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Juice Press Event Recap

by Arielle J on June 12, 2014

arielle haspel speaking at juice press event

Yesterday, I co-hosted a nutrition and health event at
Juice Press in NYC with The Blonde Vegan  and Skinny By Tara at Juice Press’ Flatiron location.

I provided tips on beauty foods, the best cleanse methods and detoxing techniques
to feel rejuvenated for Summer 2014! (See below)

arielle haspel speaking at juice press event

How cute is The Blonde Vegan? She’s rocking my iloveme necklace (silver with pink pearl)

blonde vegan of balanced blonde wearing iloveme necklace

arielle haspel speaking at juice press event

Juice Press gave out samples of their delish, organic juices.arielle haspel speaking at juice press event

And we gave out gift bags for all guests, including a Dr. Tung’s tongue cleaner!


Flywheel generously gave out free class passes.

arielle haspel speaking at juice press event

Arielle’s 5 tips for Losing Weight, Clearing Up Your Skin and Cleansing Your Body without Food!

 1. Water – If you want glowing skin and a fit and energized body, you must, must, must drink water! It’s the most simple way to treat our bodies well, to lose weight, get glowing skin and cleanse. See more tips about water, how much is too much and ways to “fancify” water if you dont love the taste here!

2. Tongue Cleaner – This is one of my all-time favorite detox tools and part of my daily morning and evening regimen. I use it EVERYDAY – morning and night and even take it with me on vacation! It helps you lose weight and helps prevent cavities. Check out the benefits and where you can get one here.

arielle haspel speaking at juice press event

3. Dry Brush – This is one of my favorite self-care activities (when I remember to do it). It helps make your skin softer by exfoliates off dead skin cells AND may even help to banish cellulite. (Here’s a picture of Arielle demonstrating it – small, tiny strokes from your toes, all the way up towards your heart).This is one of my favorite dry brushes.

arielle haspel speaking at juice press event

4. Coconut Oil – put it on your skin and in your body. It’s anti-bacterial and moisturizing so you can put it on your skin to clear up blemishes and acne AND apparently your body doesn’t metabolize the fat as fat, your liver uses the fat as energy, so your body will love you for slathering it on your skin and your brown rice cake.

5. Chew! You can cleanse your body, lose weight and practice the easiest form of portion control just by chewing properly and sitting down when you eat. No matter what you’re eating, chew approximately 15-30 times or until the food liquefies in your mouth. See why in my article on

The event was a big success and many people emailed me and posted on instagram how they were so excited
about the tongue cleaner and how much they were loving it!

Looking forward to hosting more healthy events at Juice Press’ awesome space!


be juicy. be healthy. be well.


be well,

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