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Happy and Healthy Summer

by Arielle J on August 18, 2016

Happy and healthy summer, everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been really taking care of my body and working on some really big and exciting things lately:)

One of which, is my new reel! It’s a culmination of some of the cooking shows and events I’ve done recently.

I love creating simple, healthy and delicious recipes for you and I look forward to continuing to serve up more yumminess!

Check it out here.

Hope you’re having a healthy and happy summer!


be well,

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Healthy Girls Weekend in the Hamptons

by Arielle J on August 4, 2016

arielle haspe of be well with arielle heading to hamptons party

This weekend I took a short, and much needed girls trip to the Hamptons with one of my best friends, Ali and her daughter Dagny.

My husband, Lee had a bachelor party in Montreal. So when I found out about healthy events, and fun parties going on the Hamptons, it was the perfect excuse to get out of the muggy city! And who doesn’t love healthy girls weekends in the Hamptons?!

weekend with audi and hey mama co in the hamptons with be well with arielle

It was actually a super quick trip – we ended up leaving Manhattan on Saturday afternoon, but it worked out perfectly because we jam packed a ton in and also set aside time to relax and have fun.

On top of having an amazing excuses to get out of the city, I got to drive this brand new Audi Q7 all weekend! It really made the weekend even more of a blast! It’s a stunning car, super comfortable and compact, but really roomy. The weekend included sun-roof-open dance parties to Rihanna (and Elmo!), as well as super fun events. We felt ultra safe and in style!

First stop: the town of East Hampton for a quick snack, ice water and a bathroom! It was so hot and muggy when we got there, so it was nice to go for a leisurely walk and cool off!

weekend with audi and hey mama co in the hamptons with be well with arielle

When we parked, we were so amused at the parking feature – the Audi  has a “virtual cockpit” screen that displays a birds eye image of the parking spot, so you can see literally how much room you have in front of you, in back of you and on the sides! If you’re not the best parallel parker like me, it’s super helpful! See below at the right photo.

weekend with audi and hey mama co in the hamptons with be well with arielle

When we got back to the house, we ran around with Ali’s daughter Dagny a bit, got dressed to go to my friend, Amanda Gluck‘s (The Fashionable Hostess) party! Amanda and I used to host dinner parties together, so it was so great seeing her action.

P.S. How cute is Ali’s baby bump and this romper from Hatch?!

weekend with audi and hey mama co in the hamptons with be well with arielle

By the time we got the party, it was drizzling, but the festivities were still commencing hard core outside – rose and champagne definitely flowing. Amanda and I shared the biggest hug ever (she now lives in Miami so we rarely see each other) and then we toasted with some coconut water – my kind of party!

weekend with audi and hey mama co in the hamptons with be well with arielle

I’m not such a flower crown kind of girl, but Amanda was right – flower crowns are amazing for bad hair days! My hair got super curly and frizzy from standing outside in the drizzle, but thanks to my flower crown, you couldn’t even tell!!

Everyone at the party, including the male bartenders and taco truck chef were sporting cute white flower crowns from the talented Crowns by Christy!

hamptons audi

We then noshed on Veggie and Chicken Tacos made with seasonal veggies from the cutest taco truck, Noah’s On the Road! The sauteed zucchini and mushrooms in the taco were so delish and it was topped with a lemony aioli.

taco truck at fashionable hostess party

I saw tons of inspiring and talented bloggers, including Lauren Nelson, one of the hosts, and Kate Rumson from the interior design account, The Real Houses of IG. Kate is so serene and down to earth and has over a million instagram followers! She just got an offer to appear on a reality show, so we chatted it up. One of my wishes and goals is to launch my own healthy cooking show on television, so she gave me the advice to keep on sharing pretty photos and using relevant hashtags on instagram.  Was grateful for her tips, and have been hashtagging a ton ever since!

Here are some of my favorite hashtags that I use often:

#healthy #healthyrecipe #healthycooking #healthylifestyle #bewell

Ali and I then headed for some ramen soup and then home for our slumber party and early wake up call.

We stayed at the Hey Mama Co. house, put on our pajamas and chatted and giggled for the rest of the night with Katya and Amri, the founders and Dasha, Katya’s sister, a kettle bell trainer.

That night, Ali and I ending up sharing a bed with her dog, Scooter!!!! It was the first time I had ever slept in a bed with a dog. I heard some pitter patter through out the night but to my surprise, I actually slept pretty well.

In the morning, we headed to Surf Lodge in Montauk for a morning of wellness and inspiration with the Hey Mama Co. crew.

hey mama hamptons invite

I have to admit, I sat out for most of the workout (yoga and barre classes are more my thing), but I loved watching all of the new martial arts inspired moves!

hamptons audi

We then heard from an inspiring panel of inspiring working mamas, including SELF Magazine’s Deputy Editor, Liz Plosser, Jill Foley, Founder of Peloton,  Jacq Tatelman, Co-Founder of State, and Dasha Anderson, creator of Kettlebell Kickboxing. They were so raw, real and inspiring. They spoke about how 5 minute workouts are sometimes just enough now that they have full time jobs and kids. They never even think of going to 90 minute yoga classes now! Oh, and they love carrying healthy snacks in their bags, like raw almonds to keep them satiated and energized on-the-go.

weekend with audi and hey mama co in the hamptons with be well with arielle

We had brunch overlooking the water, including delicious juices and the most stunning avocado toast — with a poached egg on top!

avocado toast

On the way back home, we stopped at one of my fave smoothie spots, Simply Sublime in East Hampton. We ordered smoothies for the road, and I was craving something savory so I got a bowl of nourishing kitchari, which is made with rice, mung beans and topped with ghee. It totally hit the spot.

weekend with audi and hey mama co in the hamptons with be well with arielle
The ride home is usually a little dreadful –  there’s typically so much traffic, but the Audi includes a ton of driver assistance features that made the driving experience so much more enjoyable. We had to switch up our destination a few times, and we actually loved entering in the addresses to the GPS system!  Instead of choosing letters and numbers and spelling out the address, there’s a keypad where you can draw out the letters making it so much faster to enter an address. So cool!

Thanks again to Audi for getting us around town safely, AND in style this weekend! Can’t wait to take it for another spin!

If you’re a mama, mama-to-be, or wish to be a mom someday, check out Hey Mama Co. It’s a community of uber fashionable, creative and entrepreneurial moms who are super inspiring and really doing amazing things in the world. Hey Mama also hosts awesome seasonal events. I can’t wait to attend more of them this year! Or, stay in touch on instagram at @heymamaco. I’m certainly feeling #stronglikeamama after the weekend!

weekend with audi and hey mama co in the hamptons with be well with arielle

Now, off to Fire Island for another healthy girls weekend getaway!

be fit. be fashionable. be well.


be well,



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9 Tips for Confident Public Speaking

by Arielle J on June 23, 2016

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

Yesterday, I shot an episode for Healthination about my favorite summer and beauty foods. The pict above was taken after the shoot. It was SO much fun! Can’t wait to show you the clip.

People always ask if I get nervous before shooting my cooking shows, or speaking in public. I actually LOVE speaking in public and talking in front of the camera. I wouldn’t say that I get nervous per se, but I do get excited! It wasn’t always this way, though.

arielle haspel public speaker

It took a lot of practice to speak in front of audience…and the camera. I also learned from people who inspired me!

Many people who have attended one my nutrition lectures, have been following me on social media, or who bought one of my iloveme rings, say things like:

“I would love to do what you do and follow my passions, but it’s really scary to take the leap.”

