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iloveME Mondays: Therese Totten

by Arielle J on March 26, 2012

Meet Therese…

One of my favorite fans (she is an owner of an iloveme ring, necklace AND earrings!) and even more exciting, a new mom!

Get inspired:

Q: What pieces of Be Well with Arielle iloveme collection do you have? Metal, Color of Pearl, Diamond?

I have the i love me necklace, ring and earrings all in silver and white pearl; the necklace actually started it as I had enrolled when IIN did a valentine’s promo and my iloveme-obssession started…

Q: How did you hear about Be Well with Arielle and the iloveme ring?
Arielle and I are both IIN alumnae, and IIN turns out the best students, as it is an AWESOME school; I think Arielle may even have even left me a welcome call when I enrolled 🙂 Then I got the necklace, looked up the website, and just fell in love with what Arielle’s jewelry stood for. It is now my jewelry of choice: all my sparklies are in the bank, but the iloveme jewelry is always with me!

Q: How often do you wear your iloveme jeWELLry?
I wear my ring whenever I feel pretty or want to spruce myself up and feel better 😉 My favorite is the iloveme necklace as it’s not too long for baby to grab!

Q: What is your favorite healthy snack?
I *love* kombucha, coconut water, and kale chips, and I recently discovered these “chokalet krispies” at Whole Foods: I’ve been eating them since my last month of pregnancy til now! Eat these yummies and drink coconut water with pulp, and I am in pure bliss!

Q: What is your favorite “unhealthy” snack?
Hehe, chocolate chip cookies…and maybe a bacon-guucamole-tomato sandwich…I love bacon and dark chocolate, just not together!

Q: Q: I know you just had a baby! what is your favorite thing about being a mom thus far?
It’s kinda crazy how protective and “mama bear” I’ve become, as well as clearer about life decisions in general. For an anal person, this is a first for me. These, and inhaling my baby’s scent as I hold/nurse him, and seeing him grow and fill out right before my eyes 🙂 Oh and standing up for mamas the world over with the choices I make– coz mamas need to be represented out there!

Q: Q: What are you most looking forward to doing with your baby when he begins to walk and talk!?
I’d love for my baby to not be so floppy anymore and not be so dependent so I can take him places, read to him and see his face light up, have him answer me when I talk to him…I’d love to see who he resembles most, too 😉

Q: What is your fave way of taking care of yourself now that u have another person to take care of?!
Postnatal exercises while he naps, green smoothies, staying connected with the outside world via Internet, and dry brushing as well as using my clarisonic– all before it’s feeding time again! I look forward to adding “eating out”, “watching movies” and “going to the salon” to this list soon!

Q: What is one thing that you’re looking forward to doing this week?
Postnatal exercises (they totally improve my mood!), making more Dandy Blend experiments (tastes like coffee, but safe and even beneficial for mama AND baby!), and meeting fellow mamas at my first La Leche League meeting! Then maybe my blog post for the week…!

Thanks for sharing, Therese! To check out Therese’s blog, where she shares her journey as a new mom, bikram yoga instructor, Texan AND Health Coach, click here.

I get testimonials from my clients weekly telling me funny stories of compliments that they’ve gotten on their iloveme jewellry…random places where they’ve spotted someone wearing the iloveme jewellry… and best of all, how the iloveme jewellry has made them feel.

So, I decided to capture these stories through “iloveME Mondays”- a post on my client, including a snapshot and some fun tidbits about them.

If you’re an iloveme jeWELLry (ring/necklace/earring) lover and you would like to be featured, email!

be inspired. be sweet. be well.


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