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Egg Nog Green Smoothie

by Arielle J on December 23, 2014

Well and Good - Dec 23, 2014

Today my Egg Nog Green Smoothie was featured in Well and Good! 

It’s a take off of my regular egg nog holiday drink.

Typical egg nog is loaded with
sugar, cream and even raw eggs.

And healthier versions have banana in it – not my style.

Instead of depriving myself of my favorite holiday treat,
I sweetened it with dates and coconut water, and
blended with avocado, coconut milk and almond milk
for the perfect amount of creaminess.

healthy egg nog smoothie

In this egg nog green smoothie, I also added in some spirulina and kale
for a dose of greens, making it the ultimate guilt-free treat.

Sweet, super creamy and spiced just right.
Refined-sugar-free, egg-free and dairy-free too!

Healthy Egg Nog Green Smoothie
What You Need:
8oz almond milk
8oz coconut milk
½ c. coconut water
1/4 avocado
14 small pitted dates
1 handful kale or frozen spinach
½ tsp. spirulina
1/2 tsp. Simply Organic vanilla extract
1 tsp. Simply Organic almond extract
1/2 tsp. Simply Organic cinnamon
1 tsp. Simply Organic nutmeg
handful of ice

1. Blend up all ingredients
2. Serve in a pretty glass

 Check out the full article in Well and Good HERE.

*Makes approximately 3 servings

* Feel free to spike it with some brandy, rum or bourbon

*For more holiday recipes that are “spiced right” using Simply Organic ingredients, check out their recipes here!

be spicy. be sweet. be well.


be well,


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