“I want to do what I love, too, but I don’t know how to get there.”

“I want to bring more purpose into my work.”

“I want to feel more fulfilled in my daily life.”

“I want to speak in public but I’m terrified!”

I get it. Speaking in front of people is so anxiety producing! And leaving a well paid job, to start your own business is super scary! But, it doesn’t have to be. I do what I love every day, and I feel energized, fulfilled and grateful — even when that particular day is tough, frustrating or exhausting.

But before I started my business, it didn’t look or feel like this at all. I worked at a few offices and there were days when my eyes were literally glued to the clock. I couldn’t wait for lunch…I couldn’t wait for my 3pm break. I couldn’t WAIT to leave the office! And I could hardly get up in the morning because thinking of stepping into my office was just such a drag. I hated speaking in meetings and I felt so unfulfilled at the end of every day and totally under appreciated. I would literally cry when I got home from work. I felt like I didn’t have a purpose.

When you struggle with doing what you love or feel like everything needs to be “perfect” before you can do something (like speak in front of an audience), it’s easy to feel paralyzed and never take action.

I know exactly how that feels and it’s the worst feeling ever. I want to make sure you have this info because it was life changing for me and I know it can be for you, too.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.27.01 PM

Here are 9 confidence tips that help me prepare speaking in public and in front of the camera: 

  • Prepare. prepare. prepare. Whether you’re speaking in front of 3 people, or 300 people, in person, on a webinar (or even TV!), preparation is key. When I know what I’m going to say, I feel confident with the content, which is seriously half of the challenge.  In order to prepare, I type out my speaking notes. Then, I’ll go over them again, organize them and put them in bullet proof format. I make the bullets short and to the point, so they’re easy to remember and expandable. I print out a copy and I send a copy to my phone so I have backup. Preparation is key.
  • Don’t try to be anyone else – just be you. I started hosting cooking classes about five years ago in the apartment building where I live. It started at 6pm, and I swear, I would spend the ENTIRE day almost memorizing “my lines.” I felt like I needed to know every single benefit of every food that I was talking about. What I learned is that it’s less important to spew facts, and more important to inspire people through experience. So, focus on what you do know. Focus on what makes you feel good. Focus on what you’re good at. Tell people how it makes you feel. And just be you. That’s all people want from you, anyway. Watch this video where my mentor, Gabby and I talk about authenticity. Authenticity is your sexiest trait.
  • Rehearse out loud. The night before the event, I always rehearse out loud, so when I wake up in the morning, I feel confident. I like rehearsing in front of my husband, or you can even do it front of the mirror, or I sometimes like taping myself on my computer or iphone so I  know how long it will be, what I’m going to say and how I’m going to say it. Your event is not a dress rehearsal, so rehearse beforehand!
  • Wear something that makes you feel like your best self. In high school, I was the President of the Student Council and I remember getting up in front of everyone and being so self-conscious with how tight my pants were – I was nervous that I had “camel toe!” It was totally, utterly embarrassing. But, when I look back, I’m so grateful for that experience. Now, when I am presenting in front of people, I make sure to dress in something I am comfortable in – no tight pants! I dress my best (always a pop of color), I get my hair done (because I’m just not a great hair stylist) and I make sure my nails are fresh and clean (just in case the camera does a close up of my nails!). Wear something that makes you feel confident, pretty and inspiring and try it on in the mirror before you step out into the audience!
  • Take a deep breath and pee! This is one of my favorite speaking rituals. Before every video that I shoot, or before every speaking engagement, I head to bathroom. I empty myself out (nothings worse than walking on the stage and feeling in the first few seconds that you have to pee!). Then, I reapply my lipgloss, make sure I don’t have any mascara running down my face and then, I take 3 deep breaths and remind myself why I’m there. I walk out feeling present and grounded and most importantly, ready to be me. Take a few minutes before you speak to just be with you. Take a deep breath and remind yourself how you can help the people that you’re speaking to.
  • When you step out into your audience or in front of the camera, and whether its 1 person or 300, LIVE or being taped, take a deep breath. Let in the people. Let in the experience. Take a look around and take a deep breath. You can do this!
  • Stand in confidence. Stand firmly on the ground with both feet on the floor and stand up straight.
  • Speak slowly. So much slower than you think you should speak@ I always tend to speak fast and when I re-play my videos or lectures, I always think I sound best when I’m speaking slowly. The slower you speak, the more time you have your brain to prepare what it’s going to say next and the more articulate you will sound!
  • Bring a clock or watch so you can track how long you’re speaking for.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you’re excited to get in front of the camera…and in front of an audience!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.39.25 PM

I’m able to show up with fierceness and passion in front of the camera and large audiences because of Gabrielle Bernstein, my friend, mentor and business coach. Gabby taught me to get clear about what I wanted and who I wanted to be. Then, she taught me to focus, focus, focus.

I started my business because of her. I was able to feel confident charging people for my health coaching services because of her. She taught me how to view myself as a business person. She taught me the power of meditation (even if it’s just for 1 minute!) She taught me how to speak confidently in public, because she does it so effortlessly in front of 100,000 people! She taught me to be authentic and always be me.

If it weren’t for Gabby, I definitely wouldn’t have started my jewelry business, or my health coaching business and I probably wouldn’t be on the path to having my own cooking show on TV.

Gabby created a business training program and it is AMAZING. If you want to gain confidence public speaking, learn how to turn your blog into a business, get lessons to make passive revenue and feel like you’re living in your purpose, I highly recommend Gabby’s new training. It is f-ing awesome and I know because I’ve gone through the training myself!

arielle haspel for gabrielle bernsteins spirit junkie masterclass bonues

Here’s the info about the training:

During Spirit Junkie Masterclass, you’ll gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn what you deserve for your work.

It’s a really well-done digital training course that was created to feel like you’re right into the auditorium with her, so it feels like a LIVE training. 

Because I’m so obsessed and because it helped me so much, I’m so excited to offer an AMAZING bonus for anyone who signs up through this link here!

In the 8-module Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital course, you will:

  • Get step-by-step guidance on how to establish and grow your business, attract media for your message and make money doing what you love.
  • Learn how to turn your blog into a business, publish a life-changing book, lead a transformational talk and create digital courses so that you can create passive revenue for your great work.
  • Join 2 live Q&A calls with Gabby throughout the 8-week training.
  • Have access to an always-fresh, forever relevant program that you can take at your own pace and revisit for a lifetime.
  • Experience the energy and enthusiasm from the live training in the comfort of your own home. Have the option to learn via video, audio, or typed transcripts — whichever format fits your learning style best.
  • Plus, Gabby is offering an extra special bonus when you sign up for the training before June 26, 2016: Her Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program!

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get:

  • 2 live training calls with Gabby: The first will help you clarify your visions and move past your blocks, and in the second she’ll guide you to get into action! These live calls are valued at $500.
  • The Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program: Gabby created this program with her team of business pros. It will give you everything you need to set up the back end of your business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance information and much more. This program has a total value of $3,000.
  • Get $3500 in bonuses when you sign up before June 26 at midnight ET.


business training bonuses from arielle haspel for gabrielle bernstein

And if you sign up with this link here, you will receive these special bonuses from ME!:

*Your choice of a necklace or ring – sterling silver with pearl. In stock options only. Worldwide shipping included. Your ring will be sent week of July 10th – look out for an email from me then to confirm your address.

**Your 45 min breakthrough session will be scheduled after July 10th. Look out for an email from me after July 10th to schedule your appointment.

