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The Be Well Maternity Shoot

by Arielle J on February 24, 2017

I have always admired pregnant women’s bodies – the curves and of course, the miracle growing inside.

I never, ever, ever thought I would be comfortable doing a shoot of my own when I got pregnant, nevertheless, naked! Then again, I’m all about self-love, self-acceptance and female empowerment (I even created a self-love jewelry line), so I figured why not do a maternity shoot?

Rob Fitch Photography  came over a few weeks ago and captured this special time. 

My friends can’t believe how comfortable I am in my body. Well, before I got pregnant, I prepped myself for my growing belly and body. I would actually envision my belly growing in the mirror.

So, when I got pregnant and my body started to change, I was grateful for it all – the weird “bloated” tummy stage, terrible nausea, crazy aversions to healthy food (that I had for three straight months) and the exhaustion that prevented me from working out.

I sent all the love I could to my uterus, my growing belly, body… and baby. 

I not only accepted the changes, I embraced them.

Even though it was a crazy thought to get naked, this photoshoot gave me a chance to let go and truly appreciate the last few weeks of this incredible experience of pregnancy. And, even prep for labor!

My friend had a photoshoot with the photographer a few months back, the photos were stunning so I trusted that if she felt comfortable rocking her pregnant belly (with twins…and fully naked), I could, too.

Rob came to my apartment for the maternity shoot. Once we made the appointment, he sent me an email with what I needed to get ready for the session. He made me feel really comfortable and an added bonus – I didn’t have to worry about where to look or how to “pose” for the photographs! He offered suggestions and professional direction throughout the entire shoot.

All of the lighting, fabric wraps and draping he brought. The clothes I provided. 
I got my hair cut the day before and did my makeup myself.

Rob typically recommends doing the shoot around 32-35 weeks. I was 37 weeks when we shot these.

When the time comes for you to grow a miracle inside of you (which I pray for every woman who desires that), I highly recommend capturing the special time and all of your curves.

Thank you, Rob Fitch Photography for the stunning photos and special experience. 

I look forward to sharing the next part of the journey (motherhood!!!) with you all.

Lots of love from my belly to yours.

be empowered. be free. be you.  

be well,


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