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Drink your H2O: 13 benefits of drinking water cold, warm and hot

by Arielle J on March 31, 2014

We all know that water is good for us, but did you realize that drinking water helps flush out fat and toxins, rev up your energy levels, boost your digestion, lubricate your joints AND makes your skin glow? 

Yup! It’s practically the most simple and cheap thing we have at our finger tips, yet most of my clients learn that they’re not getting half as much water as they need when we figure out exactly how much they’re drinking.

Do you think you’re drinking enough?

First, let’s get into why it’s important to drink this natural stuff:

Benefits of water: 
–  flushes fat out of your body  and aids in weight loss (when you lose weight, specifically fat, you lose it in 3 ways: from your sweat, bowel movements and through your urine, so drinking water is essential to weight loss!)
–  helps rid our body of toxins, which means less bacteria, clearer skin and not as many colds
– oxygenates our body: water is made of oxygen and the more oxygen we have in our body, the more alive we’ll feel!
–  hydrates us – water is like lotion for the insides of our body. It moisturizes our organs. When we become thirsty, its our body telling us we’re already dehydrated. Also, some believe that when we have a headache, its often not the medicine that makes us feel good- it’s the water we drink with the medicine that makes us feel better, so drink up!

– Amount Recommended: at least the amount equivalent to half your body weight in ounces. (So, if you’re 140 pounds, drink 70 ounces of water a day, about 9 glasses of water.)
– Start drinking in the AM- 1 cup right when you wake up so you don’t end up chugging late night and disrupting your dreams to pee in the middle of the night!

– Tap, spring, high pH, filtered, infused? Drink whatever you think is best and most economical for you. I recommend water with pH of 8 when possible.
– Plain or sparkling? Plain. The carbonation that makes up sparkling, carbonated water is from carbon dioxide (C02), which we breathe OUT and don’t want to take into our body. The bubbles also make some people gassy and bloated, so opt for plain if you want to help your system digest and de-bloat.
– Cold or Warm? – Drink whatever you like the best, but I recommend room temperature or warm, which helps rev up digestion (digestion is like a fire, so by drinking cold water, you’ll be more apt to “putting out” your digestion)

Tips to drink more:
– Buy a pretty water bottle that you’re excited to drink out of and fill it up all day. I love these bottles to bring around with me – re-fillable, delicious to drink out of and easy to clean.
– Add some lemon + lime to help alkalize your body (when you have an alkaline body, sickness and illness cannot live, so you feel better and get sick less often)
– Add a drop of apple cider vinegar– helps with weight loss, boost immunity and clears bacteria
– Add frozen fruit and make day-time water sangria! The prettiest desk-side drink and brightens up any dinner party table. Like kool-aid but so much healthier. Recipe here.
fruit sangria water

Hope this helps you feel cleansed, hydrated and glowing!

Be healthy. Be hydrated. Be well.


be well,

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