Questions? Email me at

These extra bonuses total $525 (and you get it for FREE if you sign up for Gabby’s training using this link)

Use this link to sign up for Spirit Junkie Masterclass, so you can receive a FREE iloveme ring or necklace, plus a FREE 45-min call with me! This offer closes on Sunday, June 26 at midnight ET so sign up now here to receive the training and the FREE bonuses from me! Your jewelry will ship week of July 10th! 

You can get all of these bonuses when you sign up here:

I believe you in you and all that you are worth. It’s time to stop waiting, and to take the leap. It will feel SO good. I know it!

Love and Be Well,


P.S. All these bonuses may never happen again, so make sure to check out the details of the awesome deal here:

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friday hightlights from be well with arielle

Happy Friday!

The week started off on a great note – I was in Park City with my husband for a wedding!

The actual wedding was super fun, and beyond stunning. Check out this photo of the bride and groom. The bride happens to be a model, so it was beyond picturesque!

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

Oh – and here is one of the highlights from my trip – visiting the “Park Silly” farmers market and getting this Pineapple Snow Cone!

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

As I mentioned in my newsletter, instead of food coloring and sweetened condensed milk, I asked for fresh pineapple juice and coconut milk. Best summer treat ever! I spooned it out and ate literally all of it myself.

Make it at home by: slicing the top of the pineapple off. Then, scoop out the pineapple using this pineapple corer or a sharp knife. In a blender, blend ice, pineapple, and unsweetened, full-fat coconut milk and then spoon out the icy pina colada mixture into the pineapple, add a cute straw and umbrella (if you have) and enjoy!

healthy highlights be be well with arielle

This week wasn’t as jam packed with events as last week, but it was pretty exciting so wanted to share some the healthy highlights from the week with you!

On Monday, we woke up bright an early and flew from Salt Lake City, Utah back to New York. This is one of the views from the hotel.

healthy highlights and be well with arielle

And this was a shot that I took on a bike ride. It was mountain biking. Let me say that in a another way, biking in the MOUNTAINS…on rocks! It was so freaking hard. I wimped out and didn’t go all the way up the mountain. Instead, I took a nice, leisurely ride, breathed in the fresh air and enjoyed every second…and every sip of water!

healthy highlights and be well with arielle

On Tuesday, I was tad bit jet lagged, so I felt little loopy all day! Ended the day watching the OJ Simpson documentary. It definitely isn’t the most heart warming thing to watch, but it’s super interesting and entertaining! If you watch it at night, I advise you to leave a little time to wind down before bed! This is what I snacked on while watching it. One of my fave chocolates ever from Hu Kitchen!

hu kitchen chocolate almond butter quinoa bar

On Wednesday, I shot a new episode for Healthination. This show was all about my favorite picnic foods and beautifying summer foods. We shot it in Brooklyn at a park in DUMBO. It was so fun! Here is a link to my past cooking videos with them!

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

Afterwards, I went to yoga, had dinner on my roof, and went for the longest walk ever to the West Village to get some avocado ice-cream at my new fave place, called (Springbone)…but it was closed! Was so bummed but can’t wait to go back next week!

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

Today, I’m having my first personal training session with Mikey Victor. I’ve been looking forward to having a session with him since April! Follow on snapchat (bewellwarielle) and instagram (bewellwitharielle) to see my new moves.

Then, I’m off to the Hamptons to celebrate life and love with my husband and best friends.

Have an fun-filled and healthy weekend!


be happy. be healthy. be you.

be well,


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Friday: Healthy Highlights from the Week

by Arielle J on June 17, 2016

fire island ferry

Happy Friday!

I’m up bright and early this morning,
heading off to Park City, UT with my husband
for a wedding in the mountains.

This week was jam packed with such incredible events, so I wanted to share the healthy highlights from the week with you!

On Monday, I had my best friend’s birthday dinner. Keri and I have been friends since we met at camp when we were 12 years old. She’s one of my biggest cheerleaders and such a light in my life. We went to Vandal, and I ordered for all 12 people! Everyone was satisfied to the max AND the bill was really reasonable for a NYC night out! Score!

michael strahan and latreal mitchell for meta appetite control

On Tuesday, I woke up bright and early and worked out with Michael Strahan (I’m such a fan!) and his trainer, Latreal Mitchell! I was so nervous for the workout (I’m not much of a cardio girl), but the workout was based on “Functional Range Conditioning” and I ended up LOVING it. The workout was similar to yoga, lots of stretching, with a mix of strength training without weights. Afterwards, we sipped on smoothies made with Meta, which is a smoothie powder made fiber-rich physillium husk. The unflavored version is made with 3 ingredients, so if you need a boost going to the bathroom (yes! I’m talking about going #2), or need some help getting full faster, this may be a great addition to your morning smoothies. I recommend the unflavored version and adding in fresh or frozen fruit to sweeten it naturally. Or, add in some chia seeds for a full dose of fiber. I like the white chia seeds best.

After we sipped on smoothies, we sat down for a chat with Michael and Latreal.

I loved when Michael said that he likes to eat “80/20” to keep him feeling on track! Just like me, Michael!! 80/20 means 80% of the time, he eats to nourish his body and 20% of the time, he eats what is available to him, even if it’s not the healthiest!

When it comes to working out, Michael said “don’t push through workouts. As a football player, you can’t stop because it’s your job. But when you’re working out to stay fit, make it feel good. If it’s too hot outside, take your workout inside or slow down.” He feels better now than he did when he played football. He says, “Quality of life is so much better when you can move your body.” Just one reason why I love yoga so much!

After the event, I asked Latreal what she likes to eat pre and post workout and to snack on. I especially wanted to know, because her abs are ripped and her arms are amazing – so, so toned. She’s not a fan of dairy, sugar or processed foods. Oh, and she doesn’t eat corn. Like me!

Her favorite snack? Beanitos chips with guacamole and a glass of champagne! Or, a green apple with almond butter.

Her fave breakfast? Steel Cut Oats with Walnuts and a side of egg whites.

Her fave post-workout snack? A smoothie made with fruit and a vegetarian protein powder. (I like this non-vegetarian protein powder)

Latreal believes in the power of keeping your workouts “fresh”. I love that term – it’s so motivating. She said, “if you’re bored with your workout routine, find something that you like to do! Outdoor activities are fun and great way to keep it fresh. You don’t just need a gym to have a great workout – try a bike ride, squats in the park or even a boxing class. And, find someone who already works out. It’s a great way to stay motivated. Social support is key. Oh – and if you have kids, put on some music and dance! Show them your old dance moves!”

I’m still feeling fit from the workout – thanks, Michael, Latreal and Meta! Check out photos under hashtag #crushcravings

avocado martini

On Tuesday night, I attended the most amazing dinner made with ALL avocado! My friend, Beth, who is the Food Editor at Health Magazine invited me and the Avocado Council hosted it. Chef John Fraser, the famed chef at Narcissa (one of my fave NYC restaurants), made an innovative dinner made of all avocado!

First, we sipped on Avocado Martinis!Make it at home by blending up: avocado, crushed ice, tequila and a splash of fresh orange juice to sweeten. Rim the glass with pink himalayan sea salt and then top it off with some sprigs of cilantro to brighten it up. Holy yum!

Then, we had Avocado Ravioli made with crab and tomato consomme (tomato water). Then, Avocado Mousse, Confit Avocado, Avocado Semifreddo with FRESH white chocolate AND last but not least, avocado-black pepper macaroons!! It was beyond creative, so delicious..and certainly filling!

