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About Arielle Haspel, Nutrition Expert and Public Speaker

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– Meet Arielle Haspel- 

Health Coach, Cooking Show Host, Mom

Arielle Haspel is a Certified Health Coach, the host of healthy cooking shows, “Treat Yourself” on Glamour Magazine and “Clean Eating” on Healthination and most importantly, a new mom to baby Gemma.

Arielle has appeared on national television shows and in national magazines, including The Doctor Oz Show, NBC’s Today in New York, ELLE, Glamour, People, Seventeen and Women’s Health.

She is the spokesperson for elite brands in the wellness space and
speaks regularly at events and for corporate companies.

She is also the creator of Be Well Events, a series of seasonal cooking classes and wellness gatherings for women. She hosts private cooking classes and create healthy, delicious and easy-to-make recipes for busy, professional women.

The Be Well Food Philosophy:  Arielle is all about “healthified” eating and cooking – a lifestyle
that incorporates indulgence with a focus on feeling great. She believes in filling up your plate with clean, colorful, delicious food that will not only do your body good, but will also satisfy cravings so you can live a life free of guilt and full of energy. She advocates for healthy choices that become part of one’s lifestyle, so feeling healthy is not only attainable, but also is sustainable.

 More about Arielle: She loves to “healthify” your favorite foods and find healthier versions of your favorite foods so you can enjoy life guilt-free.

She became inspired in health and wellness when: she fell asleep
on her desk one afternoon at work.
As “healthy” as she considered herself, she knew she needed to learn what to eat and
how to treat her body better.

So she went to nutrition school,
and in 2008, received additional certification from Columbia University.

After nutrition school,
Arielle started hosting wellness events and coaching and at night, began recipe testing.
On the weekends, she went to jewelry class and started a wellness jewelry company called
The I Love Me Collection. All of the rings and necklaces are intented to inspire women to love themselves and treat themselves well. Check out the iloveme collection here.

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Now: Arielle is the backbone of and her instagram account (@bewellwitharielle), where she shares her passions for healthy eating, lifestyle and entertaining.
She is also the host of online cooking shows, Glamour Magazine’s“Treat Yourself” and Healthination’s “Clean Eating”. She hosts private cooking classes, seasonal cooking classes for the public, as well as corporate lectures. Check out her reel here.

How she can help you: Arielle leads one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching workshops, private cooking classes and in-person cooking events.
She also develops healthy recipes for companies,
and represents healthy brands at events and in the media. 

Arielle is so excited to support you in feeling fabulous, falling in love with your body and living your live guilt-free.
Check out The Be Well with Arielle recipes, entertaining and lifestyle advice here.

Contact Arielle here.

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What some people are saying:

“Arielle’s enthusiastic approach to wellness can inspire anyone to put down the sugar and pick up the kale. She infuses high-vibe energy and passion into everything she does. I will always be Arielle’s #1 fan” – Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now

“Arielle is a star! There are a ton of food bloggers making healthy recipes but Arielle is exceptional and special—not only is she a natural on-camera but her passion for a healthy lifestyle is contagious and inspiring. The approach she takes – that of loving your body and celebrating it – is unique and separates her from the pack. She truly wants every woman to love their body and to be well. Oh and her recipes – simple yet delicious- are pretty stellar too” – Liza Glucoft, Executive Producer, Conde Nast Entertainment and Thrive Market

“Arielle is the uber-healthy Martha Stewart of today. Her incredible concoctions in the kitchen always leave me feeling intensely satisfied without any guilt. Every dish she creates is the perfect combination of healthy and delicious. Her personality is infectious, and I can’t help but smile when I’m around her. She is a cheerleader, a motivator, and a daily inspiration to be my best self!” – Julia Dzafic, Marketing Director, NourishSnacks and Blogger, Lemon Stripes

“Arielle lights up any room she walks into. Her energy and passion for health and wellness is contagious!” – Lily Kunin, Wellness Influencer and Blogger, Clean Food Dirty City

“When I first started working with Arielle, I thought I was living a pretty healthy lifestyle but she really did open my eyes to so many things I would’ve never known about and I am so grateful for that. I feel so much better and love this clean, healthy lifestyle.” –Hallie T., Health Coaching Client

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Be Fearless. Be Beautiful. Be Well.


*Get in touch with Arielle here.
*Check out Arielle’s reel here.
*A portion of the proceeds from Be Well with Arielle
goes to a non-profit NYC organization that promotes children’s environmental health,
nutrition and fitness within New York City public schools called
Wellness in the Schools (WITS).


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