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About Arielle Haspel, Nutrition Expert and Public Speaker

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- Arielle (Fierman) Haspel- 

 Board Certified Health Coach, Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert, Recipe Developer,
Spokesperson, Speaker and Host of’s Cooking Series, “Treat Yourself”

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My wish: to inspire you to fall in love with your body.

Back in the day, I didn’t love my body and I certainly didn’t treat it the way I should have.
Now, I create super EASY-to-make recipes that taste just like your favorite foods
but are “healthified” so you can look great, feel fabulous and enjoy yourself guilt-free!

How I became interested in health and wellness: From a young age,
I have always loved food, wearing leggings and exercising.

After school, while my friends watched TGIF, I did leg lifts to Jane Fonda videos.
On weekends, I always spent as much time as possible outdoors,
planting fresh basil and strawberries on the 21st floor terrace
of our Manhattan apartment.
And in college, while my friends were obsessed with fashion magazines,
I gravitated towards health and recipe magazines,
relishing in the gorgeous imagery of fresh food and ingredients.

When I really became inspired: Despite my natural passion
for wellness, I always found myself surrounded by people with eating issues.
At home, family members hid sugary treats from themselves and
in college, my friends would drink diet soda for breakfast.
I knew I wanted to help others, but it was when I fell asleep
on my desk one afternoon at work that I realized I needed help too.
Something was going on in my body and as “healthy” as I considered myself,
I knew I needed to learn from the experts.
So, I sent myself to nutrition school.
There, I learned the tips and tricks on how to take care of myself.
Once I healed myself, I learned how to inspire others to live a sustainable, happy and healthy life, too.

I owe my education to: the thousands of magazines and books I’ve read,
the numerous cooking classes I’ve taken, and my education at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
In 2008, I also received additional certification from Columbia University.

I’m featured: as the host of’s cooking series, “Treat Yourself”.
I’ve also been featured on The Doctor Oz Show, NBC’s “Today in New York” and in Women’s Health, ELLE, People Magazine,
Daily Candy. Also, I’m currently on the cover of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s catalog.

How I can help you: I lead private and group coaching sessions,
host seasonal cleanses, develop healthy recipes, plan menus for restaurants,
speak at events, and represent healthy brands at events and on television.

Some of the companies I’ve worked with include: Goldman Sachs, Athleta, FlyWheel Sports, Macquarie, Kuoni,
Britespokes, NYU Stern School of Business, American Leisure Gyms, Gabriella’s Bridal,
Executive Assistants Organization, and

I’m here to help you feel and look fabulous.
Check out the services I offer here.

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What I focus on everyday: I don’t believe in diets, restrictions or deprivation.
If I deprived myself of my favorite food (delicious creamy ice-cream),
I would not be happy. So instead, I focus on quality of foods and ingredients
(not calories or grams of fat), so I can enjoy food (and life) guilt-free.
I LOVE “healthifying” recipes and inspiring others to cook.
Some of my favorite recipes: Kale Caesar SaladSweet Potato Fries and Brown Rice Krispy Treats. YUM!

About me: I was born in NYC and I currently live in NYC.
You can spot me at the Union Square farmers market every Saturday
stocking up on fresh eggs and colorful, seasonal veggies.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you!

Be Fearless. Be Beautiful. Be Well.


*Get in touch with me here.
*Check out my cooking series with here.
*A portion of the proceeds from Be Well with Arielle
goes to a non-profit NYC organization that promotes children’s environmental health,
nutrition and fitness within New York City public schools called
Wellness in the Schools (WITS).
I love kids and I love inspiring them to be healthy and happy!

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