of your lifestyle.

I don’t categorize my eating habits or lifestyle.
For example, I’m not raw, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian,
ayurvedic or paleo and the food I cook is not either.
I eat what I want and cook what I like, but I find a healthier alternatives
to indulgent foods and enjoy it in a specific way.

It’s not about limitations or a diet,
it’s a lifestyle.

Now you can eat what you crave while nourishing your body…
and not feel guilty, either!

Here are my five rules to clean eating:
1. Choose local and organic (whenever possible).
2. Drink water
3. Read labels
4. Consume healthy fats, nuts, seeds and oils
5. Practice portion control

Watch the full video featured on Healthination HERE.

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