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Friday: Healthy Highlights from the week (June 18 – June 24)

by Arielle J on June 23, 2016

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

Happy Friday!

The week started off on a great note – I was in Park City with my husband for a wedding!

The actual wedding was super fun, and beyond stunning. Check out this photo of the bride and groom. The bride happens to be a model, so it was beyond picturesque!

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

Oh – and here is one of the highlights from my trip – visiting the “Park Silly” farmers market and getting this Pineapple Snow Cone!

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

As I mentioned in my newsletter, instead of food coloring and sweetened condensed milk, I asked for fresh pineapple juice and coconut milk. Best summer treat ever! I spooned it out and ate literally all of it myself.

Make it at home by: slicing the top of the pineapple off. Then, scoop out the pineapple using this pineapple corer or a sharp knife. In a blender, blend ice, pineapple, and unsweetened, full-fat coconut milk and then spoon out the icy pina colada mixture into the pineapple, add a cute straw and umbrella (if you have) and enjoy!

healthy highlights be be well with arielle

This week wasn’t as jam packed with events as last week, but it was pretty exciting so wanted to share some the healthy highlights from the week with you!

On Monday, we woke up bright an early and flew from Salt Lake City, Utah back to New York. This is one of the views from the hotel.

healthy highlights and be well with arielle

And this was a shot that I took on a bike ride. It was mountain biking. Let me say that in a another way, biking in the MOUNTAINS…on rocks! It was so freaking hard. I wimped out and didn’t go all the way up the mountain. Instead, I took a nice, leisurely ride, breathed in the fresh air and enjoyed every second…and every sip of water!

healthy highlights and be well with arielle

On Tuesday, I was tad bit jet lagged, so I felt little loopy all day! Ended the day watching the OJ Simpson documentary. It definitely isn’t the most heart warming thing to watch, but it’s super interesting and entertaining! If you watch it at night, I advise you to leave a little time to wind down before bed! This is what I snacked on while watching it. One of my fave chocolates ever from Hu Kitchen!

hu kitchen chocolate almond butter quinoa bar

On Wednesday, I shot a new episode for Healthination. This show was all about my favorite picnic foods and beautifying summer foods. We shot it in Brooklyn at a park in DUMBO. It was so fun! Here is a link to my past cooking videos with them!

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

Afterwards, I went to yoga, had dinner on my roof, and went for the longest walk ever to the West Village to get some avocado ice-cream at my new fave place, called (Springbone)…but it was closed! Was so bummed but can’t wait to go back next week!

friday hightlights from be well with arielle

Today, I’m having my first personal training session with Mikey Victor. I’ve been looking forward to having a session with him since April! Follow on snapchat (bewellwarielle) and instagram (bewellwitharielle) to see my new moves.

Then, I’m off to the Hamptons to celebrate life and love with my husband and best friends.

Have an fun-filled and healthy weekend!


be happy. be healthy. be you.

be well,


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