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My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget – FishsEddy Salad Dressing Dispenser

by Arielle J on January 3, 2012

I LOVE my new salad dressing dispenser (“Oil Cruet w/ Spout”) from FishsEddy.
(You can also get one at Amazon.)

impress your dinner guests with this! impress your dinner guests with this!

And, at only $4.95, there’s no excuse for it not to be in your fridge!

Your dinner guests will be ultra impressed when you add it to the table because it just makes home-made salad dressing look gourmet and delicious!

Here are some of my favorite quick and easy salad dressing concoctions that I keep in my fridge at all times (which is so much healthier and cheaper than store-bought dressings)….

– olive oil (or flax oil) + lemon juice + sea salt
– olive oil (or flax oil) + dijon mustard + lemon juice + fresh minced garlic (optional)
– sweet white miso paste + lemon juice + toasted sesame oil + garlic (optional)
– toasted sesame oil + tamari + lemon juice + minced ginger + raw honey and/or orange juice
– French dressing: Organicville ketchup + Vegainnaise + sweet relish

For more salad and salad dressing recipes, check out Integrative Nutrition’s salad recipes here.


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