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How to Make Healthy Breakfast in Bed

by Arielle J on December 16, 2014

arielle haspels tips on healthy breakfast in bed

Here’s how to make healthy breakfast in bed…

Whether I’m making a dinner party for 10 people,
hosting a vision-board party for 5 or
surprising my husband with breakfast…in bed,
I always like providing fun options for my guest(s).

One morning, you may be in the mood
for a cold, refreshing smoothie and another
morning you may be in the mood for something
warm and savory.

So a mixture of sweet AND savory is ideal whether you’re serving 1 guest or 10 guests.

Also, add some fun into the experience! Dress the part..and dress up your food.

Here are my top 4 ideas to make your
next breakfast-in-bed fun, relaxing and memorable:

1. Pour a Cold Drink in a nice glass, like Egg Nog Smoothie, Apple Crumble Pie
2. Serve a Hot Drink in a cute mug, like Tea or Hot Chocolate. I love these mugs
3. Put Fresh Seasonal Fruit in a small bowl, like cranberries, pomegranate seeds, apple slices or fresh berries
4. Plate Breakfast/Brunch Food on a nice plate or platter, like French Toast, Baked Eggs, Scrambled Eggs with Veggies, Creamy Pumpkin-Spice Quinoa, Chia Seed Pudding
5. Don’t forget a napkin, fork, knife and spoon..and of course, a nice tray to put it all on!

6. Wear something you feel sexy in, like a backless apron, a fluffy robe or animal-print lingerie.

arielle haspels tips on healthy breakfast in bed

 (P.S. If you don’t have a tray, make one!
I made this DIY Gold Tray from an old boring wooden tray.
Directions: Place down some newspapers, put the tray on top and start spraying!
Make sure you do it in a staircase or basement and run fast after you spray to
prevent inhalation of all of the fumes! Or, you can just buy a pretty monogrammed one,
like this.)

be creative. be confident. be kind.


be well,

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