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Daily Tool of the Day: Tongue Scraper!

by Arielle J on July 12, 2012

Daily Tool of the Day: Tongue Scraper!

This is one of my all-time favorite
detox tools and part of my daily morning
and evening regimen.

I use it EVERYDAY –
morning and night and even take it with me on vacation!
It’s one of the fastest ways to freshen breath.

What is it?
A tongue scraper is a simple, thin, u-shaped device intended to remove the gunk (toxins, bacteria and food residue) from the surface of your tongue. Comes in plastic or metal.

– keeps your tongue clean
– freshens breath
– removes bacteria
– removes toxins
– helps prevent cavities
– boosts immune system
– stimulates your tongue (ooh la la!)
– allows you to taste more subtle flavors in food
– helps you lose weight (detoxes + enhances taste buds)

1. Place the “U” at the back of your
tongue and scrape forward toward the tip of your tongue.
2. Repeat about 3 or more times or until the surface
of your tongue is all clean and all of the “gunk” is gone
3. Brush teeth and voila!

Best to use before or after your
brush your teeth (or anytime of the day to make you feel more FRESH!)

You can find it at any health food store,
major drug store and Amazon or you can also use the back of a spoon.

Try it – you’ll thank me:)

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be fresh. be stimulated. be well.

be well,

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