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How to Host a Healthy Potluck Event

by Arielle J on April 1, 2015

bewell cocomat invite

Last night I hosted a healthy Spring potluck event
for 35 influencers in the wellness world.

Many people have been inspired to plan their own potlucks after seeing all
of the fun pictures on instagram (#bewellpotluck), so I wanted to give a
few tips on how to host your own healthy potluck!

Here are 6 tips to host a healthy potluck event:
1. Invites. After you pick a date and confirm the location, create a pretty invite to get people excited. I’m not too tech or graphic design savvy so I used
2. Servingware. Ask guests to bring their own servingware – platters, bowls and tongs to serve their food so the table is photo friendly and “instagrammable”. You definitely don’t want to serve food out of tupperware containers and the last thing you want to do is search for platters when guests start to arrive! I love this salad set.
3. Ingredients. So many people have food sensitivities and restrictions nowadays, so to prevent people from asking you every second what’s in each dish, create blank recipe signs. I folded fold square cards in half, wrote the guests’ first names in calligraphy on the front and left pens for them to write out the ingredients on the back. Or, you can purchase these placecards.
4. Water and wine. You can never have enough of each. To keep it simple, I used filtered tap water and put in lemon slices in pretty decanters and for the wine, I made a simple orange sangria using organic wine and orange slices and poured it into decanters too. A sweet and colorful stress-free way to jazz up simple items. I love this fancy decanter or you can use a simple one like this decanter.
5. Music. It can change the environment in a second. I use spotify to create an ongoing playlist.
6. Tupperware. Remind guests to bring an extra set of reusable containers in case they want to take home any leftovers at the end of the party. I like these glass containers.

Stay tuned for a recipe round-up of all of the recipes that were featured and all of the the amazing people who attended!


be well,


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