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Food or Fiction: what’s “healthy” vs. “not healthy”?

by Arielle J on April 11, 2016

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“Do I realllyyyy have to go gluten­-free?”
“Is green juice healthier than smoothies?”
“Whats the best protein bar on the market?”

Want to know the answers this second? Click here to the listen to the recording.

I get asked these questions all of the time. I get it.
It’s tough nowadays to go to the supermarket and decipher between
food or fiction: what’s “healthy” vs. “not healthy”.
I totally get it.
It’s also tough to figure out who to trust.
I totally get that too!

I have a very specific food philosophy – do the best you can with the education that you have and find simple ways to healthify your favorite foods so you can eat guilt-free and feel great about your body.

It’s rare that you find other people who are on board with exactly what you preach about. So, today, I’m introducing to you to my friend, Amanda Hayes Morgan. She’s cute, bubbly, super positive, open-minded and non-restrictive.

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Best of all, we share the same food philosophy, so when we go out to eat we’re able to share everything!

Recently we went out for lunch and shared a salad to start and a brown rice veggie bowl with grass-fed beef. It was DELISH and super nourishing to be with her.

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Like me, she cares more about ingredients versus calories, she believes in the importance of the quality of food that you’re eating and she understands the emotional aspect of food. She also has amazing taste… and she’s SUPER organized (not like me!).

Here are some of the foods that Amanda and I love:
– seasonal vegetables and fruit
– dates for smoothies
– fresh ginger root for tea
– pasture-raised eggs for breakfast
– brown rice cakes with raw almond butter for snack
– grass-fed beef with mushrooms, onions and swiss chard for dinner

Amanda creates #bewellwithapproved nutrition programs. Listen to the recording of her recent webinar here.

If you’re feeling confused about food and health trends and want someone to break it down for you in a simple, fast and fun way, listen to the recording here.

She talks about the truth about 3 food trends most people think are healthy — green juice, protein bars and going gluten-free and better options for each.

After you listen to this recording, you’ll feel clearer and more confident when you head to the supermarket.

Reserve your FREE spot for The Food or Fiction webinar here, now:

It’s totally #bewellwitharielleapproved.

Be Well,

P.S. Sign up now and start feeling more confident about your food choices. The Food or Fiction Webinar is completely FREE! Listen to the recording here.

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Healthified Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies made by Arielle Haspel of

Here is my Healthified Blondie recipe in the meantime. You won’t believe what it’s made of — chickpeas!!


Be Empowered. Be Confident. Be You.

Be Well,

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