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Six Ways to Feel Supported if You’re Starting a Business

by Arielle J on November 15, 2016


I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, selling lemonade on the corner of my apartment building when I was seven years old and hosting the-most-money-ever-raised bake sales in middle school and high school. I’ve always loved creating delicious and beautiful things for others to enjoy and making money in return.

So when I opened up my first official business (the ilovemecollection jewelry) in 2008, it felt like a natural progression. I also started the business while I had a full-time job. My job gave me the resources to pay for the supplies and licenses that I needed to start up my passion project and business on the side.

Below I’ll be sharing six ways to feel supported if you’re starting a business or have a business.


For most of my entrepreneurial life, I’ve done everything on my own. For my wellness jewelry business, I designed the collection, sourced the eco-friendly packaging, set up the shipping process, conducted the trunk shows, and provided customer service to clients. I still do. 


Below is a photo is of me and Ludmila, one of my first jewelry teachers. 


For my wellness business, I create all of the recipes for my cooking shows, I’ve taken (almost) all of the food photos on my blog, I design the graphics for my events, and have even cooked for 40 people!


Now that I’m a mom-to-be (and a full-time entrepreneur), I’m remembering more than ever that asking for support and leaning on friends and family is not only helpful, it is a necessity. When I think of people in my work life and personal life that I admire (like my mentors Gabrielle Bernstein and Aimee Raupp), they are really good at asking for support, and in turn, they have a lot of people surrounding them and helping them. And I truly believe that that is one of the main qualities that makes them so successful.

But delegating has never been easy for me. I have high expectations and like things done a certain way, so it often feels easier to do things on my own than to figure out the best person to delegate to. I know I’m not good at everything. I’m really not good at everything. And I would so rather get help from people who know how to do something so much better than I do.


Recently, I’ve been asking for help from people that have been asking me for help and it’s been working out great! Two fans, Angela and Melissa, expressed interest in learning from me and working with me. After a few conversations about what lights them up – what they love to do and what they want to do – we figured out ways to be mutually beneficial to each other. Both women were elated when I asked for their help. It gave them an opportunity to do what they love, and receive guidance and exposure. And, it provided me with more time to do what I love and not spend time on things I don’t love – like researching and writing.

And, I’m also in the middle of creating another business – a food concept with my husband! We’re using each other’s strengths to work together and create something incredible for the world. Without his knowledge for investing, I wouldn’t have had the drive or ability to take risks on my own. And my talent and passion for food and wellness has supplied the creative inspiration we needed to get it going.


More than ever, I’m learning that success is made together with family, friends, partners and loved ones. So I’ve partnered with Amway to spread the love for business and entrepreneurship.

According to the 2016 Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report, the top two reasons people start businesses is to gain independence and self-fulfillment. Only after those two reasons does extra income come into the picture. Interesting, right?

Which of the following aspects appeals to you as reasons to start your business:

– better compatibility of family, leisure time and career,

– second income prospects,

– self-fulfillment; possibility to realize your own ideas,

– independence from an employer and being your own boss, or

– a return to job market or an alternative to unemployment?

Studies also show that self-employment will become increasingly common. Americans possess the requisite attitudes and skills to not just admire entrepreneurship but to become an entrepreneur. With everything going on in the US with the most recent elections, isn’t this awesome news? Yay America!


If you’re thinking of starting your own wellness business, remember these six things:
1. Connect with people that do what you want to do. Don’t just email them and ask to “pick their brain.” Tell them what you love to do and what your talents are and most importantly, ask how you can help them. All relationships can be mutually beneficial.

2. Find creative talents that naturally differentiate you. People ask me all of the time how I find longevity in my field even while so many people are doing similar things. My answer? I focus on what I’m good at. I love putting on events and all of the details in making it pretty. I love taking super colorful and crisp pictures of food that I create. I’m great with people and love to connect others. Let your passions shine through and people will love you for what you’re doing. Even if other people are in the same field that you want to go into, shine the light on the things that make you and your business unique. And focus not only on what you’re good at, but what you LOVE to do and what brings you joy.

3. Be who you want to attract. I attract happy clients and exciting opportunities that align with my positive energy and relatable approach. What types of clients and customers do you want to attract?

4. Ask for help. It’s not easy but it’s best when you don’t do it all on your own!

5. Start doing what you want to do…NOW! Want to become an author? Start writing now. You don’t even need to show your work to anyone…yet. Want to become a cooking show host? Start taking videos of yourself on your iphone now. Don’t wait! Now is the perfect time to begin.

6. Be your own walking advertisement. When I started my jewelry business, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t wear my creations. I still wear my i love me ring every day, even to the supermarket and to yoga class! If you are looking to create a wellness business, do whatever it takes to talk the talk and walk the walk. Inspire people to take better care of themselves just by taking good care of yourself. You are your best advertisement, so always try to be the best version of you.

In March, right around the same time that I give birth to my baby girl, I’ll be celebrating my ninth year as an entrepreneur. I look forward to leaning on my friends, family and even you for more support! Great things are created when they’re #madetogether so let’s support each other together, so we can all be the best versions of ourselves. I can’t wait to hear what you create.


be supported. be fulfilled. be well.

be well,

Thank you Amway US for sponsoring this post.
Photos by Rebecca Dale Photography and Harley Hall Photography.

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