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Friday: Healthy Highlights from the Week

by Arielle J on June 17, 2016

fire island ferry

Happy Friday!

I’m up bright and early this morning,
heading off to Park City, UT with my husband
for a wedding in the mountains.

This week was jam packed with such incredible events, so I wanted to share the healthy highlights from the week with you!

On Monday, I had my best friend’s birthday dinner. Keri and I have been friends since we met at camp when we were 12 years old. She’s one of my biggest cheerleaders and such a light in my life. We went to Vandal, and I ordered for all 12 people! Everyone was satisfied to the max AND the bill was really reasonable for a NYC night out! Score!

michael strahan and latreal mitchell for meta appetite control

On Tuesday, I woke up bright and early and worked out with Michael Strahan (I’m such a fan!) and his trainer, Latreal Mitchell! I was so nervous for the workout (I’m not much of a cardio girl), but the workout was based on “Functional Range Conditioning” and I ended up LOVING it. The workout was similar to yoga, lots of stretching, with a mix of strength training without weights. Afterwards, we sipped on smoothies made with Meta, which is a smoothie powder made fiber-rich physillium husk. The unflavored version is made with 3 ingredients, so if you need a boost going to the bathroom (yes! I’m talking about going #2), or need some help getting full faster, this may be a great addition to your morning smoothies. I recommend the unflavored version and adding in fresh or frozen fruit to sweeten it naturally. Or, add in some chia seeds for a full dose of fiber. I like the white chia seeds best.

After we sipped on smoothies, we sat down for a chat with Michael and Latreal.

I loved when Michael said that he likes to eat “80/20” to keep him feeling on track! Just like me, Michael!! 80/20 means 80% of the time, he eats to nourish his body and 20% of the time, he eats what is available to him, even if it’s not the healthiest!

When it comes to working out, Michael said “don’t push through workouts. As a football player, you can’t stop because it’s your job. But when you’re working out to stay fit, make it feel good. If it’s too hot outside, take your workout inside or slow down.” He feels better now than he did when he played football. He says, “Quality of life is so much better when you can move your body.” Just one reason why I love yoga so much!

After the event, I asked Latreal what she likes to eat pre and post workout and to snack on. I especially wanted to know, because her abs are ripped and her arms are amazing – so, so toned. She’s not a fan of dairy, sugar or processed foods. Oh, and she doesn’t eat corn. Like me!

Her favorite snack? Beanitos chips with guacamole and a glass of champagne! Or, a green apple with almond butter.

Her fave breakfast? Steel Cut Oats with Walnuts and a side of egg whites.

Her fave post-workout snack? A smoothie made with fruit and a vegetarian protein powder. (I like this non-vegetarian protein powder)

Latreal believes in the power of keeping your workouts “fresh”. I love that term – it’s so motivating. She said, “if you’re bored with your workout routine, find something that you like to do! Outdoor activities are fun and great way to keep it fresh. You don’t just need a gym to have a great workout – try a bike ride, squats in the park or even a boxing class. And, find someone who already works out. It’s a great way to stay motivated. Social support is key. Oh – and if you have kids, put on some music and dance! Show them your old dance moves!”

I’m still feeling fit from the workout – thanks, Michael, Latreal and Meta! Check out photos under hashtag #crushcravings

avocado martini

On Tuesday night, I attended the most amazing dinner made with ALL avocado! My friend, Beth, who is the Food Editor at Health Magazine invited me and the Avocado Council hosted it. Chef John Fraser, the famed chef at Narcissa (one of my fave NYC restaurants), made an innovative dinner made of all avocado!

First, we sipped on Avocado Martinis!Make it at home by blending up: avocado, crushed ice, tequila and a splash of fresh orange juice to sweeten. Rim the glass with pink himalayan sea salt and then top it off with some sprigs of cilantro to brighten it up. Holy yum!

Then, we had Avocado Ravioli made with crab and tomato consomme (tomato water). Then, Avocado Mousse, Confit Avocado, Avocado Semifreddo with FRESH white chocolate AND last but not least, avocado-black pepper macaroons!! It was beyond creative, so delicious..and certainly filling!

Registered Dietician, Erin Palinski-Wade gave us good news about these healthy, high-fat fruit – apparently people who consume avocados have smaller waistlines! Good news, right? Also, avocado lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and blood lipids, so it’s a great option for people with high blood pressure, insulin resistance and diabetes.

Also, avocados, because of their creamy texture and high (good) fat content, are a great substitute for cheese or mayo. For example, swapping a sandwich with avocado for cheese can actually boost the nutrient profile of the sandwich, while still giving you a similar satisfaction level.

Another fact about avocados that I love: it’s smart to pair avocados with tomatoes and carrots, because avocados (fat) aids in the absorption of vitamin A (a fat soluble vitamin found in tomatoes and carrots), which is good for your eyes! Good news for people, like me, who like BLATs (Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado Tomato Sandwiches!). Avocados are SUPER versatile, so try incorporating them into your daily life in a creative way! I love this Avocado Chocolate Pudding Cake.

Check out photos under hashtag #frasergoesavo

Breaking Vegan by Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde and Arielle Haspel of be well with arielle

On Wednesday, I attended my friend’s Jordan’s book launch. In her new book, “Breaking Vegan” inspired by her former life as the “The Blonde Vegan” and now, “The Balanced Blonde,” Jordan shares her experience to switch up her healthy lifestyle. It was held at my friend, Jamie’s cute restaurant in the West Village, called Gingersnaps Organic. If you want fresh almond milk, run, don’t walk!

After, I went for dinner with my elementary school friend, Roni, who is the owner of one of my fave clothing lines, Generation Love Clothing. She brought a bag for me full of new summer dresses and tops, so we went to the restaurant bathroom and tried them on!! All throughout dinner, we were talking about dessert – how we wanted healthy ice cream. Well, Seamores, the restaurant had coconut milk-cashew soft-serve ice-cream!!! The flavor of the night was Coconut-Macadamia and was topped with chocolate sprinkles and coconut flakes. SO AMAZING!!! If you’re looking for a sweet summer treat, definitely run, don’t walk to Seamores – it’s a block from Little Italy on Mulberry and Kenmare. Oh, and the owner went out our elementary school. So proud of all of these successful P.S. 158 alum!

vegan coconut milk ice cream from odd fellows at seamores in NYC

Yesterday, Thursday, I was invited to “spin and sip” event hosted by my friend, Candice Kumai to launch a non-GMO smoothie line made by Kashi GoLean. I wasn’t able to make it, but it looks like everyone had a blast!

Cooking Class

Anyway, have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day weekend to all of the amazing men out there!

{My family and I celebrated my dad and brother-in-law last week. First, we went to a cooking class together (my dad is obsessed with dumplings) and then we took a trip to my favorite place on earth, Fire Island!}


be excited. be adventurous. be you

be well,


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