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15 Healthy Gifts for YOU in the New Year and Valentines Day!

by Arielle J on January 19, 2017

I have to admit – nothing stresses me out during the holidays (including Valentine’s Day) as much as… gift giving!

(Check out my tips for eating guilt-free during the holidays here.)

I strive to be thoughtful and I love treating others with small, meaningful gifts through out the year. So being forced to think creatively and purchase gifts just for the sake of the holidays is 1 – not fun for me and 2 – really difficult!

So, I asked Be Well with Arielle fan, Angela Ranelli to help me come up with 15 fresh and healthy gift ideas. Whether you’re a healthy foodie or fitness lover and want to treat yourself, you still haven’t gotten your sister or bestie a present yet for the holidays (like me!), and/or you’re already thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the 15 healthy gifts we’re loving to gift yourself and/or for others any time of the year:

1. Herb kit, $25
I just moved into a new apartment, and I’ve been looking for ways to add freshness and new energy to it. These herb kits are so cute – especially the chalkboard herb kit you can decorate yourself. Brighten up your kitchen windowsill AND enjoy fresh herbs to incorporate into your cooking!! Great for apartment living. Pair with a crystal for extra good juju.

2.The Inspiralizer, $40
This is definitely a favorite gadget when I do cooking classes.  It’s a single girl’s best friend AND a perfect family-friendly gift idea. My best friend spiralizes all of her lunches with it and my sister spiralizes all of my nephew’s veggies with it! 

Be inspired and discover a whole new (grain free!) pasta world by creating spaghetti shaped noodles – out of veggies. You can make zoodles (zucchini noodles) for healthified bolognese dinner or or these healthified latkes made with sweet potatoes. If you don’t want this big contraption, you can get this handheld one or this peeler which does (almost) the same exact thing. Great for quick and healthy weeknight recipes.

3.Sunshine supplement light, $40
If you get the seasonal blues (like me!), jet lag from travel, or work night shifts, this sunshine supplement light could be a lifesaver. The natural spectrum light mimics real daylight, helping to elevate mood, energy and alertness. It’s also really hip looking, so it may even add to your home decor. Can’t wait to shine this light on my life stat!

4. Acupuncture session or an Acupressure mat, $30
Acupuncture has changed my life this past year. I attribute it a lot to the success of boosting my fertility and the success of getting pregnant. It also has totally chilled me out and helped my body feel great. If you have back pain or are craving more zen in your life, you will probably be obsessed with this mat that’s designed to hit pressure points and relieve muscle tension. A nice added bonus when you’re watching tv. P.S. If you want to gift an acupressure or acupuncture session from an amazing expert and you live in NYC, check out my acupuncturist,

5. Local farmers market fruit and veggie delivery, pricing varies
If you can’t get to the farmers market, visit the next best thing – to check out the options from local farms in your area. Many offer a one time seasonal purchase or a weekly delivery service, so you’re constantly stocked with fresh, local food! If you live in NYC, is a great option, too.

6.Lavender aromatherapy sleep mask, $15
Nowadays, I can’t sleep without black out shades and an eye mask – I like my room to be pitch black just like when I stay in a hotel room! Not only does this mask block light, but the calming lavender aromatherapy will lull you into a deep sleep. Dreamy!

7.Essential Oil Diffuser, $35
Speaking of lavender, OMG this essential oil diffuser is definitely my new favorite house gadget. I got it from Aura Cacia before I moved and have been waiting patiently to use it! It’s so easy to use (and clean) and it literally makes my apartment smell fresh and delish in the matter of SECONDS. Oh – and it sounds like a zen waterfall so I love it even more than a pretty smelling candle! My house now smells like a spa. Not kidding.

Here’s my favorite diffuser recipe:
What You Need:
Aura Cacia Essential Oil Diffuser
4 drops eucalyptus
3 drops lemon
1 drop spearmint

1. Remove lid from diffuser
2. Add water
3. Add drops of aromatherapy oils
4. Turn it on… and voila! A home spa!

Can’t wait to use when baby comes. I may even bring in my hospital bag with me!