Registered Dietician, Erin Palinski-Wade gave us good news about these healthy, high-fat fruit – apparently people who consume avocados have smaller waistlines! Good news, right? Also, avocado lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and blood lipids, so it’s a great option for people with high blood pressure, insulin resistance and diabetes.

Also, avocados, because of their creamy texture and high (good) fat content, are a great substitute for cheese or mayo. For example, swapping a sandwich with avocado for cheese can actually boost the nutrient profile of the sandwich, while still giving you a similar satisfaction level.

Another fact about avocados that I love: it’s smart to pair avocados with tomatoes and carrots, because avocados (fat) aids in the absorption of vitamin A (a fat soluble vitamin found in tomatoes and carrots), which is good for your eyes! Good news for people, like me, who like BLATs (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado Tomato Sandwiches!). Avocados are SUPER versatile, so try incorporating them into your daily life in a creative way! I love this Avocado Chocolate Pudding Cake.

Check out photos under hashtag #frasergoesavo

Breaking Vegan by Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde and Arielle Haspel of be well with arielle

On Wednesday, I attended my friend’s Jordan’s book launch. In her new book, “Breaking Vegan” inspired by her former life as the “The Blonde Vegan” and now, “The Balanced Blonde,” Jordan shares her experience to switch up her healthy lifestyle. It was held at my friend, Jamie’s cute restaurant in the West Village, called Gingersnaps Organic. If you want fresh almond milk, run, don’t walk!

After, I went for dinner with my elementary school friend, Roni, who is the owner of one of my fave clothing lines, Generation Love Clothing. She brought a bag for me full of new summer dresses and tops, so we went to the restaurant bathroom and tried them on!! All throughout dinner, we were talking about dessert – how we wanted healthy ice cream. Well, Seamores, the restaurant had coconut milk-cashew soft-serve ice-cream!!! The flavor of the night was Coconut-Macadamia and was topped with chocolate sprinkles and coconut flakes. SO AMAZING!!! If you’re looking for a sweet summer treat, definitely run, don’t walk to Seamores – it’s a block from Little Italy on Mulberry and Kenmare. Oh, and the owner went out our elementary school. So proud of all of these successful P.S. 158 alum!

vegan coconut milk ice cream from odd fellows at seamores in NYC

Yesterday, Thursday, I was invited to “spin and sip” event hosted by my friend, Candice Kumai to launch a non-GMO smoothie line made by Kashi GoLean. I wasn’t able to make it, but it looks like everyone had a blast!

Cooking Class

Anyway, have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day weekend to all of the amazing men out there!

{My family and I celebrated my dad and brother-in-law last week. First, we went to a cooking class together (my dad is obsessed with dumplings) and then we took a trip to my favorite place on earth, Fire Island!}


be excited. be adventurous. be you

be well,


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Spirit Junkie Masterclass - Turn your passion into your paycheck. By Gabrielle Bernstein

Last night I attended my friend, Jordan Younger’s book launch for “Breaking Vegan.” She garnered a huge following back in the day from her instagram and blog called “The Blonde Vegan.”

Jordan and I met in NYC a few years ago before she moved to LA. I invited her over for a fun girl’s brunch at my apartment and afterwards, she interviewed me on her blog here.

In her new book inspired by her new business, The Balanced Blonde, Jordan shares her experience of being vegan and the need to switch up her lifestyle! I can’t wait to dive in to the book, but in the meantime, it really got me thinking about launching a business, how to make it a success… and the fear of competition. She definitely is a prime example of someone who also turned her passion into a paycheck!

Breaking Vegan by Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde

In my newsletter today, I share all about starting a business, my fears around asking for money and owning my worth…and letting go of competition. {Sign up for my newsletter here}

I get asked all of the time “How did you take the leap to start your business and how did you grow it?”

In 2008, I actually had no idea what I wanted to do. But, I knew that I wanted my life to be different and I wanted to make money doing what I loved.

I had a huge fear around asking for money, though and I hated even the thought of having to sell something. Can you relate?

Do you have fear around self promotion and get uncomfortable talking about yourself?
Do you know that you need to make a change in your life, but you’re nervous to take the leap?
Do you feel stifled getting clients because of all of the competition out there?

Arielle Haspel of

I totally get it! Self promotion can be super intimidating and the money conversation can be _really_ awkward.

The main person who helped me start my jewelry and health coaching businesses was my mentor, Gabrielle Bernstein.

One of the most helpful tips that Gabby gave me was: “Arielle, don’t even think about selling anything. Get into a place where you deeply feel connected and excited about what you want to do and SHARE it. Don’t even think about selling.”

Gabby is a money magnet and a total media magnet. She has a massive following, FIVE best selling books, she’s been interviewed by Oprah, featured in a 6 page spread in ELLE Magazine and on the front page of the New York Times Sunday Styles section!! Her success is so inspiring and her suggestions are spot on, so I always take her advice. Click here for her tips.

And it has worked!

My jewelry business took off because of my love for the message behind it. And myhealth coaching practice blossomed because of my deep passion for helping people feel good.

Arielle Haspel of

I never feel a sense of competition.

I’ve learned…
There is a enough to go around and when you have an empowering message or talent, it is a disadvantage to the world if you don’t share it.

Today, Gabby is sharing her 3 tips to launch your career:
* combat your fear of selling
* gain confidence and grow your following
* let go of competition

Spirit Junkie Masterclass - Turn your passion into your paycheck. By Gabrielle Bernstein

Watch this free video and learn:
* The #1 way to launch a successful business.
* How to stand out amongst competition.
* How to make promotion FUN!

Click here to watch. My fave part is: 5:28.

When we get to a place where we are truly being ourselves, competition is irrelevant. We can truly applaud the successes of our friends and the people in the same industries as us. YES, YES, YES!

be authentic. be confident. be you.

Be Well,

P.S. I’m honored to be one of Gabrielle Bernstein’s affiliates. I deeply believe in her and may earn a referral fee if you end up taking her training. Her teachings have changed my life and I know that they can change yours too!

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3 tips to turn your passion intoa profession

If you’ve been following me on instagram (@bewellwitharielle) and snapchat (@bewellwarielle), then
you would’ve seen all of the excitement from last night.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 7.59.16 AM

…the AMAZING Beyonce in concert!
My friend got us 8th row seats! It was seriously a dream.
I have never sat that close up at a concert ever in my life.
My body was vibrating all night and I can literally still feel the electricity of her performance! I turned to my friend, Ali, who took me, hugged her so tight and said “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I was at a Beyonce concert, 8th row, AND it was A GIFT!

I get asked all of the time how I have gotten to where I am today – from a jewelry business, to hosting corporate lectures and events, to a cooking show!

My friends and family are incredible, I get freebies from brands sent to me every week and amazing dreamy opportunities. I am so grateful and wake up everyday thanking the universe!

Arielle Haspel

But, I often think to myself “what I have I done to deserve all of this amazing things and opportunities?!”

One of the main people that has helped learn how to manifest, live a happy life and start a business is my good friend and mentor, Gabby Bernstein. I attended one of Gabby’s first lectures back in 2008 and quickly became her client. (I was actually her first paid client!!) She helped me believe in myself, step out into the world confidently and turn all of my passions into a profession. She is the master of personal growth and she’s committed to guiding us through whatever blocks us from living our life’s purpose and sharing it with the world.

I get asked all of the time how I took the leap and started my own business. First, I had to get through the things that were blocking me.

Well, there are a few common issues that hold us back from truly believing in ourselves and Gabby tackles them in these free videos.

