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What gets me out of bed? This! (A positive email from a client post-supermarket tour!)

by Arielle J on September 22, 2011

Best to stock up on as many colors of the rainbow as possible!

Best to stock up on as many colors of the rainbow as possible!

This is what gets me out of bed in the morning…knowing I am helping people- one person, one day, one box of quinoa at a time.

Read this email from someone I took on a Supermarket Tour a few weeks ago:

“After being diagnosed with thyroid disease several years ago and being placed on medication, my condition recently worsened. Instead of going straight to a higher dosage of medication, I sought advice from my acupuncturist and practitioner on alternatives to try and improve my condition naturally. They suggested trying a gluten and dairy free diet and trying to eat as organic as possible. As someone who loves food (especially pasta and cheese) I couldn’t imagine living without these delicious foods. In a panic, I contacted Arielle to try and figure out if this lifestyle change was realistic. She said it was and took me on a supermarket tour that changed my life. She explained why I needed to change my way of eating and my way of thinking about food. She explained which foods would give me the nutrients I needed to heal my body while also satisfying my love of food. I found healthy and yummy substitutions for almost all of my favorite foods. I went home and cleansed my entire kitchen. I even got my husband on board (at least when he is at home!). I now understand what I need to look for when I go on my own to the supermarket or out to eat. I am cooking more and using many of the recipes Arielle has given me. I am even enjoying going supermarket shopping! I no longer feel that sense of panic. I feel better and feel more empowered to get myself healthy with the tools I have learned from Arielle. Thank you my friend!”

SO inspiring! Thank YOU for signing up for the tour, being open minded and trying all of the new delicious brands and foods I recommended!

If you’re interested in attending a Be Well with Arielle Supermarket Tour, email me at to set up a day and time to get healthy!

Be healthy. Be helpful. Be Well.


be well,

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