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Save Vs Splurge: What Foods to Buy Organic

by Arielle J on February 6, 2014

organic vs. non organic. save vs. splurge

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Question: “I hear so many mixed reviews of fruits and veggies versus dairy versus meats, and I couldnt think of a better time to make sure I am buying the right thing. Since I am pregnant and now cooking more, what is absolutely worth it?” – Amanda

Answer: Here’s the deal Amanda, treating yourself with high quality foods is an investment, but a really healthy, long-term investment.

Now I know that there are so many different options at the supermarket and organic is definitely the priciest. A jar of organic nut butter can sometimes run $14 and I know you would rather to pamper yourself with a new lipgloss for that kind of money!

I’ve cleared it up for you and wrote out my definite organic must-haves and the foods that you can forgo so you can splurge on that extra lipgloss (even when you definitely don’t need another one)! 

See the rest of the article and my organic must-haves here.

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