3 tips from gabrielle bernstein

I am so excited to share some of her tips with you that helped me the most. If you have the urge to step into your power, now is the time!

In this first free video training, Gabby teaches you how to gain the confidence and start turning your passion into a profession.

Click here to watch the video…

My fave advice is at: 3:51 and 5:21. These “just do it” tips are what helped me build my confidence and really step out into the world as an entrepreneur.

Watch this video and I bet that you’ll immediately feel inspired to turn your passion into a profession, too!

Sending you lots of love on this gorgeous day.

Be confident. Be you. Be well.


Be Well,

P.S. I’m so honored to be one of Gabrielle Bernstein’s affiliates. I deeply believe in her and this program and may earn a referral fee if you take the course from my recommendation. Her teachings have changed my life and I know that they can change yours too! 

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healthy home-made version of starbucks caramelized honey frappucino by arielle haspel and be well with arielle

Total confession – I LOVE coffee. I’m obsessed with the scent, the taste, and (even the cups they come in!) Oh and Starbucks frappuccinos? Don’t even get me started. I would drink them all day everyday! Am I right? They are so freaking delicious!
But…I rarely even drink coffee! Not because of the pH (acidity of it) or the fact that it stains my teeth (eeek!)…or that most places add tons of white sugar to it.
{Try my healthier version of Starbucks Honey Caramel Frapp for Thrive Market here.}
healthy home-made version of starbucks caramelized honey frappucino by arielle haspel and be well with arielle
I’m really sensitive to caffeine, so coffee actually makes me super jittery. (Like bouncing off the walls jitters.) When I do have it – it’s usually iced, organic, decaf and with some type of delicious dairy-free milk, like coconut milk, almond milk or hemp milk and a dash of coconut palm sugar. I typically prefer tea – black tea with milk and local honey is my ultimate fave.
I know I’m not like most people – my friends and family are diehard fans of coffee! This spring, Starbucks beverage du jour is the caramelized honey frappuccino. It is UH-MAZINGLY delicious – creamy, super sweet. So, I wanted to make a version that everyone, including me, could make at home and indulge in.
healthy home-made version of starbucks caramelized honey frappucino by arielle haspel and be well with arielle
I always try to “healthify” my favorite treats so I know exactly what I’m putting into my body, while still feeling like I’m treating myself. Now, I no longer have to deprive myself of my fave treat! Get the recipe here.
When Thrive Market asked me to create a healthified version of Starbucks famous Caramelized Honey Frappuccino, I wrote back with a “HELL YES!”
Get excited because you can satisfy your sweet tooth by blending up a healthier version at home. Naturally sweetened with dates and honey recreate the burnt sugar flavor of the original, just without the the 68 grams of sugar (and the inevitable sugar crash). In this recipe that I made for Thrive Market, I also use almond milk to make it super creamy. Best of all, it takes less than three minutes to whip up yourself—and only costs a few cents! Get the recipe here.
This quick treat will make you burst with excitement to get out of bed in the morning. I used organic, decaf, instant coffee, but feel free to use whatever amount of caffeine makes you and your body happy!
Just blend up these ingredients and enjoy!
healthy home-made version of starbucks caramelized honey frappucino by arielle haspel and be well with arielle
Get the recipe here at
 arielle haspel on thrive market
P.S. If you don’t want to make your own coffee and you love Starbucks, try their glass bottle with plain, unsweetened coffee as an on-the-go option. You can add your own milk from home, or they offer coconut milk at stores (which is delish and a great alternative to dairy but still has a lot of sugar in it).  Or, try the organic milk which is available at most Starbucks checkout counters and add yourself!
starbucks unsweetened iced coffee
Let me know how you like it – post a photo of your creation and tag me on instagram (@bewellwitharielle) so I can see!
be sweet. be healthy. be energized.
xo be well,

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gluten free grass-fed burger by arielle haspel of be well with arielle

One my favorite summer weekend activities is a trip to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s a food love fest on the water, overlooking the city. They sell everything from coconut water, thai food, gourmet french fries, to the infamous Keizo Shimamoto’s ramen burger. It’s a fun scene with AMAZING food.

I’ve tried the ramen burger and it’s absolutely amazing. The juicy patty is sandwiched between two crispy noodle “buns.” If you can’t get your hands on the real thing, make a healthier version, like the Gluten-Free Ramen Burger on Thrive Market here!

This recipe uses all the classic Asian flavors, but with healthy substitutes, like tamari (gluten-free version of soy sauce), grass-fed burger patty and brown rice–millet ramen (gluten-free version of ramen) to keep it strictly gluten-free. Top it all off with tomato, onions, avocado and scallions and you’ve got yourself a beyond delish meal!

gluten free grass-fed burger by arielle haspel of be well with arielle

I’ve teamed up with Thrive Market to show you how to make it. Click here for the full recipe.

thrive market ramen burger by arielle haspel

gluten free grass-fed burger by arielle haspel of be well with arielle

gluten free grass-fed burger by arielle haspel of be well with arielle

gluten free grass-fed burger by arielle haspel of be well with arielle

gluten free grass-fed burger by arielle haspel of be well with arielle

gluten free grass-fed burger by arielle haspel of be well with arielle

How delish does it look? Wait until you taste it! Get the recipe on Thrive Market here.

be fun. be adventurous. be well.


be well,


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Cooking with Mama & Tata

by Arielle J on May 12, 2016

Arielle Haspel of on

I’m so excited – one of my favorite cooking class clients, Jenna Crespi launched Mama and Tata with her sister, Candice Miller, and it truly is the coolest insider’s guide to what every hip and healthy woman needs in NYC.

I’m obsessed with all of their recommendations.

Jenna and I have known each other since high school days. We both grew up in NYC and moved back home after college. We would see each other every week at the gym and on the streets of NY.

Jenna reached out to do some cooking classes with her friend. They wanted to learn quick, easy, healthy and delicious recipes that they could make for themselves and their husbands during the week. Every week we met and cooked together.

Recently I made Healthified Chocolate-Coconut Granola with Mama, Tata and their ADORABLE crew. Get the recipe here.

Check out some of the photos from our cooking class and interview!

Arielle Haspel of on

The girls helped me mix up the gluten-free oats, coconut oil, maple syrup and dark chocolate chips.

Arielle Haspel of on

We had so much fun and they couldn’t wait to put it in the oven! P.S How cute are they? And how adorable is that kid’s cooking mitt?!

Arielle Haspel of on

On their site, Mama and Tata said: “We never learned how to cook when we were young, so naturally when we were becoming mamas we both scrambled to find a great chef to teach us how to make some simple, tasty, and healthy options. Arielle’s vibrant energy makes cooking a fun family activity and she tailors your menu to your personal food preferences. She teaches you to cook with healthy and organic ingredients, such as coconut oil instead of canola oil, almond meal instead of flour, her recipe for muffins made of chickpeas and almond butter is our personal fav!  She provides nutritional advice, hosts her own cooking show for Glamour Magazine, holds cooking events, and the list goes on! Not only is she great fun for adult groups or privates, but she also loves children and offers group cooking classes for the kiddies” – Mama & Tata.

Thanks, girls! I love, love cooking with you, too!

Arielle Haspel of on

Check out my fun interview with them here, called “Cooking for Dummies”.

And check out Mama & Tata: the new, hip and fashionable destination for things mom in NYC – the coolest places to shop, plus even where to workout to get hot bods like them!

