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14 Ways to Use Coconut Oil at Home on BET

by Arielle J on October 3, 2014

 Yesterday I went on BET Centric with Lola Ogunnaike and Shannon LaNier

to chat about the benefits of coconut oil – in your body and on your body!

Coconut oil is gaining popularity in the kitchen, but also on people’s bedside stands.

Why? Because it’s so versatile. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal so you can use it topically to cure blemishes, diaper rashes on babies and even cure cystic acne! It’s also made up of medium-chain triglycerides, so it’s low in cholesterol and energizing – won’t weigh you down like other oils. Not to mention, it tastes like the tropics – DELISH!

A few of my favorite ways to use this versatile and delicious oil:

On Your Body:

– lather on your face before bed as moisturizing night cream

– smooth onto dry, chapped lips

– tame frizzy hair and fly-aways

– massage into cuticles

– massage into skin like a body scrub and apply in the shower: mix with some sea salt or brown sugar

– apply to hair for a moisturizing hair mask

– use to clean teeth (aka oil pulling): put 1 tbsp in your mouth and swish in your mouth for 10-20 minutes while you’re getting ready in the morning. Don’t gargle with it, just swish it, pull it through your teeth and the oil will attach to bacteria and then you spit it out. Great way to reduce bacteria and plaque in your mouth

***and…if you’re young, close your eyes for this one:

– use as an all natural lubricant! (*wink wink)

In Your Body:

– use for baking healthy donuts

– use for eggs or omelettes

– use for sweet potato fries

– use for baking or “frying” healthy chicken fingers

–  use to spread onto toast (it’s a healthier, lower cholesterol alternative to butter)

– put a dollop in your coffee or tea as an alternative to milk

Watch the episode of me chatting about coconut oil on BET here.

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