8.Aromatherapy Perfume Sticks, $24
On the same note…2016 was my year of “zen” so I did anything and everything to bring more calm and joy in my life. I got rid of (mostly) all of my makeup products and swapped with all natural varieties. I even swapped out my perfume oil for an aromatherapy stick. Every day I use one of these – Love, Chill or Happy, depending on what I need the most. I keep one in my bag and reapply all day. Best of all, they’re all light and fresh scents and are made with ingredients good enough to eat!! Perfect to gift during the holidays and for ME-day/V-day (February 14)!

9.Great Blender, $330
You don’t need an expensive blender to make a delish egg nog smoothie or even, homemade creamy carrot hummus. But, if you want your smoothie and hummus super smooth and creamy, this one is queen. This is a kitchen staple I use every single day, in the morning, for snack, and at night. It’s def a well worth it splurge item.

Tip – check out the “reconditioned” blenders – you can save over $100 and they work just as well. My husband got me a used one over 5 years ago and it’s still working:)

10.Biodynamic wine gift pack, $62
Since I’m eight months pregnant, I haven’t been sipping on too much wine lately, however, it is on the top of my list once baby arrives! And, of course, it’s always a nice present to treat yourself with AND to bring to others, anytime of the year. Frey Vineyard’s biodynamic wine is organic (toxic pesticide free), and has no added sulfites, a synthetic preservative, so it may even prevent hangovers. Choose from a gift pack of four wines, a subscription or a case. Let’s get this year (and V-day) started on a fun note!!

11.Exercise clothes gift certificate, pricing depends
Want to feel more inspired to go workout? Get workout clothes that you LOVE to wear. Old Navy Active has some super cute, colorful (and comfy) options – I have a few pairs of leggings, tops, sports bras and light jackets from there.  For prenatal leggings, this one my favorite (I have TWO pairs!) and for prenatal athleisure (for lounging around), this brand is my fave. 

12.Watercolor yoga mat, $68
There’s nothing better than looking down during downward dog at a gorgeous painting! Choose this pretty watercolor print, or even better, a custom design with your own instagram photos. Perfect gift if you’re a yogi.

(Photo for Well Rounded NY)

13.The I Love Me Ring, $300
I mean, the best gift of all, is self-love and self-care so what better accessory than an Iloveme ring or necklace to remind you to take care of YOU!? Stamped inside with “i love me” and made by yours truly, Arielle from to bring you hope, love, success and good energy. Perfect to gift yourself, your BFF, sister, etc. And perfect for V-day!

14.A great camera, pricing depends
I recently got this new camera. I had been looking for something that would be light and easy for me to carry around. It’s been a little tough getting used to (I’m used to shooting with a fancy with a Nikon DSLR) but it’s actually really simple to use, it takes super crisp and colorful photos AND, it has a wifi connector so you can upload your photos straight to your phone. Great to take on the go and when you travel to your fave healthy destinations!

15.Affirmation Cards and Calendar
I start off everyday looking at my affirmation calendar. It gives me something to focus on for the day and sets me up with a dose of positivity. It makes the best present – every year, I buy a pack for my mom, sister, best friends and cleaning lady! When I meditate or before I go to sleep, I love sitting pulling one of these affirmation cards. They’re so bright and pretty looking. I keep the pack on my nightstand.

BONUS: If you’re looking for a new water bottle, don’t miss out on this limited edition Soma Water “Breathe” bottle! I’m LOVING mine – so fashionable and best of all, it’s reminding me to breathe!!! Check out my other fave water bottles here.

Hope these ideas inspired you – here’s to getting your list checked off!

Wishing you a happy (and HEALTHY) holiday season and ME day/V-day…

P.S Angela Ranelli helped me create this awesome gift list! She is the creator of the food and health blog Kale & Tequila and a nutrition student at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she’ll soon earn a degree as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She believes in focusing on self-care rather than perfection, and that eating nourishing foods you love is fundamental to health, beauty and happiness. We love that, Angela! She is based in Newport, Rhode Island. You can find Angela on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Hope this article was helpful and hope it inspires you. Post a picture on instagram or facebook with your new fave healthy gift and tag #bewellwitharielle!

Be generous. Be thoughtful. Be you.

be well

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