Can’t wait to cook with YOU!

be delicious. be fun. be well.


be well,


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Healthified Cereal Milk Doughnuts

by Arielle J on May 10, 2016

Gluten Free Cereal Milk doughnuts on thrive market made by arielle haspel. healthified. Healthier breakfast

When Thrive Market asked if I would some of my favorite healthified recipes, one of the first recipes that came to mind were these Healthified Cereal Milk Doughnuts.

Gluten Free Cereal Milk doughnuts on thrive market made by arielle haspel. healthified. Healthier breakfast

Remember cereal milk? The brightly colored, sugar-infused milk left behind from your fave childhood cereal? Well these gluten-free doughnuts draw inspiration from that nostalgic breakfast memory! Momufuko and Popsugar were the first creators of these genius and I swapped some of the ingredients to make them as delicious and guilt-free!

Gluten Free Cereal Milk doughnuts on thrive market made by arielle haspel. healthified. Healthier breakfast

Made with cereal “milk”, almond flour, sweetened with coconut sugar, and baked instead of fried, these are ideal for an occasional breakfast and livening up your next brunch party!

Pick up a doughnut pan and a box of your favorite cereal, and get in your kitchen ASAP!

Gluten Free Cereal Milk doughnuts on thrive market made by arielle haspel. healthified. Healthier breakfast

These cereal milk doughnut are such a playful way to treat yourself.
Here’s how I healthified them:
– baked instead of fried
– coconut palm sugar instead of white sugar
– gluten-free, lower-in-sugar cereals
– almond flour, instead of white or whole wheat flour
– almond milk, instead of regular milk

Get the recipe here at Thrive Market.
Thrive Market - May 5, 2016

Hope you enjoy this recipe and stay tuned for more of my healthified, playful recipes at Thrive Market.

Be playful. Be fun. Be delicious.


be well,

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Gluten-Free Matzo Balls

by Arielle J on April 22, 2016

Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Soup for Passover by Arielle Haspel of

Happy Passover!

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself. This was my second attempt at making making matzo balls and they came out pretty perfect! I was inspired by a recipe, so I can’t take full credit for this one, but I’m feeling like a really good Jewish wife right now:)

Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Soup for Passover by Arielle Haspel of

During the first attempt, I tried to make Gluten-Free Matzo Balls out of almond flour and it was a total fail. They taste really good, but they came out flat and dense and don’t look like a traditional matzo ball.

I’ve never made matzo balls before, so when I arrived at the supermarket, I got nervous and just bought the Gluten-Free Matzo Ball mix. When I got home, I realized I didn’t have some of the ingredients to make the recipe on the back of the container. So, I used what I had in  my kitchen, and of course, healthified it a little. Next year, I’ll experiment making it even healthier. Baby steps…

Disclaimer: I am Jewish, but I am not fully Kosher-for-Passover observant, so some of the ingredients used below may not be traditionally approved for Passover. Please swap for ingredients that work for you, for your holiday and your home.

Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Soup for Passover by Arielle Haspel of

Gluten-Free Matzo Balls
What You Need:
6 pasture-raised eggs
1/2 cup ghee, melted (I used this instead of vegetable oil)
1/4 water, room temperature
2 cups Gluten-Free Matzo Meal
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp arrowroot (I used this instead of potato starch)
1/4 cup tapioca starch
1/2 cup parsley, minced
2 Tbs fine sea salt
3/4 tsp black pepper

* Makes approx 30 Matzo Balls (about 1 3/4″ in size). I think 2-3 per serving is ideal for each bowl, so this will serve 10-15 people.

*For a delicious healthified chicken bone broth recipe, click here.

Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Soup for Passover by Arielle Haspel of

1. In a medium bowl, whisk together wet ingredients: eggs, ghee and filtered water
2. In a separate bowl, whisk together dry ingredients: matzo meal, baking powder, arrowroot, tapioca starch, parsley and sea salt and pepper
3. Whisk the wet and dry ingredients together
4. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight
5. Take out of refrigerator – you’ll see that the mixture is thick and dense. Lightly moisten your (clean) hands with water, put 1 Tbs of batter in your hands and roll into smooth balls with your hands.
6. In the meantime, bring a large soup pot (wide and deep) of salted water or chicken soup to a boil. (Works best with chicken soup because it flavors the matzo ball).
7. In batches, so as not to overcrowd the pot, carefully place the balls into the rapidly boiling water. Cook for 35-40 minutes until light and fluffy.
8. Remove from pot and store in refrigerator until ready to serve or serve immediately into your soup. Garnish with some parsley for a pop of freshness, color (and extra minerals).

Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Soup for Passover by Arielle Haspel of

This recipe is an adaptation to the recipe on the back of this container by Yehuda.

For a chicken soup recipe, click here.

Happy Passover to all of you who are celebrating. May we always feel happy and free in our lives.

Gluten-Free Matzo Ball Soup for Passover by Arielle Haspel of

For more Passover-friendly recipes, like Matzah Pizza, click here.

Be tasty. Be free. Be well.

Be Well,

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Food or Fiction Image 1

“Do I realllyyyy have to go gluten­-free?”
“Is green juice healthier than smoothies?”
“Whats the best protein bar on the market?”

Want to know the answers this second? Click here to the listen to the recording.

I get asked these questions all of the time. I get it.
It’s tough nowadays to go to the supermarket and decipher between
food or fiction: what’s “healthy” vs. “not healthy”.
I totally get it.
It’s also tough to figure out who to trust.
I totally get that too!

I have a very specific food philosophy – do the best you can with the education that you have and find simple ways to healthify your favorite foods so you can eat guilt-free and feel great about your body.

It’s rare that you find other people who are on board with exactly what you preach about. So, today, I’m introducing to you to my friend, Amanda Hayes Morgan. She’s cute, bubbly, super positive, open-minded and non-restrictive.

Food or Fiction 2

Best of all, we share the same food philosophy, so when we go out to eat we’re able to share everything!

Recently we went out for lunch and shared a salad to start and a brown rice veggie bowl with grass-fed beef. It was DELISH and super nourishing to be with her.

Food or Fiction - insta

Like me, she cares more about ingredients versus calories, she believes in the importance of the quality of food that you’re eating and she understands the emotional aspect of food. She also has amazing taste… and she’s SUPER organized (not like me!).

Here are some of the foods that Amanda and I love:
– seasonal vegetables and fruit
– dates for smoothies
– fresh ginger root for tea
– pasture-raised eggs for breakfast
– brown rice cakes with raw almond butter for snack
– grass-fed beef with mushrooms, onions and swiss chard for dinner

Amanda creates #bewellwithapproved nutrition programs. Listen to the recording of her recent webinar here.

If you’re feeling confused about food and health trends and want someone to break it down for you in a simple, fast and fun way, listen to the recording here.

She talks about the truth about 3 food trends most people think are healthy — green juice, protein bars and going gluten-free and better options for each.

After you listen to this recording, you’ll feel clearer and more confident when you head to the supermarket.

Reserve your FREE spot for The Food or Fiction webinar here, now:

It’s totally #bewellwitharielleapproved.

Be Well,

P.S. Sign up now and start feeling more confident about your food choices. The Food or Fiction Webinar is completely FREE! Listen to the recording here.

PS. Want a killer Black Bean Brownie Donut recipe? Make sure you’re on my mailing list here.

Healthified Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies made by Arielle Haspel of

Here is my Healthified Blondie recipe in the meantime. You won’t believe what it’s made of — chickpeas!!


Be Empowered. Be Confident. Be You.

Be Well,

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Home-made Hemp Milk

by Arielle J on March 28, 2016

Home-made Hemp Milk by Arielle Haspel of

I love finding creative ways to feed the whole family.

