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Learn How To Thrive At Work Without Sacrificing Your Health

by Arielle J on December 3, 2015

Arielle - stress relief and mind body acadamy with Grace Smith TV and Jovanka Ciares

I’m busy woman with a lot on my plate (pardon the pun)… and a lot on my mind.
So, I’m always looking for new and unique ways to de-stress and feel more calm so I can ultimately more productive and happy at the same time.
When my beautiful friend, Grace Smith, asked if I would like to join her
Mind Body Academy,
I wrote back with the biggest “YES!”

When Grace and I officially met a few years ago at a health
and wellness conference, I instantly fell in love with her
light, zen, peaceful and happy energy. You’ll feel her energy the second you listen to her speak –
her voice is BEYOND calming and soothing.

Recently, I’ve been feeling more anxious than ever –
I spilled water on my computer the night that I got back from Thanksgiving vacation,
which just so happens to be two days before I was about to launch my new group coaching program.

I’ve been tapping into my favorite tools that usually help me feel more calm in the moment
and have been trying to be as positive as possible.
But no matter how many positive thoughts we think –
if the underlying subconscious beliefs driving those thoughts remains that same, so do we.

So I’m really ready to learn new tools to feel at peace from
Grace, one of the most qualified, experienced, and highly sought-after stress-relief experts.

grace smith - how to transform your life

Grace teaches others all over the world how to transform limiting thoughts into empowering beliefs. She also teaches us tips on how to thrive without sacrificing our healthy because so often we work so hard to be successful that we get sick in the process.

Her famous motto is: “just close your eyes and get free”. With her guidance, trust me – you will feel
more free, calm and less stressed instantly.

The first time I listened to one of her meditations (after literally just 15 seconds, I drifted off to sleep!!)
It was pretty amazing.

Grace, along with Jovanka (the founder of the “Wellness Smackdown”)
have developed a method like nothing else I’ve experienced, and they are teaching their breakthrough MindBody Method for free this week!
I am so excited for you to learn these special techniques.
As one of Grace’s personal fans and clients, I am a proud affiliate and will be personally joining all of you who sign up here today
to learn the MindBody Method: here.

What you’ll learn by signing up for this FREE MindBody Method training:
•How to improve your relationship with your body so you can finally get new healthy habits to stick
•How to excel in the workplace without sacrificing your health
•How to find that balance in your life without losing your drive, so you don’t need to be sick to be successful

If you want to learn the science behind getting new healthy habits to stick,
I HIGHLY recommend you sign up and learn this MindBody Method with me.
My favorite part in Video #1 starts at 10 (min):13 (seconds).
Here’s the link again to sign up to start watching (and listening to Grace’s amazingly calming voice). Can’t wait for you to learn the MindBody Method with me!

I hope you find it helpful. I have a feeling you will:)

Have a great rest of the week!

be calm. be peaceful. be free


Be Well,

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