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The Best Foods and Yoga Poses to Detox, De-Bloat and De-Stress

by Arielle J on February 19, 2015

danielle cuccio and arielle haspel  - the best yoga poses and foods to detox, debloat and destress

I’m really excited because today I’ve teamed up with LA yoga chick, Danielle Cuccio, Celebrity Private Yoga Teacher and CEO of Cuccio Somatology and Healthy Blogger at The Beauty Blender.

Yoga is all about the mind and body connection, so we thought it was perfect to create a simple yoga-food plan to help you feel healthier, less stressed and more energized this year!

Below are our six quick tips for the best foods and yoga poses to detox, de-bloat and de-stress in the morning, afternoon and evening.

To make it easy for you to follow, we put together the AM Digest, Afternoon De-Stress Energizer, Dinner Detox and Bed-Time Wind Down:


Arielle Haspel de-stress, de-bloat and detox best yoga and food

STRETCH:   To help rev up your digestive fire right when you wake up, Danielle recommends doing 5-10 Sun Salutations before breakfast. Here’s the flow: Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Uttanasana (Forward Fold), Ardha Uttanasana (Half Standing Forward Fold),  Chaturanga (Lower slowly down from plank),  Cobra or Upward Facing Dog (Gives you energy),  Downward Facing Dog,  Uttanasana, then Tadasana. Repeat 5-10 times to get your digestive system ready for Arielle’s delicious, healthy breakfast.

Apple Pie Smoothie by for NourishSnacks

SIP:  Arielle says that the quickest way to prep your body and digest efficiently is to drink a cup of warm water first thing in the morning. Then, after 5-10 of Danielle’s sun salutations above, Arielle recommends a breakfast that will rev up your digestion and metabolism for the day ahead. After a full-night of sleeping (and fasting), you should “break” your “fast” with a simple, clean breakfast that is easy to digest. This ginger-packed Apple Pie Smoothie is a great option.


avocado toast with hemp seeds

EAT: When 3pm strikes, instead of that café latte or chocolate bar calling your name, balance your blood sugar, your mood and energy levels with this quick and sweet desk-side snack. Take a brown rice cake (or spelt bagel) + 1/2 avocado + sea salt + a sprinkle of hemp seeds or chia seeds and voila!

arielle haspel from meditation to re-energize. yoga and food to de-stress, de-bloat and energize and de-stress

MEDITATE: Danielle’s swears that the simplest way to actually regain energy is to actually sit still! Whether you’re at your desk at work or at home during the weekend, take a break and close your eyes for 5-10 minutes (perfect during your lunch break) and just let go.  Focus on your breath and give your body (and mind) a break. If you’re looking for even more of a brain and body boost, re-energize with these Meditation tips.


lemon poppyseed salmon by be well with arielle arielle fierman

EAT: Before you order take-out and curl up on the couch to watch Housewives of Beverly Hills, try Arielle’s favorite go-to dinner which is loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients (and healthier salt) to help you de-bloat after a long day: Lemon-Poppyseed Salmon.

danielle cuccio and arielle haspel. best food and yoga poses for better digestion, de-stress and detox

TWIST:  Twists are so good for the digestive system after a long day. Half Moon (as Danielle shows above) targets the liver and gall bladder on the right side and the spleen and pancreas on the left. When we wring out the digestive organs, we help rid the body of toxins and get your digestive system in full swing to digest dinner. Other poses in which the belly is pressed strongly towards the floor, such as Cobra or Upward Dog, stimulates the peristalsis of the small intestine, which stimulates the blood flow and helps food to be absorbed. More yoga poses for better digestion. 

danielle cuccio detox yoga pose and foods

Or, try this twist. Doing it on a beach is definitely a plus, your living room is perfect too.



arielle haspel tip to wind down before bed for better sleep yoga and food

SIP: A warm drink that makes me feel cozy always helps me get in bed-mode.  Try this: heat up some almond milk with a dash of cinnamon for a creamy, metabolism-boosting non-caffeinated beverage.  Or, sip on some herbal tea, like rose, peppermint, chamomile or dandelion tea, which will help calm your digestion, making it easier to fall asleep.

forward standing fold by danielle cuccio on be


STRETCH: An easy pose to help you get those ZZZs and guarantee that sleepy feeling is Uttanasana (Standing Forward Fold) – it’s good for insomnia and people who have trouble sleeping because it’s a very calming pose.  In Uttanasana, focus on your breath.  Slow down the inhale and exhale to help slow down the heart rate and calm the mind. Perfect to do by your bed right before bed-time. Check out these other yoga sleep remedies.

Hope these tips inspire you to open up your yoga mat and get into the kitchen stat!

To learn more about Danielle, visit danielle cuccio of cuccio somatology. And for more healthy, detoxifying and energizing tips, check out my 5 Tips to Detox without a Juice Cleanse.

be de-stressed. be detoxed. be de-bloated.

be well,


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