This past weekend I went to the Hamptons with my husband, our best friends and their 1 1/2 year old baby, Dagny. Our trip inspired me to find unique protein sources that are practical for adults, and children.

Hemp seeds are a popular vegetarian source of protein, and I love them because they’re very versatile and mild in taste. These greenish-beige seeds are slightly bitter and nutty and can be sprinkled in smoothies, on top of cereal, and even added to trail mix. They’re also super small and soft, so they can be eaten by the spoonful!

Home-made Hemp Milk by Arielle Haspel of

If you have a picky child who gravitates toward starchy foods, like pasta and fries, try adding in some hemps seeds or some hemp milk to their daily routine for a dose of protein. 1.5 Tablespoons have 5g of protein.

Home-made Hemp Milk by Arielle Haspel of

This hemp milk is sweet and creamy and a dairy and nut-free way to get in some good fats and protein. It also has potassium and magnesium, so it’s great for adults to drink after a workout to help replenish muscles.

Home-Made Hemp Milk
What You’ll Need:

1/2 cup raw shelled hemp seeds
1 1/2 cups filtered water
2 Tablespoons maple syrup
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 teaspoons raw unrefined coconut butter
pinch of sea salt

1. Blend all of the ingredients together for about 60 seconds until milky white.
Drink on its own in a glass, add to cereal or a healthy smoothie.

Makes approx 2 cups milk. (It’s pretty filling so I would separate into four 1/2 cup servings). Store in the fridge in an air-tight jar or container for about 3 days.

*I didn’t find it necessary to strain, but you can strain through a nut bag if you prefer to have a smoother consistency.

Home-made Hemp Milk by Arielle Haspel of

Want more healthy recipes? Sign up for my newsletter here.

Interested in another family-friendly recipe? Check out my Healthified Rice Krispies Treats.

be sweet. be fun. be well

be well,

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Healthified Chocolate Chip Blondies

by Arielle J on March 25, 2016

Healthified Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies made by Arielle Haspel of

My husband drives to Connecticut every morning for work and is always looking for quick and easy breakfasts to take with him on the drive. We’ve experimented with protein smoothies (I like this protein powder), brown rice cakes with almond butter (which are delicious but make a total mess in the car), and healthy muffins.

Recently, though, he got into the habit of going to a nearby juice spot around the corner from where we live. Every morning, he picks up the same thing: 1 blondie and 1 green juice.

In nutrition school, I learned never to tell a person (especially your family members and boyfriends, girlfriends) what to eat and what not to eat…unless they ask. Instead, just be power of example.

So, I briefly mentioned to him that I wonder what they make the blondies with at the store. I’ve learned that just because it looks like a healthy restaurant (or store), doesn’t necessarily mean that everything in it is going to make you feel good. Well, I never did my research on the ingredients and I don’t think my husband has ever asked, either.

Instead, I just went ahead and experimented on my own!

Healthified Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies made by Arielle Haspel of

These healthified blondies actually look and taste so similar to the one my husband purchases. It’s been a total success in our house, and not to mention, a total money saver too. He was paying $4 every morning for one blondie and I paid about $10 in total to make 16 of them!

So let’s get into what they’re made with…

1- Chickpeas. Yes, chickpeas!! I’ve heard of people using them in baked goods, and this is the second time I had a successful run with them.  They add density, just like flour, and are loaded with protein and fiber, making it a more nutritious baked good, and even breakfast. Get excited for my healthified baked good – Black Bean Brownie Donuts! Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to get the recipe.

Healthified Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies made by Arielle Haspel of

2- Almond Flour. A great alternative to flour. It’s just ground up almonds. Adds good fat and protein to fill you up (without filling you out).

3- Brown Rice Syrup and Maple Syrup. I’m always looking for ways to “healthify” our favorite indulgent foods without comprising taste or texture. Most baked goods that you find in grocery stores and restaurants (and even recipes online) are made with white sugar or corn syrup, and some even are sweetened with banana, which just doesn’t do it for me. So in this recipe, I swapped the processed stuff for brown rice syrup and maple syrup which give it the perfect sticky texture and sweet flavor.

To fluffen them up a little, I added the best quality eggs I could find — pasture-raised and organic.

Healthified Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies made by Arielle Haspel of

For breakfast, I suggest swapping the chocolate chips for something even healthier, like cacao nibs, which are pure chocolate (crushed up cacao beans with no sugar added).
Healthified Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies made by Arielle Haspel of

Healthified Chocolate Chip Blondies

1 can/box organic garbanzo beans (approx 2 cups), drained and rinsed
4 pasture-raised eggs
1 1/4 cup brown rice syrup
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 cups almond flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp sea salt
1 cup mini dark chocolate chips
1 Tbsp coconut oil

1. Heat oven to 350 F degrees
2. In blender, blend chickpeas and eggs
3. Add brown rice syrup and maple syrup slowly
4. Add almond flour, baking powder and sea salt and blend until smooth
4. Pour chocolate chips into blender and don’t blend — just mix with a spoon
5. Grease a 9×13” glass pan with coconut oil, or lay down some parchment paper. Pour chickpea batter in the greased pan
6. Bake for 45 minutes. Let cool for 10 minutes and cut into large squares and serve. Store in fridge in a glass container with lid for 1 week.

* Makes approx 20 squares

Healthified Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies made by Arielle Haspel of


For more healthy recipes, sign up for my newsletter here. And be sure to follow me on instagram (@bewellwitharielle) for more recipes and healthy lifestyle tips.


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10 Ways to Turn Popcorn into Candy on Tastemade

by Arielle J on February 22, 2016

healthy coconut caramel crackerjacks - gluten-free and no corn syrup - made by arielle haspel of

So so excited! My Healthy Coconut Crackerjacks recipe
was featured on as one of the “10 Ways to Turn Popcorn into Candy” article.

It’s the perfect recipe when you’re craving something indulgent, but don’t want to regret eating it after.

It’s a guilt-free treat when you’re craving something sticky sweet and best of all, it’s just like candy, but it’s not..and it’s made with everyone’s favorite – popcorn!

The Tastemade article says, “social media personality, @bewellwitharielle created a perfect Cracker Jack replacement using coconut oil with some  brown rice syrup and maple syrup to make the candy glaze.”

This Coconut “Crackerjacks” recipe is out-of-this-world delicious and so much healthier and easier to make than schlepping to a baseball stadium!

In this popcorn recipe, instead of corn syrup, we used brown rice syrup. Instead of butter and highly processed oils, like soybean oil and canola oil, we used coconut oil. And instead of peanuts, which is inflammatory for some people, we used almonds for the perfect dose of crunch.

Oh – and I popped the popcorn myself and you can too! Learn how to make popcorn without a microwave here.

Great to serve at a party or to bring with you to a sports event!

Check out the article on Tastemade here and get the recipe for these Healthier Coconut “Cracker Jacks” here.

healthy coconut caramel crackerjacks - gluten-free and no corn syrup - made by arielle haspel of

PS. Craving  another healthified dessert? Check out my “Peppermint Pattie” Lollipops here.

Arielle Haspel's Peppermint Pattie Lollipops using Vita Coco Coconut Oil

 Want more healthy tips from Arielle? Sign up for Arielle’s free  Winter shopping list here.

Learn the best foods to eat in the Winter, plus some recipes to help warm you up from the inside-out. Get it here.

