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Wellness Wednesday – Rainbow Light Multi-Vitamins

by Arielle J on December 21, 2011

Some swear by taking a multi-vitamin every day, others believe that if you’re nourishing your body with fruits and vegetables daily, you’re getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals and there’s no need for a supplement.

rainbow light

rainbow light

I believe that it won’t hurt…that is, if you’re taking a high quality brand and eating well-balanced meals through out the rest of the day.

Oh- and i recommend always taking a multi-vitamin with food because the vitamins D, E, K, A are fat soluble so you’re body won’t absorb it without the presence of fat.

This is the brand I choose: Women’s One by Rainbow Light. It doesn’t come up on me (no throw-up burbs) and it was recommended my Health Coach, so I’ve been taking it ever since.

Listen to your body. Take what’s right for your body.

Be nourished. Be kind. Be well.


be well,

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