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Mom Hack for Ordering Groceries

by Arielle J on November 1, 2018

One of my fave mom hacks every week is ordering from Fresh Direct because I can shop for all of my grocery items online and have them delivered to my door the next day. 

Here are the reasons why I love ordering online:
1. My time and energy is precious. Fresh Direct saves me time walking to/from the store (and energy shlepping) all of the bags, too
2. I can find (mostly) all of my fave healthy products and brands, including local products like Hu Kitchen chocolate, and seasonal produce like pears and kale
3. You can look up all of the ingredients and nutrition facts on products, and even get quick recipe inspiration, too
4. Comparable prices and reasonable delivery fee
5. I can make quick and healthy meals at home so it makes my life easier
6. And last but not least, saves me from dealing with a public meltdown – don’t have to walk aisle through aisle or wait on long lines with a toddler!

Don’t get me wrong, food shopping is my favorite activity (it really is!!!) but my happiness, energy and time are my priority now. Honored to share my experience as an #fdambassador and hope this inspires you to find ways to be well and stay a little more sane, too! 

Get excited – I will be sharing more ways to stay sane at some upcoming events in New York City. Follow me on instagram @bewellwitharielle and sign up for my newsletter here: for event information soon!

be easy. be healthy be sane. 

be well,

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