And be sure to follow Arielle on instagram for more healthy inspiration. Can’t wait to be in touch with you!

be sweet. be kind. be you.


be well,


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Orange “Creamsicle” Protein Smoothie

by Arielle J on February 19, 2016

Orange "Creamsicle" Smoothie by Be Well with Arielle

How good does this look? It’s my Orange “Creamsicle” Protein Smoothie.

Growing up, my Grandma (I called her Nanny), would always have rocky road and orange sherbet in her freezer.
Whenever I would visit, I would always stand by the fridge eating spoonfuls of the orange sherbet out of the carton.

There’s something about the orange flavor, mixed with creamy vanilla
that is just so indulgent. I especially love gorgeous milky orange color!

Orange "Creamsicle" Smoothie by Be Well with Arielle

A few years later when I arrived at camp, all of my friends were flocking to canteen for the chocolate candy bars and ice-cream bars
and all I wanted was vanilla and orange sherbet!!

Yesterday, I was craving something sweet and creamy and those vanilla-orange-sherbet days came to my mind.
So for snack, I whipped up this protein smoothie
and it was out-of-this-world delicious!

I rarely drink smoothies in the winter –
I prefer cups of warm and creamy beverages, but
every so often I will crave something cool and refreshing.
This totally hit the spot.

It’s packed with fiber and protein to energize you and fill you up,
plus a little ginger to help keep your digestive system warm.

Perfect for a mid-morning breakfast,
afternoon snack or dessert.

Orange “Creamsicle” Protein Smoothie

1 cup almond milk (unsweetened)
1 orange (approx 7oz), peeled
1/2 tsp ground ginger or 1/2 inch fresh ginger
1/4 tsp vanilla
2-3 dates, pitted
2 scoops protein powder
1/2 avocado
handful ice (approx 3 ice cubes)

1. Blend all together until super smooth and creamy.


Orange "Creamsicle" Smoothie by Be Well with Arielle

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be well,


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My Favorite Foods to Eat in the Winter + Event Recap

by Arielle J on January 27, 2016

arielle haspels be well winter warm event in nyc

Last week I hosted my seasonal cooking event called Be Well: Winter Warm Up and it was such a success!

winter warm up

It was one of the chilliest nights in NYC,
but we had a packed house, delicious warming food
and lots of inspiration to keep the guests full.

The special guest of the night was my friend,
Beth Lipton, Food Director of Health Magazine.
She’s also a chef, health coach, wife and mama.

winter event photos

Coco-mat Soho, a beautiful organic home-store in Soho hosted the evening. It was the perfect, warming, zen atmosphere.

Here’s a recap of the night…

First, Beth and I shared some of our favorite foods to eat in the winter.
We focused on hearty, warming and immune boosting foods.


(Click here to download my Winter Must-Haves handout)

Then, I gave the guests a mini chopping and cooking lesson.

winter 2016 cooking class hosted at cocomat
After, I served some delicious Be Well with Arielle exclusive recipes, including:
(Hearty) Split Pea Soup – topped with a sweet potato chip and a sprig of parsley

split pea soup by

(Warming) Chai “Tea” – with a ceylon cinnamon stick from Simply Organic

chai tea homemade by

(Immune Boosting) Citrus Sangria – garnished with a slice of clementine and a star anise from Simply Organic

Citrus Sangria with Star Anise by

Guests sipped on Soma Water and at the end of evening, everyone took home a fabulous surprise gift bag filled with a list of the Winter-inspired recipes, a copy of Health Magazine’s Feb edition, a pack of Simply Gum’s Ginger flavor,
and jars of black pepper and ground ginger from Simply Organic!

winter 2016 gift bags - best foods to eat in the winter

Eating with the seasons can help ease daily bloat and digestion, speed up metabolism and help regulate your body temperature, especially if you tend to be super hot or cold.

Click here for a full Winter shopping list, as well as all of the recipes for the Split Pea Soup, Chai Tea and Citrus Sangra (above), plus 3 other Winter-inspired smoothies and soups.

best foods to eat in the winter handout by

Looking forward to the next seasonal Be Well event: Spring! Enter your email address here if you would like more information about my upcoming Spring event.

Click here for my Winter shopping list and must-haves for warming up your body!

Be warm. Be delicious. Be you.


be well,


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Clean Mac and Cheese

by Arielle J on January 21, 2016

Healthination - Jan 4, 2016

On this episode of my show Clean Eating on Healthination,
I show you how to make an unbelievably delicious clean eating
version of Mac and Cheese – Clean Mac and Cheese!

Decadent and creamy, yet still light,
it’s your favorite comfort food gone healthy!

I use brown rice pasta,
which tastes just like regular pasta but is much healthier.
Brown rice pasta is full of fiber, so you can enjoy the taste and texture of
traditional pasta without feeling heavy and weighed down.

And instead of heavy butter and milk which typical mac and cheese calls for,
I use a much lighter alternative – almond milk.

When it comes to cheese (and you can tolerate dairy), I recommend the best quality you can find –
grass-fed organic cheddar cheese for a creamy, gooey texture.

When the cheese sauce is ready, pour it over the cooked brown rice pasta and stir to coat all the pasta with cheese.
You can serve it as is, or take it up a notch if you want a fancier casserole dish to serve at dinner.

This is a super easy meal your whole family will love!
There’s no need to make boxed macaroni and cheese when you can make a guilt-free clean eating version all by yourself!

Clean Eating Mac and Cheese
2 cups brown rice pasta (elbows), cooked
1 cup almond milk, unsweetened
½ tsp sea salt
1 cup almond flour
4 tsp coconut oil
1 cup organic grass-fed cheddar cheese
¼ cup frozen spinach
Black pepper to taste

Directions: watch how to make it here.

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P.S. Thanks to my fabulous team: Clothing Stylist: Nina McCandless | Food Stylist: Janine Kalesis   | Jewelry: The I Love Me Collection | Makeup/Hair: Ana Sicat|Producer: Charles Conyers |

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Apricot Chicken

by Arielle J on January 8, 2016

Apricot Chicken

Sweet and sour, so delicious and so easy.

Perfect dinner to pair with some quinoa or brown rice and greens.

Apricot Chicken
What You Need:
4 Organic Chicken Breasts (approx 2lbs) (1 per person)
1 Tbsp Coconut oil
Olive Oil
1/2 Lemon
2 cups apricot jam (unsweetened)
4 tsp honey, maple syrup or raw agave
1 cup Raw Cashews or 1/2 cup coconut

1. Rinse chicken under water and pat dry with a paper towel
2. Place chicken in a plastic baggie, shut closed and wrap with a towel or paper towel. Using a tenderizer or a hammer (or something heavy like a glass), place bag of chicken on floor and bang on the chicken until it flattens. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this video.
3. Once the chicken has flattened, take out of plastic bag and place on a cutting board. Cut off any remaining white or fat.
4. Coat a pyrex dish or baking sheet with coconut oil so the chicken doesn’t stick
5. Drizzle a little olive oil onto each piece of chicken and lemon juice. Then, spread 2 Tbsp of apricot jam, coating each side of each piece of chicken.
6. Place in oven on broil or at 425 degrees for 10-15 minutes. The top side should be white and cooked through. Flip and cook another 10-15 minutes. If it looks pink or glassy, cook a few more minutes and then cut through the chicken and check again.
7. Add 1Tbsp of apricot jam and 1 tsp of honey, maple syrup or raw agave on top. Sprinkle some cashews or coconut on top. Cook for another 1-2 minutes. Plate them and add a slice of lemon on top as garnish.
Voila! Enjoy!

*Serves 4

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be fresh. be delish. be confident.

be well,

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