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How to Break Free and Do Work that You Love

by Arielle J on February 25, 2015

arielle haspel on break free on whatever it takes network

A few weeks ago, I invited Carin Rockind into my apartment to chat all about “breaking free” and focusing on what you love.

Watch the episode here.

A few years ago, I was literally falling asleep on my desk on he 40th floor of a
corporate office in midtown Manhattan. I was tired, I was sick and I knew there were opportunities
out there that were more fitting with my personality and lifestyle.

It took me a while to actually leave and do what I love, but sometimes all it takes
is the willingness to just get started.

Now, I have new cooking show debuting in the Spring (it will be all about clean eating) and you can watch my current healthy cooking show with Glamour Magazine on and here.

In the meantime, watch me teach Carin how to make my favorite Cinnamon Hot Chocolate recipe and listen to our chat about what we think it takes to actually break free and do what you love!

WIT network featuring arielle haspel and carin rockind

Oh- and wait until you see what happens when she mentions warming up our hot chocolate in the microwave. Pretty hilarious!

Watch the episode here.

 be free. be focused. be you.

be well,



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